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STX Surgeon RX3.1 Elbow Pads

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So two years ago I was coming off an almost 10 tear spell where I didn’t play much, just coached.  So once I started up again I found I needed to replace some gear.  These were replacing an old pair of Vapor elbows that really wouldn’t stop sliding down.  I am 6’3”, 180 lbs so on the thin side, was looking for an elbow that would be fairly low profile and would stay in place.  I play mainly regular invite-only games so while the games have a good pace, you don’t have to worry about getting hacked or slashed.  Protection is mainly for stray shots or getting tangled up with someone and going down here and there.



I have these in medium.  They have the inner sleeve and a forearm and biceps strap.  The elastic sleeve is nice, I wear short sleeves so, it is right against my skin.  Because I am thin the biceps area isn't tight but the sleve does seem to help keep it in place and is snug in the forearm and right at the elbow.  The 360 strap on the forearm lets you get the tension right where you need it.  The three piece design means your elbow goes right into that pocket and keeps it there.  


Again, I don’t play in a contact or chippy league, but because of the fit, I never have to adjust them like I used to.  Being in the proper spot contributes to protection.  I have gone down here and there and this is a case where if you don’t notice, it is a good thing so I am assuming it is doing its job.  It provides full coverage around the forearm and the elbow cap is substantial without being bulky.




The Vapors I had were pretty light, these are on par.  I don’t notice them so I have no complaints here.



So far they are holding up well.  I average about two games a week and have had them about a year and a half.  The only thing is as you would expect the elastic on the 360 degree strap is getting a bit relaxed but not enough that it affects the tension.  This is an area I will be paying attention to as there is nothing to hold it in place except friction.  I keep expecting it to slide off the front edge but so far it hasn’t.  The rest of the elbow shows no sign of wear.  



I was looking for comfort and something that stayed in place, and these provide that.  As an intangible I think the STX Surgeon equipment looks great with the gray, black and white.  Doesn't matter much for protective stuff but just my opinion.



I am really happy with this purchase.  I think STX is bringing great equipment at very reasonable price points.  Once my son gets a bit bigger I will be buying STX for him and will be getting shins for myself next.


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