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Warrior Swagger Emery Curve

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This is a review for an older model Warrior Swagger. The current models are very similar in construction with different paint schemes. I have made a review video for this stick as well, but it also has the other sticks I have reviewed in it. I feel it helps give more detail behind the sticks being reviewed. Simmons Pro Series 6, Torspo Surge 421, Warrior Swagger Emery Curve.

Blade: Mid-Heel curve, Medium depth with open face angle. 14 Lie. Blade feels extremely strong and sturdy without any wear spots so far and no chips from pucks either. 10/10

Shaft/Flex: By far the stiffest of the sticks reviewed in this thread. This is a foam core stick but it feels like it is reinforced more than the others I have reviewed here. Very little shaft flex and I can feel the vibrations when making saves more. The handle chips from hitting the posts just like all other sticks after a fair amount of time.

Shooting: I do not have a good shot with this stick and can't put it off the glass unless I flick it upwards. I am better at hard passes with this over the Torspo. I have seen other goalies shoot very well with these sticks, so it is perhaps just the curve for me. Either way I do not feel very comfortable stick handling with this. 7/10

Weight/Balance: The heaviest foam core stick I have ever used. This stick feels like it will be more durable and last longer, but it does feel significantly heavier than other foam cores that I have used. I don't really have a problem with the weight and it is still significantly lighter than solid wood sticks I have used before. I do find I am less active with this stick compared to lighter foam core sticks. 7/10

Performance: I do feel some vibrations with this stick when taking hard shots on the blade and shaft (not so much on the paddle). I have decent rebound control with it but not as good as the Simmons. With the added weight I am less active with my stick while playing, and this causes me to be hesitant when attempting to use it to block passes or for poke checks. I feel slightly sluggish and am worried I will end up out of position attempting these moves. 6/10

Durability: After around 5 months of usage this stick feels like it is brand new. There are some dents on the shaft where I hit the posts all the time but that is it. The stick still feels stiff and solid. I can't find any signs of immediate wear or dents from pucks. So far this stick has held up better than any foam core stick I have used in the past. 10/10

Intangibles: I believe this stick is absolutely gorgeous. When I purchased it there were many shaft sizes and curves available and I believe that is true for the newer models (with more colour options now). 10/10

Price: On Sale: $50, Original Retail: $130

Overall: I enjoy this stick and I believe it will last me a long time. It is heavier but if it outlasts the lighter foam core sticks then the weight/durability tradeoff is worth it. I don't like spending money on new sticks. At $50 I feel like this stick is a steal, at retail of $130 I feel like I'd expect a better performing stick and something slightly lighter $50: 10/10, $130 8/10

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