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    Bauer X100/ Bauer One100 Goal
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    Warrior QRL, Sherwood EK60/ Vaughn 7600, Warrior Swagger
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    CCM QLT, Reebok Whale Pro Return, MF2 /Bauer 6000 Bryzgalov Pro Returns
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    CCM FiteLite, M11/ Hackva
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    Reebok Whale Pro Stock, Easton Pro Sabres, Bauer TotalOne NXG / Bauer Pro
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    CCM Ultra Tacks / Brown 2400/2200
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    College Team Canvas / Reebok Canvas

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  1. For sure, I just wanted to be super clear that I wasn't comparing the Tacks and the Jetspeed.
  2. I unfortunately never got to check out the Tacks one so I don't know what the differences really are.
  3. This is super useful information! Thank you
  4. Performance is solid, but I haven't heard good things about blade durability. For the current price though I find it hard to pass up.
  5. I've wanted to check these out for a while, even just to see if the sizing is as wonky as the player ones but NO ONE has my size in stock around me. Annoying
  6. Love how the players owe so much money to the owners, and yet expansion fees aren't counted as Hockey Related Revenue so all of the money that came from Vegas and Seattle went straight to the owners pockets while they cry poor over player salaries and that they now need ads on jerseys and helmets. Terrible part on the players' lawyers to not put that into the CBA.
  7. I don't really care if jerseys have ads, I have a tonne of soccer kits with giant ads on the front. My problem with all of this is that more ads are being shoved down fans throats with NOTHING coming back to them. Obviously that is capitalism, but I'd take a giant logo ad if it meant no more tv timeouts. I can't stand watching hockey live anymore on tv or streaming, because the commercials totally kill the flow of the game, and depending on how many stoppages you see, you sometimes see a minute and half of hockey with a commercial on the next stoppage, it is getting to be brutal.
  8. It looks really solid in person. They did a great job with that design compared to the Code V.
  9. The extra details look good, but almost tacky. Where have you been finding jersey news? Usual sources have been lacking.
  10. I would want to look at a more recent Bauer skate before going with concrete proof for sizing comparisons. I would also say the foot bed comparison isn't perfect because my True TF9 foot beds weren't all the way to the end of the toe box if I remember correctly.
  11. This is a bit of an aside... but I figured I'd ask it here. I just got a pair of blades (BladeTech to be specific) and got them profiled in a Quad 1 like normal but due to some miscommunication the profiler rounded off the toe even more than normal. First skate was terrible with them and I felt like I had 0 blade to work with in the forward portion of my skate. Am I basically stuck grinding them down first to go back to a normal Quad 1 to get them how I like them? I don't TOTALLY mind since they were free, but it is still slightly annoying.
  12. If you right click the images and click "view image" you can just paste that link here and it shows up like so.
  13. When I tried on a Fit W 90K I noticed the 5th eyelet down was flaring like this and where most of the flex was happening. I didn't bake them but had that area tied tight and the result was similar to this photo. It had me concerned with the boot creasing there and reminded me of people who have too much skate depth.
  14. I am going to go on a limb here and say the CCM probably have too much depth for you. I found the 100K fit a bit odd, had almost too much depth and volume for me (someone who gets lace bite with everything but Tacks and Nexus) but nowhere near enough forefoot width.
  15. What is wrong with a Quad 1 vs a 0.5?
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