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Glide 60

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Profile 1 Glide 60

Steel - Bauer LS5 254

Hollow- 90/50 FBV


Older skater who has been skating for over 40-years. Played high school hockey and some college hockey.  Currently playing 3 times a week at a competitive level.  Over the years I have tried many different profiles ranging from doubles, a triple, couple of quads, and Pro Skate Balance’s 35/65.  I started out with the stock profile in an attempt to reset myself before beginning testing profiles for the ProSharp Project.


I really wanted this profile to work since I had previously skated on a 35/65 and was hoping that this would be close to that setting.  Stepping on the ice and taking my first few strides I could immediately tell that there was a lot of steel in contact with the ice.  My FBV 90/50 also felt much sharper than how it felt on the standard 10’ stock profile.  Acceleration was marginally better.  While stability was better I found it to require some work in transitioning from forward to backward skating and vice versa.  Despite the stability feeling better I felt my balance was a little off. Definitely had some struggles with agility.  Tight turns required more work and focus.  Where this profile excels is in straight-line speed.  I felt much faster when skating straight lines in a north south fashion.

Acceleration- 3 

Mobility- 2 

Stability- 3.5

Speed- 4

* If my game consisted of nothing but up and down the ice skating in a straight-line then this was good for the speed factor. However the negative mobility I felt makes this profile not a good fit for me.






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