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  1. As someone that loved the softness of the FT1 skate (which was a lot softer than the new Jetspeed), I have the AS-V Pro and you do notice the boot being stiff and not really flexing with your foot. But I've gotten used to it and adjusted a bit and don't have problems with skating with it anymore. I am pretty flexible with the gear I use though... but they are the best skates I have worn.
  2. Jesus man... best of luck to you
  3. Yeah, those are based on the Element ones. I did a video on them here where I talk about the fit: Those will fit a bit different though because they don't have the Viconic liner, but it should still be close.
  4. Which Rekker gloves? I have the Elements and they fit true to size. The Code are more of the "tapered" fit like Vapor and fit looser, but I tried on @StewieTMP Pros and they were true to size for length as well, just fit more loose than the Rekker do on the backhand.
  5. But the blade is on basically the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the Sync, which has one of the most dampened and softest blades on the market so not sure how puck feel can be similar between it and the Sync.
  6. I have worn a bunch of True skates in the past, and these ones have been my favourite so far and by far the best for durability. Very impressed with these once I dialed in the fit.
  7. Warrior says the DX and LX2 is the same kick point... but LX2 Pro feels like a complete hybrid. LX Pro will be the same as DX and plays more like a low. Novium is a full mid (or what Bauer calls a high kick).
  8. Where did you buy the skates and how long have you had them? If you plan on keeping these for a long time, why not bite the bullet and get into a proper fitted skate so it will save you issues down the line and the problem will be done and dealt with. But keep in mind, you also probably still have to go even smaller than you are thinking. There is no way you should be able to fit double socks in your skates and not have issues. If I did that my feet would go numb from the pressure.
  9. I've noticed recent Bauer skates fitting longer than their older models with their new Fit system. But I can move my Speedplates in my skates with my fingers, they slide around a bit. But once I actually have them in my skate with my foot they don't move at all.
  10. The only time we didn't have to trim Superfeet length was with EXTREMELY skinny feet. You fit Superfeet based on the heel cup fit and not the length. Since this employee also put you in these skates that are too big for you already, I am not going to trust their sizing for the Superfeet as well. Vet has already given a bunch of solid suggestions on what you can do to mitigate this issue, but there is a VERY solid chance that the fit of these skates is what is causing the issue first and foremost.
  11. See all the yellow in front of the Superfeet? Your skates are too big length wise, and it is probably affecting how the rest of the skate is fitting as well. Guessing your Superfeet are sized incorrectly as well, did you go by the number on the box?
  12. Show us the Superfeet from straight down without you standing on it.
  13. Showing the insole picture I mentioned would be extremely beneficial to this 🤷‍♂️
  14. Taking a picture of the insole would still be extremely helpful here. Skate issues in general are "Fit" issues. If your skates are too long, there is a significant chance that something in there isn't fitting correctly.
  15. Generally speaking by those sizes... your skates are probably an entire size too big. Can you take pictures of your insoles from the top down? I am in an 11 shoe (obviously depends on the shoe) and wearing multiple custom 8.5 skates with comfort room in the toes, an 8 would be my "pro" fit.
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