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  1. McDavid is wearing a 2 piece skate skinned as an FT4. You can see a black line separating the white on the design where you can't on the Matthew's skate. The black line is probably the outsole.
  2. I got sent these to try and test to give them feedback... Like people mentioned here, lace bite was TERRIBLE. I couldn't get them tight enough to actually make my skates feel "snug" until I cranked them and then I had to get off the ice for the shift because lace bite was so bad. I relayed this to them but got no response. That was with the unwaxed as I usually don't use waxed laces. I never bothered to try and use the waxed.
  3. Those Olympics were amazing for Warrior. Oh how they have fallen. Awesome gloves!
  4. Man... if cage shifts after a hard hit... I can see that thing scrapping skin off easy.
  5. But people told me my sizing comments were wrong and they fit true to size
  6. And there is 0 closure issues? The 600 I had in the past with CCM all had problems with the finger area hitting the heel of the palm. You would basically have to crush the finger area down with a stick.
  7. You have a 600 Axis?
  8. Nailed it. The sad part is CCM totally screwed up the 580 tees while Lefevre has it down perfectly.
  9. Where did you get the Hurricanes socks?
  10. Don't forget people believe "comfortable" to mean you can't feel the sides or the toes at all.
  11. The amount of people that mention how comfortable their skates are and how they fit better but are basically wearing boats is amazing. I had a woman online tell me she was in a 5.5 True and wears a 6.5 Woman's shoe... For comparison Breezie on this site wears a 7.5 Woman's shoe and a 4 skate.
  12. Sorry... but if your buddy is scanning in at 1.5 sizes BIGGER than the Bauer scan... I am not trusting what your friend is saying on how his skates fit.
  13. I specifically meant width and not length. Like I said, you shouldn't have to crank True skates to make them fit... that is kind of the point of them is that they form so well to your foot you don't have to tighten skates. For comparison... I wear a size 11 shoe and an 8 TF9 and 8.5 CCM (which is an 8 in the CCM you have).
  14. Possibly... but you also said they felt fine until you started skating and that you have to crank the laces tight. You shouldn't have to tighten True laces basically at all... I think your skate is too big and probably at this point it is width wise. Your foot seems to be sliding forward when skating. What size shoes do you wear?
  15. I got a chance to wear my TF9s for the first time yesterday... so I am going to add a few details to this thread. I tried on the 8.5W and 8W skates again. Putting my foot unbaked in the 8.5W skate had me questioning my statement of (half a size smaller than normal). So I baked them and my toes weren't close to the end like they are in any other brand in 8.5. Once they were tied up (even without the shrink wrapping to really pull the heel back) I could only make my middle toe touch when I stretched and basically jammed my foot forward. Everyone I talked to in the store had to go down half a size to be close to their normal skate fit. Both W and R widths alike. One person went from a 7D to a 6R as they felt they were swimming all over. If I put Superfeet in my 8.0W my toes would never touch the ends of the skate, where as Superfeet in my 8.5EE CCM/Bauer they still touch slightly when standing. The W felt REALLY wide throughout the skate, like Fit3 or Nexus wide. I baked them with thicker socks as I always have forefoot issues in retail EE skates but my entire foot felt like it wasn't snug enough on the ice. Will have to try those thicker socks next skate (which will be Friday). Depending on how the socks change the fit... I will probably throw Superfeet in these as my feet felt like they were moving around too much. I actually don't find them more comfortable than other retail skates, I felt the edges dig into my ankles where other brands have the comfort edges. I actually feel like the last 3 pairs of CCM skates I had were more comfortable than these but just never fit my foot right.
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