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  1. I can't speak on the Yellow line, because I have a different curve and I just can't shoot with it. But Model E, G63, and Red Line shoot and pass the same minus slight differences in puck feel.
  2. They are measured at the standard length
  3. Mine is a full custom but I did it as a mid and it is the same as the Red Line and Model E
  4. It depends on the carbon makeup of the stick for blade feel. I have red lines, yellow line, G63, Model E. G63 and Model E are more dampened and softer than the others. Red Line and Yellow Line are close to recent Jetspeed for pinginess and blade feel. Every stick I have has been on for flex (I have 7 of them). All of their sticks are flex tested... so it should be one of the best QC there is especially compared to off the shelf sticks.
  5. The flex on the third line feels the same as their other sticks. Haven't used it enough to say about how it holds up though.
  6. So... I don't have a AS4 Pro, but I have a AS3 Pro and the kick of those two were the same. ASV Pro has the same kick point as the AS3 Pro does, it feels different overall because of the new shaft shape and it feels a bit less whippy (could just be retail flex tolerances) but the kick point is the same and it is VERY easy to release. I know the kick point is the same spot, because I compared it with a Trigger, and the AS3 Pro. The Trigger you have to change you hand position to get off solid shots whereas it is the exact same hand position and motion to get the same shots on the AS3 and ASV.
  7. They took screenshots of a different social media account's weight of the Bauer Ag5nt. But the other account was weighing sticks that were taped up, then they showed how that stick was heavier than their stick was... but their stick wasn't taped. So they were being super misleading and then didn't like when I called them out on it.
  8. Yup... never said any of those things
  9. While I HATE to defend Verbero, especially with what they have been doing on socials recently... Cypress was the OLD Verbero and totally different company and sticks compared to the ones they are selling now. So you can't really compare the 2 unfortunately.
  10. When things don't work out for you and you basically call out people's fixes and solutions out as hacks even though they have helped a tonne of people on here. We will continue to call out your dumb comments. Just because you don't like True skates doesn't mean there aren't good and doesn't mean there is some mass conspiracy here. It is VERY clear you knew ahead of time they would work for you, but went ahead and then complain constantly once you got them.
  11. They have HSM x PRO in the images for the curves. I am not sure why you would think the 400g version was going to directly compete against the top end from the big companies at $360+.
  12. the HSM Blackouts aren't good, but the Prostockhockeystick ones HSM sells are good. Don't think you can get the Benn pro in that model though.
  13. I have had so many people question that the tips of the blades aren't sharp when I sharpen their skates... but then I have to explain how no, you aren't skating on the 8mms of space from the holder to your skate. The shops just bananad your steel and you will be fine.
  14. Have you tried moving the tongue up and down in the boot to try and change the angle of the tongue so it might not be hitting the same spot.
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