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Zuperior M - tcraig

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Profile 2: Zuperior M 

Steel: Bauer LS4 - 280 

Hollow: 3/4" ROH 


About Me: I started playing back when I was about 5 years old, and played competitively up until college (high school, Junior C and B). Took around a 10 year break, and got back into playing about 2 years ago. Currently play in the A/B league my rink offers, and am usually on the ice 2-3 times a week. 

Review: For me, this is a bit of an improvement over the stock LS4 10' radius that I have been using, but not dramatically so. I can feel a bit of extra speed and more stability, but definitely at the expense of agility. I'd be curious to see how this profile fares with a more shallow hollow; I've never gone below 3/4" but I felt like I had too much grip when trying to do quick cuts compared to the 10' LS4. I could likely get used to it over an extended period, and I did feel that it almost forced me to have a longer stride, so for my beer league I'd take the hit in quick mobility in exchange for the extra top speed. I didn't really notice any difference in acceleration, just that I had more top end speed and I maintained more of that speed coming out of turns. I'd stick with this for now over the standard 10' profile I was on, but I don't think I would go out of my way to maintain the profile over time. That might change if I enjoyed a more shallow ROH with it, since it just feels a bit too grippy to me as is. 

Acceleration: 2 

Mobility: 1.5 

Stability: 3.5

Speed: 4


Other profiles reviewed: 
10' (standard LS4 profile)

Quad 1

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