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I'm moving and need to get rid of extra stuff sale

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All prices below are plus shipping and are negotiable. I will be adding pics as I have time to get some together. If you are interested in pics of something specific pm me. Will combine shipping for multiple items. Not looking for any trades.

1) Bauer Vapor 10 skates (circa 2003) size 9.5D - an old one but a good one. These were a backup pair in college so they've seen minimal use. Still have the original black steel with the triangle punch outs. Asking price: $100




2) Bauer Vapor XX skates (circa 2004) size 9.5 D - wore them for about half a college season and some mens league after that, but still have some life left. They come with superfeet yellow insoles, but no steel. Asking price: $40



3) Bauer Vapor 4 elbow pads, size large - fairly new, minimal use, they are based off the old Cooper techniflex elbows. Asking price: $20

4) CCM Pro Tacks pro stock gloves, 14", royal blue and white (maple leafs colors). Bought them on eBay, wore them about a dozen times. Palms in great shape. Asking price: $30



5) Warrior Luxe gloves, 14", black - basically brand new. Wore them for two mens league games, palms in perfect shape. asking price: $60. SOLD


6) Reebok 9k padded shirt, size XL - wore for one mens league game, didn't like the feel. Asking price: $30. SOLD

7) Bauer TotalOne replacement blade, p14, RH - used for a couple games, effectively new. Asking price: $20

8) Bauer TotalOne replacement blade, p92, RH - used for a game or two, effectively new. Asking price: $20

9) Bauer TotalOne shaft, clear, 87 flex - cut about an inch off the top, used a few time, plenty of pop left. Asking price: $40

10) Bauer TotalOne NXG shaft, clear, 102 flex - uncut, effectively brand new. Asking price: $40

11) Warrior Widow SE, clear, 100 flex, W03 (Sakic clone) - cut about an inch, used 4-5 games. Asking price: $65

12) Easton Stealth RS, clear, 100 flex, E3 pattern - cut about an inch, used for about 8 games. Asking price: $65

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