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Bauer MX3 Gloves

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Bauer MX3 Gloves

Size: 13"

Time Used: 6 months


Fit 10/10

These gloves have an anatomical fit. I wanted gloves that were tight and compared to the 1X and 1N gloves these were the tightest and had the least amount of movement. The MX3 gloves were also slightly tighter than the Warrior QR1 gloves which were reviewed by members here to be fairly snug. The Quattro palm is thin and allows for a good feel. There is good mobility with these gloves -- they are unnoticeable during games.

Protection 10/10

Excellent protection with the MX3 gloves. the MD foam and the 3 piece thumb is similar to the 1X. No issues taking solid stick hacks from opposing players. The 13" glove leaves a bit of the wrist exposed but when paired with a Eagle wrist protectors the gap is erased. 

Weight 10/10

As mentioned earlier, you do not notice the gloves during games. They may not be the lightest gloves by a number of grams on paper over the competitors but it's good enough. The 37.5 fabric is excellent! After 6 months (3-5 times a week) the wear is minimal and they still dry out over night. Sweat doesn't get drenched in and the gloves remain light over long sessions on the ice.

Durability 7/10

I had issue with the stitching inside the glove between the cloth and leather. Around the finger areas on both gloves I had the materials come loose and tear. This happened after 8-10 weeks of use. You can't tell there is anything wrong from the exterior but when you put on the glove the fingers can feel the issue. A few threads on the exterior of the gloves also came loose that is not a major issue and is regular wear and tear. A case was opened with Bauer warranty but I have yet to hear back. I've managed to live with the issue.


The 37.5 liner is awesome! The fit is great and has held up over time without getting too loose (my CCM CL500 gloves loosened too much in comparison). Only issue is with the interior issues. Compared with the NXG gloves they feel identical except for a few exterior visual changes. My MX3 gloves were all black so they contrast nightly with the yellow interior. They are fairly discreet and not flashy.

Conclusion 9/10

I think these are great gloves for someone looking for the snuggest fit. An alternative would be the 1X gloves or the QR1 (better price point).

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