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RH sticks, Mission Girdle.

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Selling some RH sticks and other gear, to fund more purchases. Will be adding photos and a few more items in the coming days. 

Sticks- all RH

Sherwood EK15- pp88 85grip Stick is uncut, and unused. Accidentally ordered the wrong flex awhile ago, and stick has been sitting in the garage ever since. 90 shipped US

Easton Stealth CXT- E36 85grip red. Also uncut, and unused. ordered correctly on this one, but hoping to go back to 75 flex sticks. 80 shipped US

Warrior Alpha QX- W88 70grip int. Won in a contest. bigger fan of the QRL so hoping to use the funds to put towards one of those. Uncut, however used during a pre drop in warmup for 10 mins. 125 shipped US

Bauer Vapor x800-P88 87nongrip- Cut, used fairly lightly. 63 1/4 inches flat against wall. Prefer lower flex, and grip. 40 shipped US

Warrior QR1- w88 70nongrip int-  Cut, and used a decent amount, mostly bottom of blade wear from inline hockey 62 1/4 inches flat against wall. again, prefer grip 40 shipped US

Easton V9- E36 85grip-  cut, also some decent usage. 62 1/2 inches flat against wall. 40 shipped US


Mission Pro Compression Senior Roller Hockey Girdle- SR. M. This is washed, but not used. will not come with cup, as I took it out to wash, and put it in with all my other cups. bought a second one to use along side my first, but the local roller rink closed down, and now theres only leagues/drop ins around here in summer so ill roll with just the one and my ccm backup. 45 shipped US. 




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