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CCM RBZ Shin Guards

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Size: 14”

Player info:

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 165bs

Position: Forward/Defense

Previous equipment – Reebok 14k, Easton ST16, Nike V10

Length of use – 2x a week for 3 months

Fit: The RBZ is anatomical low profile fitting pad. The pad offers the right amount of calf wrap without going overboard. CCM’s cross strapping system is a thing of beauty, it totally eliminates the need to tape. The knee cap sits nice and secure in the knee pocket without movement. I wear them over the tongues, without a problem. Though I have yet to try it, I believe they would work equally as well with the tongues out. 14’s fit true to size.


Protection – CCM’s U Foam offers a good deal of protection without adding bulk or weight. I’ve taken a few good ‘whacks’ to the leg and few hard spills and felt nothing. Padding along the sides of the knee cup could be a bit longer, especially on the outside edge. Easton’s ST16 is the most protective pad I have ever worn, I don’t think the RBZ is quite at that level, but it’s close and it’s lighter and less bulky.


Weight – Definitely one of the lightest pads I have ever worn, lighter than other pads I tried on. The big difference in the weight is that the pad doesn’t absorb a lot sweat and moisture, so it’s weight remains pretty consistent.


Durability – So far no issues,though I have started to wonder how long the Velcro on the pad will last before coming apart. I feel like I am pulling not only on the tab, but the base it fastens too. No signs of wear, but it’s an area I have keyed in on. With that in mind, I am scoring on the conservative side.


Intangibles – For me it has to be the fit and the strapping system. These are two things I wasn’t able to find in another pad, it’s what made the RBZ stand out from its competitors. The strapping system literally has no equal. It’s easily the most effective and comfortable system out there. However, it did come with a hefty price tag. It’s still a solid buy at $139, but one may wonder if the RBZ’s features warrant the bigger price tag.


Conclusion - Props to CCM here, they put out a solid piece of gear. The key features actually benefit the user every time it’s used. It offers high end protection without adding bulk or weight. It lacks a bit of curb appeal and it may not be the first pad you're drawn to, but if you’re looking for new shin guards you need to give it a serious look.

Final score – 8.7

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