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  1. I totally agree it works better at a retail level. When they pulled out the Nexus a lot of people lost a skate they could fit in, but the Fit 3 pulls a lot of those people back. I just wanted to share experiences I know people had. The Fit system works great for me, as for once I finally fit depth wise and forefoot wise in a Bauer skate without having to go overboard in the heel and ankle area. Fit 3 worked really well for me from the pairs I have tried on.
  2. I know a few people at a local store that were also happily in Bauer skates before the fit change and can't get comfortable in the new fit system as well. So it seems clear the new sizes don't work for everyone.
  3. There is a review out there that I suggest you search for. I unfortunately can't link it here.
  4. Worst elbow pads I have ever seen and it isn't close. They were so garbage...
  5. I don't think we will know until you see the pro's wearing them. The older version were never in the catalogues (at least the NA catalogues).
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CM7ZhnXgkiV/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNIT7CPgnb3/ 2SPro XL
  7. Both skates at the same time look interesting, but it makes the machine huge by spinning like that.
  8. So... that isn't actually how those knee pads connect to the garter or the pant. The pant picture you showed is the removeable padding that opens up the leg more. The grey nylon loop is actually where the knee pad would attach to. When you wear the garter you don't use the piece that says "Vapor" on the knee pad picture. That is the strap that will go into the loop in the pants.
  9. They should come with a velcro piece that attaches to pants in the same spot where the garter attaches. You could sew in a loop into the pants there to make it work that way.
  10. The draw was ideally retailers didn't have to carry a holder for each skate since they are symmetrical.
  11. I used the Sherwood coaching bag and it worked for me. Easily fit helmet, gloves, skates and some other things. Basically a pro bag shrunk.
  12. The majority of kids with 0 taste probably had that highly ranked.
  13. I loved the flex you could feel in the FT1 and the FT2 felt WAY stiffer and lost that feeling completely. So I would love the 100K in the Wide fit. I don't see a HUGE point in the FT2 and the Tacks line anymore. Both felt extremely stiff when I compared the FT2 to my AS1, never got a chance to try the AS3 Pro though.
  14. Decent stick at its normal price, steal of a stick for BOGO. Similar to Tacks in terms of blade feel and shooting characteristics. I have heard issues for durability for the blades on them though. Someone posted about it on reddit.
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