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    CCM QLT, Reebok Whale Pro Return, MF2 /Bauer 6000 Bryzgalov Pro Returns
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    CCM Ultra Tacks / Brown 2400/2200
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    College Team Canvas / Reebok Canvas

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  1. Go a size down. I wear 15" 2S Pro retail and they fit me well, the 15" HG11/12 are MASSIVE and the 14" fit me perfect.
  2. They are still on this site: http://leon-shop.ru/product/perchatki_hokkeynie_flame_russia_x_sr And the Russian pair covert to like $70? I reached out to see if they still offer custom gloves.
  3. The bubble not fitting right isn't an illusion... So many like 12-20s that have to still wear one wear it as far from their mouth as possible. I've seen a bunch that tighten the top bolts so it doesn't swing either and stays in place, they slide their head in so it looks like that. Often times their chin is totally exposed under the bubble. It has their desired look and "cool" factor.
  4. My local store has it, but it was super "common sense" if you think about hockey at all. You grab a specific pre-labelled stick with the markings on it, take a few shots with it and the app figures out the 3 sticks it thinks you should be in. From what I was told, it simply recommends the same sticks people would if you give them information about your playing style. For example, using me as the example since I did it: 6'3, 220lbs Defense not a lot of slapshots, aimed a quick release. The stick recommended 85 Ribcor as 1st, then 85 Jetspeed as 2nd, then 75 Ribcor as 3rd. Which is what anyone listening to how I play would recommend. The only thing super helpful with it is if someone is using a stick that is way too stiff, the lack of flex in the stick would help show that off.
  5. I swapped because I hated the steel height. Maybe it was a mental thing but I swear I couldn't turn as tightly without my skate hitting the ice and bottoming out.
  6. Some shops have said if you ask True to they will drill the holes for the specific holder and not mount theirs if you ask. But I have hear conflicting reports on that.
  7. True gloves used to be REALLY bad for that. But the latest XC9 were a huge improvement and made considerably better, so I have decent hopes for these.
  8. I think it is kind of brilliant. Same with the Hyperlite with basically no graphic. Why have gear on pros with different graphics from the stuff you can buy. Seeing FT4 sticks when FT3 JUST came out turns people off from getting them.
  9. Love how they rotate and crop the Getty photo... at least leave the credit there.
  10. I used the full stick and not the 2 pieces. They are decent for the price but don't compete with the top stick companies or Prostockhockeysticks. But if you want the P91 blades I don't see a huge issue with it? Just know they won't compete with the best of the best.
  11. Doing a list of best sticks is always a bad idea because like you said everyone has their own preferences and the "easy to load and launch" will always be at the top. The rankings of those sticks show here proves that. 2S Pro (and other Supremes as well as older Tacks) will always be at the bottom because they actually require effort to shoot. But those sticks usually have the hardest shots and definitely the hardest slap shots, and are used by the hardest shooters I face. Not to mention I don't trust randoms with their opinions because enough people have responded with "I love the dampened feel of the Flylite sticks" that it isn't worth responding too.
  12. Why would they aim for a glove to improve grip, you have sticks with grip to do that? The point of the breaks is to minimize gaps in protection while keeping them extremely mobile. 2 piece fingers have bigger gaps in the padding that 3 piece fingers do. So, 8 breaks will have even less protection gaps.
  13. The prototypes were super loose fitting. But I know the fit wasn't finalized so I can't say how they will actually be. These gloves will be called Halo, not sure if they will be Surgeons or what. They had HPR2 pieces on the prototypes.
  14. Yes, but it isn't a thing with CCM not paying, Fluery painted the stick himself evidently. He used to be a CCM paid athlete and this might have something to do with him not wanting to show off their stuff if he isn't.
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