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    Bauer X100/ Bauer One100 Goal
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    Warrior QRL, Sherwood EK60/ Vaughn 7600, Warrior Swagger
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    CCM QLT, Reebok Whale Pro Return, MF2 /Bauer 6000 Bryzgalov Pro Returns
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    CCM FiteLite, M11/ Hackva
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    Reebok Whale Pro Stock, Easton Pro Sabres, Bauer TotalOne NXG / Bauer Pro
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    CCM Ultra Tacks / Brown 2400/2200
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    College Team Canvas / Reebok Canvas

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  1. Which pro stocks don't? From my experience the NHL ones are plastic and the NCAA are retail spec.
  2. 2S Pro retail protection is okay but not top notch anymore since they removed the plastic inserts and Poron backhand padding. There is a reason the NHL gloves still have the plastic inserts.
  3. The only base layer I have seen in stores with the grip nubs to be either falling off from the clothes or have a matte finish which offered 0 grip. The consistency in these was all over the place.
  4. I am 90% sure you tried on 1 of 2 CCM pro stocks that fit true to size retail there. The other pair I found was HG55, but the HG50 I have fit 1/2" larger...
  5. I can't tell if you are serious or not... but yes they are normal carbon sticks painted to look like wood. These were the ones that gave the original idea: https://www.hockeyworld.com/Nike-Bauer-Vapor-XXX-Lite-WOODY-Composite-Stick-Senior
  6. I have fixed 4 people I know personally for sizing issues with the TF skates outside of a store environment since they released... not to mention all of the people online. Would've been a nice thing for True to acknowledge the sizing discrepancies to ensure people are actually in the correct size skate compared to skates they are used too.
  7. That is absolutely not the experience of what I saw in stores I've worked in or through talking to people playing hockey. It hasn't become a popular thing with skates until stores realized they could add it as an extra charge of pure margin to a skate that they started pushing people into lower end skates and making up the difference in price with insoles and profiles. I can say out of all of my adult teams, probably 5 out of 50 players know what a profile is and have had one done.
  8. This is where this sizing is misleading. The 14s I have fit longer in the fingers than 14s in Jetspeed, SuperTacks, Supreme, Vapor, QRE, Code V, HPR2. They fit comparably to a 14" Pro Stock UltraTacks which fit 1/2 size bigger than their retail counter parts.
  9. That is fair, I would say majority of people won't see those other influencers as businesses though.
  10. So is all of the major hockey influencer accounts but NHLPA doesn't go after them. Every single account that uses an NHLPHA member's likeness should be targeted in the same manner, but it isn't. Those accounts use the likeness of the members to grow themselves and sell merch or ad spots, this account probably got a member or a member's sponsor pissed off so they are going after them.
  11. Aren't the Alpha LX made to fit the Vapor hole in the Warrior glove lineup?
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