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JR Boucicaut

Super Tacks 2.0 stick

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Been waiting for this bad boy to arrive ever since I got the call!  Before I say a word a special thanks goes out to JR and CCM for letting me do an LTR on the Super Tacks 2.0.  This is a hotly anticipated stick for a few reasons.  First, the original Tacks stick took the market and the NHL by storm.  It was praised for it balance and responsiveness and was unquestionably the best stick CCM had put out in a long time.  This was followed by the Ultra Tacks that was even better!  More kick, durable and an impressive blade with superior feel.  Both mid kick sticks rang up sales and garnered tons of praise.  CCM followed this up with the Super Tacks and... pfft.....  The Super Tacks featured a different flex pattern and a new blade.  The dual flex pattern featured a softer top with a bit of a stiffer flex point in the loading zone.  This profile is similar to the True sticks.  The blade though was the issue.  The AcuLite blade suffered from significant durability issues and was skewered by reviews.  So the Super Tacks 2.0 is an important stick for CCM.  Players are looking for the pop and durability of the Ultra Tacks, the increased accuracy of the Super Tacks blade but one that doesn't break down. Will it deliver? Let's see!!!

About Me

49 years old.  5' 10" 210 lbs. Righty. Level 4 coach but I haven't coached in a while.  I play on 2 teams.  One is D level and the other E.  On the ice twice a week.  I play D on one team and forward on the better team. I have been playing for 15 years.

Past Sticks:  I have used many top end sticks including Bauer Nexus, One95 and Total One and Easton s19 and Stealth but the reason I'm doing this LTR is that I have been a devotee of the Tacks line.  I have the Tacks and the Ultra Tacks (actually 6 of them!) and have been using them religiously since they came out.  The only one I didn't use is the Super Tacks due to durability concerns. This places me in a good position to compare the 2.0 to the others and I am excited to pass what I learn on to the community.

About the CCM Super Tacks 2.0

The 2.0 is CCMs attempt to improve upon the Super Tacks and fix the problems they faced in durability.  It features:

  • Dual Flex profile - designed for increased responsiveness on both wrist shots and clappers. Also in Super Tacks.
  • Reinforced bumper technology - also found in Ultra Tacks.
  • ACU2 Blade - Extremely stiff like the Super Tacks but now with reinforced durability.
  • Sigmatex - a new fabric that is lightweight and strong.
  • Weight - 420 grams - same as the Super Tacks.  Ultra Tacks and Tacks were 430.

First Views


Full view of the stick.  The graphics are clean and look a lot like the others in the series.  A win for me and any others. Frankly I like it more than the 1.0. Here are some closer views of the graphics.






You can see the graphic for Sigmatex below but as far as the actual graphite fabric is concerned you really don't see a difference.



I was interested in what Sigmatex is so I did a quick google search.  They are a carbon fibre materials company that prides itself on high quality with excellent stiffness to weight to strength ratios.  Here is a PDF for the materials used on the stick: Sigmatex_MS-Sports-and-Leisure-WEB.pdf

Typically I use the CCM P46 curve but that was not available to me for the LTR so I went back to the P29.  For those of you who don't know the P29 is CCMs P92 clone.  This is the most popular curve on the market and moving back should be fairly easy.  Here is a pic of the curve:



Now the blade has some really cool features to it.  It has a cool weave but more interesting is that there are ridges in a kind of shark skin pattern.  I have to assume that this is designed to get more rotation on the puck as it grips and spins off the blade.  You can really feel it but I'm not so sure it will work once the blade is taped up.  It will be interesting to see.  Here are some pics of the blade texture:




You can see the texture more on the pic above.

There will be more to follow as the LTR progresses.  My first game with it will be Sunday night and then midweek.  I will post first impressions then.

Thanks and stay tuned!!!

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Sunday afternoon I eagerly prepped my new Super Tacks 2.0 and got it ready for combat.  I typically cut the stick down approx 1.5 inches and this took me to  just above the 78 flex mark.  I taped heal to toe and cover the toe with tape to protect the blade end. I am going to deviate from typical one and done reviews because this is an LTR.  It does not make much sense in that regard to give ratings until perhaps later.

Pre Game Considerations

I have been playing with a 75 flex and this is no different.  The curve. however, as I noted earlier, is different.  I am moving from a P46 to a P29 for the purpose of this review. It is not a huge difference and I expect to make the transition fairly easily but it will take a bit of an adjustment that I need to take into consideration.

First Game

For this first game I am playing defense for my E division team.  In warm ups I had a chance to take a few slappers and wrist shots.  The first few shots were a bit of adventure as I began to adjust to the P29.  I don't think warm ups were a good baseline so I knew that I would need to see more and get more comfortable. 

Blade Feel

As the game went on I found myself with the puck quite a bit and I was instantly comfortable with the feel.  In fact I would say that the stiffness of this blade translates to surprisingly good feel for the puck. I have always liked my Tacks and Ultra tacks for receiving passes and puck feel but this was at a different level.  In several plays where I went into the corner I was able to pick my head up quicker to read the play because I felt more confident feeling the puck on my stick.  The same holds true for skating up ice.  On play I broke up an entry into our zone and felt comfortable rushing up ice before dumping it down (nobody was with me dammit!!)  I felt comfortable with my head up and this of course helps decision making.  The ACU2 blade is a winner in terms of puck feel for sure!! In terms of receiving passes I need some more time with the stick and probably in my next game when I play forward I will have more of a chance to receive breakout passes to get a better test.

Shooting and Passing

As far as shooting goes there are a few things to look for.  Loading and response, torsion, blade stiffness and accuracy.  Again, I think I need some more time getting used to the stick to begin to make a serious evaluation.  I had a chance to take two slappers, one snapper but no wrist shots. In taking those shots I got the distinct feeling that the 75 (78) flex shaft felt a bit stiffer than the 75 in the Tacks and Ultra Tacks.  It is quite possible that this is the result of the new dual flex shaft and that I ma not quite used to it yet.  Having used the True 5.2 in the past - also a dual kick - my experience was that I felt plenty of flex in that stick but less in this one.  Again, it was only a fist game with limited shooting opportunities. Passing was spot on and accurate. 


Too soon to tell for sure but the shaft looks good for now.  I blocked a shot with the shaft and it looks fine.  Time will tell.

Special Features

One of the things I planned to look for is to what extent the patterning on the blade impacted performance.  After taping the stick I see absolutely no way that the ribs that are embossed onto the blade will do anything.  Maybe they help with torsional rigidity but I am not capable of determining that.  One nice thing it does is provide a line guide of where on heel to start the tape job as the embossing is lined up nicely in that area.  The sigmatex weave is something that is internal.  This also might impact the stiffness of the shaft - I am not sure.  I did notice though that you can see the weave more openly than you can on the tacks or Ulta Tacks.  It's a nice look.


I was more and more comfortable as the game went on.  There is a lot under the hood with this twig and I think the more I play and settle in to using the curve the more I will get out of it.  I am looking forward to my next game and I will report back then.


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Game 2 with the 2.0 was last Thursday.  Due to matters beyond my control (bullshitting in the locker room) I didn't get on the ice in time to take shots.  As a result I really didn't get a  chance to open things up for slappers.  I play forward on this team so I was able to make and receive a few passes.  The blade has terrific feel and receives passes brilliantly.  Passing remains spot on accurate.  I only had one shot at the net and I kinda blew it so no real test there.  Dug in the corners and along the boards a bunch and the stick still looks to be in excellent condition and is holding up nicely.

I felt very comfortable with the stick.  I cut it down another 1/4 inch before the game and it felt perfect.  Balance and feel are superior.

Next game on Wednesday and more updates will follow.

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The pattern you are referencing on the blade is the result of a new blade blade finishing process. It's not a performance feature per se, but it does increase uniformity and consistency in production. Hope this clears up your question, good luck with the rest of your review!

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Second tie on the ice with the 2.0 was last night.  I made a point to get on the ice early for warm ups (no yapping) so I could get some shots in and really open up.

Slappers came off the stick nicely with good spin and rotation.  I was able to keep my shot nice an low.  The stick definitely plays stiffer than the 75s in he Tacks and Ultra Tacks.  It feels more like an 85 flex.  The Dual Kick point, for me, seems to have helped my wrist shits more than my slap shot.  I think my slapper feels a bit slower but I ripped off a very hard wrist shot top corner that simply exploded off the stick blade.  Yes, my goalie snagged it but it was a really good shot.

Sadly an injury derailed the rest of my efforts and it might be a couple of weeks until the next update and more data.

On 6/20/2017 at 10:22 PM, R1X3 said:

The pattern you are referencing on the blade is the result of a new blade blade finishing process. It's not a performance feature per se, but it does increase uniformity and consistency in production. Hope this clears up your question, good luck with the rest of your review!

Thanks R1x3 for the information.  Just how does that work?  I definitely see no benefit to the texture in terms of blade feel or imparting spin to the puck but given CCMs issues with the blade in the original Super Tacks its good to know they really worked to solve the problem.

After I heal up I will post more.  So far though the Super Tacks 2.0 is a pretty darn good stick that fits into CCMs desired category of a well balanced, all around performer that any type of player can benefit from using.

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I know it's been a few weeks since I updated the review but I was off the ice due to injury.  I returned this week and have another 2 games under my belt with the 2.0.

At this point I am totally adjusted to the P29 curve so there are no issues shooting, etc.  I note this because even minute adjustments in lie, rocker and curve can often change the way one shoots.  Now that I am comfortable I can comment more reliably on the play characteristics of the stick.


Got off a few slap shots and a few wrist shots in warm ups for both games.  Had some shots in game 1 but not game 2. Slappers are great.  The puck rockets off the stick and it releases quickly.  Wrist shots are more than adequate but I liked the increased flex in my Ultra Tacks a bit more.  As I had noted earlier the 2.0 seems to play a bit stiffer and this still holds true.   

Passing and Stickhandling

Both receiving and making passes are off the charts great.  The same goes for puck feel.  I truly feel like my stickhandling has improved using the 2.0. Last night I took a break out pass at the blue line and needed to make a quick move to get out of the zone.  I pulled it back in with the toe and went right around him.  I NEVER do stuff like that!  I had a few other decent moves to and I really do attribute this to the stiffness and feel of that blade. If the new blade holds up CCM has a real winner on its hands!


So far so good!  I will retape the blade before my game and look for any damage.  Shaft and paint still look like new.


More updates to follow in the coming weeks (as long as good health continues!) and I am sure other MSH guys will get to demo it at CCM's booth at SJ in Toronto.  I will bring it as well.

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Got back on the ice after dealing with some injuries again on Thursday night.  Didn't do much digging in the corners or on the boards so this wasn't much of a test of the stick's durability.  That being said I have to say the feel and response are just off the charts excellent.  The puck stays glued to the blade and passes stay on it like it's a magnet.  Also it shoot bloody rockets.  This is an awesome stick.  Yes, I still think it plays a bit stiffer than pervious versions.  

I think the problems with the Super Tacks are fixed and I strongly endorse the Super Tacks 2.0.  This is one of the best sticks I have ever played with.  Very impressive!!!

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