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    Bauer X100/ Bauer One100 Goal
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    Warrior QRL, Sherwood EK60/ Vaughn 7600, Warrior Swagger
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    CCM QLT, Reebok Whale Pro Return, MF2 /Bauer 6000 Bryzgalov Pro Returns
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    CCM FiteLite, M11/ Hackva
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    Reebok Whale Pro Stock, Easton Pro Sabres, Bauer TotalOne NXG / Bauer Pro
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    CCM Ultra Tacks / Brown 2400/2200
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    College Team Canvas / Reebok Canvas

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  1. There was a post on S2K about leather gloves being banned in the NHL because they stuck to glass and caused injuries. I among many other people fell for it.
  2. They recommend to do the wrap.
  3. I didn't notice the insert in the stock skates. Just the customs. I reached in and nothing was easily to remove like they are in the customs.
  4. Did you bake them? R wearers gave me the same feedback for length.
  5. Did you feel the tongue system digging into your foot at all? I had that issue when trying them on.
  6. PHL stock came later than other stores. They carry both models but didn't order a tonne of sizes per store.
  7. From what I've seen so far the kids are buying into the hype...
  8. All of Sherwood's new gear minus the Code V stick have awesome value and performance/$.
  9. I'm curious how CCM explains their AS1 skates splitting down what looks like a seam on a bunch of their boots if it is all one piece.
  10. I meant specifically the white things on the back of the ankle and just make it a graphic package for nostalgic reasons.
  11. I've never worn small elbows so I can't really say... I grabbed a pair of mediums to see if going down a size would make them work better and realized they were bigger than what was sent to me. I am just going to swap a small for a large at my local store. The price is one of my big issues with this stick. While I love the M90 it isn't as good as the big companies low kick sticks, it is decent but doesn't have that "kick" that the other brands have. The Code 5 being $300 CAD means it is more expensive than last gen clearance and FT2 is miles ahead of it. Their taper is pretty unique in being super long. Which is something I missed in the video I made. They are going back in the NHL and already have Conner Brown and most likely Trouba and a few others.
  12. Hey I got sent one ... but every comment I heard so far from the people with the boxes has been pure praise. Sherwood also sent me the protective line... I just found out the Senior Large elbows they sent me are actually mislabeled senior Smalls
  13. It is so meh it isn't even funny but they decided to raise the price...
  14. They should go back to the old Supreme heel design since the heels are never covered but anything anymore!
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