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  1. HGJS, FT4, 10K, 2S Pro, HGST should all be pretty flared cuffs for what you are looking for. Why not just go back to Eagle?
  2. Hockey Supremacy had a post on their socials a while back where they were looking for "ambassadors" that would post about gear for them with associated discount codes and they would send the gear to them. A bunch of people applied to it (I did myself) and the person who is doing those videos won. I am pretty sure they have a pretty big following on TikTok and Instagram. I am not a fan of that style of content so don't follow those people but it is basically ads for the store and the target audience is the quick form social content.
  3. We just did fits with people standing up, then cut the Superfeet to fit, baked the skates and threw the Superfeet back in and had them do up their skates again. I know it takes some people to adjust and it wasn't unheard of for it to take about 5 skates to get used to them. So we always pushed people to try more than once.
  4. When fitting for them, the 1st thing we looked for was the heel fully placed inside the heel cup, then you'd ensure the arch is comfortable with the size you chose. You start with it outside the skate to get fit, but make sure on the arch part once it is in the skate and trimmed to fit.
  5. Superfeet Comfort makes a lot of sense then. They don't really offer the benefits of pulling the feet back and locking your foot in place like the Carbons do. I would consider looking hard at the Carbons again, especially because they should have their 60 day guarantee on them if they don't work. But don't worry about the skate size on the box and look for 2 things. Ensure your heel is fully in the heel cup without the fat pad of your foot going over the edges, and the 2nd is to try and make the arch lined up so your foot can't collapse down and elongate. You more often than not have to trim Superfeet to fit the proper foot size.
  6. I feel like this is an important piece to look at. Superfeet should REALLY help with your foot sliding forward and moving. When I put mine in, it basically locks the arch backwards in place. Which Superfeet do you have and what size on them (They should have a letter size) and what size is your shoes? I still have to tie my skates tight at the top, but it isn't to stop my foot from sliding forward and locking the heel, it is because I don't like movement in my ankles and want that area to be tight.
  7. Boots and shoes will always be more comfortable and IMO skates will never get there simply because boots and shoes stretch and have give to them. I love my True customs and they have allowed me to skate without foot pain, but there is no way I am hiking 30kms in them like I do in my boots. If your toes are touching the ends, grab a pair of Superfeet and put them in. My toes were jammed on my customs, Superfeet pulled them back enough to get basically the perfect fit. If Superfeet pull your toes back, chances are you won't need more room in the forefoot either. If you can slide your feet out of the skates AGAIN when unlaced... I am questioning how these were baked. Even when purposely pulling the eyelets outwards to open up the ankle so I can get more forward flex and get the skates on and off easier it still takes effort to get my foot in there. My heel will move a bit when not laced, but if you wrap the heel when baking it should lock you in pretty good. I don't see why you would want the ankle padding to cover the Haglund's? Isn't the best way to treat that almost removing all the space around it so it won't rub against anything? I've known people that have basically created a donut of padding around their issue so it sits in a pocket but the ankle is secured.
  8. I thought they removed the name on the 1S gen 1 sticks, which is the gen before the 1X Lites.
  9. Ask for photos of the serial numbers. Will be the easiest tell.
  10. But Warrior says the blade is the same on all of their sticks according to their website and YouTube videos
  11. Or... and hear me out... stop trying to change what people already talk about to sound smarter than everyone else and continue putting the little "+ 5 flex" marks on the top of the sticks that people have done for years.
  12. This is completely correct. If you have a 75 flex and have someone flex it as a reference, then hand them a 75 cut down they aren't going to say it flexes like a 75. I totally understand what they are saying, but now you also have no reference of what flex someone wants and likes.
  13. All good! Just wanted to clarify things. Thanks for checking them out
  14. I didn't pay near retail for it though haha. If I could get the same deal for the Aycane or Warroad stuff I would buy them too
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