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9'/10' - stick9

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Steel: STEP Edge 246mm

Hollow: ¾ ROH

About me:  Skating in general has never really been an issue. I’ve always been able to get to where I need to be. I started skating a young and grew up on a lake, so plenty of ice time in the winter. There are some aspects of my skating that could be better. I have had issues with decreased agility and lack of overall stability in the past. Normally I rotate two sets of steel. The first set is stock Bauer LS4 profiled to a Quad 0 by Shayne from Pro Sharp, the second is stock STEP Edge. When I started this program I purchased a set of Tydan from the pro shop here at MSH.

The stock STEP profile will be my control set.


My hope was this profile would be very similar to the stock STEP profile, with a bit more agility. That wasn't the case. I spent an hour and a half on them at pickup. I knew pretty quickly this profile was not going to work for me. I stuck it out for the duration of the skate but I’m not giving them another shot. I had a hard time finding my balance point. It was like skating on steel with no flat. This greatly reduced my over stability as well as my speed. Mobility seemed OK but forward to backward transitions were a bit of an adventure. The same goes for any backwards skating. Acceleration was about average. I didn’t feel as though I got any real power out of my stride though. My take, my 246mm steel is just too short for this profile. I am fairly confident with longer steel this profile would have worked pretty well. Maybe the version with 50mm flat will yield better results.

Mobility: 3

Stability: 2

Speed: 2.5

Acceleration: 3

Other profiles on deck:

  • 9 | 50mm | 10.5
  • Quad 1


No further testing planned for this profile

Edited by stick9

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