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    CCM HG12XP, CCM HGSTPP, bunch of pro stocks
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  1. Cat9s fit like normal skates did. While the TF fit way bigger.
  2. Brie wears the same ones that I do, she is a 4.5 skate and I am a 8.5. The heel spot is a bit higher on her foot and they certainly fit me better than her.
  3. Cutshield is awesome. Supplies a lot of the NHL teams wrist guards and socks and has the highest cut rating currently. https://www.cutshield.com/
  4. They also said BladeTech makes the best low kick stick on the market...
  5. White outline on the letters would've done so well.
  6. Obviously yes it is a bad thing they opt for the bigger size. Their data is measuring the rotational impacts, using a larger helmet means there will be more movement in the helmet if it isn't as snug as possible.
  7. They mention how important fit is, and yet still go by the larger helmet if the head form fits inside a range of 2 sizes. They also don't try on multiple helmets sizes to get the best fit either. VT could easily make things better by showing the helmet fitting process for each model they use.
  8. Goalie helmets also aren't looking at the same impact tests than player helmets are. Majority of contacts is pucks and blunt force without the rotational part. With that said, I tried on the Axis XF mask with NestTech in it and I wasn't comfortable enough with the density of the padding to try it myself.
  9. Yeah, I felt the rounder heel and it is why the whole skate felt "too round for my liking." The 10', 10.75' on the back of the skate made the whole steel feel rounded where the Quad feels flatter in the mid-to-rear. The blade felt like it was just a circle anywhere off the middle, where I'd prefer the more aggressive toe and flatter heel in a Quad.
  10. I tried the Skatescribe Power Cut and hate it compared to my Quad 1. It is too rounded everywhere for my liking.
  11. Depends on the specific brand. Cutshield is now Level 6 but they don't make a neck guard. Aycane is Level 4 according to their site. https://aycane.com/en-ca/collections/cut-resistant-hockey-gear/products/blade-pro-base-layer-long-sleeve-2-0
  12. Look for the EN 388 cut rating. This one is a 3 so it is cut resistant so it give a protective benefit. https://ca.pipglobal.com/en/updated-en-388-standard/
  13. CCMs will be 1/2" bigger overall as well than the Warriors.
  14. Not a minor step down, a HUGE step down.
  15. You can also see his SuperTacks weave in close up of his stick too. Evidently CCM isn't doing old designs anymore 🤷‍♀️
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