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  1. R - Round corners with concave walls. Like Jetspeed at retail.
  2. Yes. There will be an option to order Ribcor.
  3. All CCM Total Custom skates will come with brass eyelets.
  4. 2pc boot will inhibit any arch modification, sorry.
  5. 1. Yes, Made at the St Jean factory 2. An oversize toecap is available and may alleviate the chunky toe issue 3. 70k with advanced facings would be a pretty good option for you then. You can advance the top 3 eyelets or the whole eyelet row, either 1/4 or a 1/2 inch. 4. Strong recommend for making a trip to get scanned. It makes a big difference. You don't need to get scanned to order custom skates, but you really should if at all possible. 5. You're a pretty big unit. You could potentially get 70K with more stiffness if you feel like you need the support. Hope this helps...
  6. Either Jetspeed Pro or Ribcor Pro would suit you pretty well IMO. They both are in your weight range and can be had for $149 USD. Both have been very successful and generally well regarded by those who've tried them. Good luck in your search
  7. Custom: Constant Flex Profile - No place on the shaft is stiffer than another, hence custom. Wherever your bottom hand hits the shaft is where it will kick. Hybrid: Flexible Handle leading to a very stiff area around the CCM logo on the shaft, the taper below that is flexible too, so you have 2 loading zones on either side of the stiff hinge. This falls between a mid kick point (soft handle and stiff taper) and a low kick (soft taper and stiff handle) It should be noted than none of the flex profiles are necessarily "better" than another... they just feel different If you want something that feels familiar coming from a Surgeon, try the Jetspeed or Ribcor.
  8. It's not the pro order form. I have that one too :)
  9. ^ This is not the custom order form. Below is the actual order form: Not sure where the previous post came from, but I've never seen it before. If you are curious about options, each dealer that has a scanner also got a book explaining each available option.
  10. This is a good way to look at the Ribcor Pro. It's an improved 2nd price point stick that performs similarly to a team stick, (reinforced shaft, top-end blade construction with great balance) but with the benefit of a warranty.
  11. They are not SMU. They were available to any CCM dealer.
  12. The pattern you are referencing on the blade is the result of a new blade blade finishing process. It's not a performance feature per se, but it does increase uniformity and consistency in production. Hope this clears up your question, good luck with the rest of your review!
  13. It's an A. The heel lock really comes from the curvature of the boot and not necessarily how close the walls are together. It's a better lock because it fits better, not just smaller. A (maybe confusing) analogy is the old square peg, round hole saying. Best way to make a square peg fit is to make the hole square too... Hope this clarifies and doesn't make it more confusing. I hope you try the skates on, they really are great.
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