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  1. In that case I don't think there are that version of XC9 in pro stock. So only really Catalyst 9X. But if you are going pro stock there is really reason to buy them when Bauer and CCM exist unless there is a very specific spec you are looking for.
  2. Old XC9 had zipper palms. New ones look like this: Will only really be able to get them on clearance now if you can still find them.
  3. Pretty sure it is just name brand advertising requirements by the NHL. CCM had to pay for both Reebok and CCM even though they were the same company.
  4. The 2nd edition XC9 were good, and the 9X are also solid. If you search on YouTube for them there is a few good videos showing why
  5. Where to begin... QRL were a great idea but the foams were way too soft/weak for protection and the finger pieces weren't sewn tight enough together so massive gaps appeared and sticks could easily get between them. QX glove was basically the exact same as above. QRE fixed a bunch of the foam protection issues but went down to 3 piece backhand padding. Which isn't the end of the world but annoying. DX fixed most of what was wrong with QX, it was a solid glove. QRE 10 put 1 GIANT piece of foam/plastic in the backhand which conflicts with how hands actually move. Flex cuff was more open which I think is a step backwards but is fine. FR Pro & LX Pro... killed off the solid DX to make a cheaper in everything FR Pro. Which is pretty disappointing all around, meh foams, 2 piece fingers, restrictive cuff. LX Pro is the glove no one really asked for, with good foams and overall design but a way too restrictive cuff. I think the QR5 Pro glove is probably solid, but I haven't seen it yet. The problem with Warrior now is there is just more competition for them as well. CCM still makes solid stuff, Bauer makes okay stuff, True makes excellent gloves, Sherwood even makes really good gloves. So they have to do something actually good and decent to warrant anyone going to them.
  6. I have been looking at Avangard's gloves for a while now because they have had a lot of really weird stuff going on there. I thought it was because they had a sponsorship with certain companies but was told that was not the case. Sorry to link my own page here... but I posted a couple collages and it shows off what I am talking about. This one shows gloves with normal cuffs, as well as gloves painted and with blank gold cuffs, as well as gloves panted and blank red cuffs. https://www.instagram.com/p/CV8c2kcJ0e1/ This one is more covered cuffs. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRmDJSPAInn/ They have also had "V" on the cuffs from over a year ago (Feb 2021). So I don't think it has anything to do with current world events. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKwnwxHgbVg/ I've had it confirmed to me that it isn't a sponsorship deal, but rather the team complying with KHL restrictions of trying to make all of the gear and gloves more uniform and matching. Though the reason for the V on those specific gloves hasn't been disclosed to me.
  7. These are great and work well. Slightly annoying to put on but I love them.
  8. Looks like a shell. But he has HPTK uppers?
  9. If you can actually find a Project X close to the advertised weight... none of the ones I looked at were lighter than a Trigger 5 Pro. Grabbed every senior stick a store had and weighed each one.
  10. You do realize the whole point of the Model E was to mimic the old Easton sticks and not one of the newer modern ones right?
  11. Nah you are right again. Serves me right trust people from Instagram without searching it up myself
  12. You posted the video where he actually wore a one piece in a game before. I meant to link that in my previous post but something went weird. Yeah this photo proves they are. I swear it wasn't there when I made that comment
  13. Honestly... the easiest way to cover up the backhand is just to stick a piece of sticky side Velcro to a piece of fabric and shove it in there. True used to do that with all of their gloves with removable palms and it works pretty well and it is considerably easier than sewing on the inside of the glove.
  14. I would hesitate before saying they are an actual one piece boot. He was in his Jetspeed painted as FT4 Pros before. The toe cap and the cut at the top of the skate look more like his Jetspeed skates than the AS-V Pro skates. But there wasn't a good enough shot of the bottom of the boot to see yet. https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/edmonton-oilers-center-connor-mcdavid-skates-with-the-puck-news-photo/1238107695 Toe looks close to the toe below. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0020/1585/4658/files/CCM-Jetspeed-Skates-349.jpg?5920575855097844826 Here are the posts talking about the FT4 Pro paint and the last time he wore a one piece boot in a game.
  15. It is complicated and often depends on the glove. Usually they do detail the specific model in the name but there are a few that aren't (HGTK is another). But then they identified the next one which was HGST (SuperTacks). @marka I think you have me on Facebook, or at least you are on the MSH Discord. So if you are looking at a specific glove or have questions hit me up on those and I'll help out as I can.
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