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Easton Pro elbow pads (2013 model)

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Easton Pro elbow pads

Size Medium

Time used: 2 years



Fit / mobility 10/10


First of all, the protective gear I'm most picky about are elbow pads. I expect them to be light, as low profile as possible and not hinder my arm movement at all. These pads have a traditional 2-piece design with deep fit and a floating bicep guard. The forearm piece has a nylon strap which locks the pad down securely, while the middle strap is a neoprene one that has a little bit of stretch for comfort. These pads fit me very well; the wrap is excellent and I don't notice any resistance when I straighten my arms. I've tried every brand's top of the line products and nothing has come close to the overall protection / mobility on these. The liner is very soft and comfortable and dries fast.

Protection 10/10


These pads are built sturdy with thick foams and plastic inserts all over. The elbow cap itself features a thick soft foam which protects you and the other players as well. I've had my share of falls and slashes on the forearms but never had any pain wearing these pads.

Weight 9/10


Not as light as the newest offerings from Bauer and CCM, but still light enough for you not to notice them.

Durability 10/10


I've had these for over 2 years and the only wear I've noticed is on the middle strap that has stretched out a bit. The straps still hold the pads down securely and there's no movement at all. Very happy with the durability.

Conclusion 10/10


At the moment, there are no retail elbow pads for me that come even close to these fit, mobility and protection wise. Fortunately I bought another pair for backup when these are done.



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