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  1. Yeah, I stopped watching Hockey Tutorials years ago.
  2. I am tempted to pick up a pair. I lusted after them. There was a custom Graf thread here years ago, I wanted a pair so bad.
  3. I aM considering a manual one as well, maybe I am a nerd but I like the thought of everything that goes into doing it right. Was in Johnstown last week and stopped by the shop where Dana Heinze sharpens. Nobody was there and he spent like 45 minutes talking to us about sharpening and the Pens. I kind of nerded out. I love that stuff. I guess it’s between Wissota and Blademaster? What about the EZ Sharp machine? I don’t hear that mentioned much.
  4. Pretty sure my Tackla girdle is a tall but doing a quick search I don’t see it. Maybe they stopped offering it?
  5. I like the matte black, haven’t see the other colors other than that pic.
  6. Clunky but not unusual for early gen products. The more people pursue different solutions the better. Would love to see the protocol they used to get to their numbers.
  7. I looked at my foot last night and my tongue on the foot that pronates twists slightly out, but that is also due in part to my high instep and lack of volume there. Yours look better in that respect than mine but I also wonder, if you feel good with two pairs of socks, maybe the skate is too big? I can’t imagine having that much “padding”.
  8. Just to add, I have those same skates. My first pair I was a little too aggressive on sizing. Got 9s for about an 11 1/2 foot. I experienced some irritation on my ankle bone because it was too far forward in the ankle pocket. Ribcores are not real deep and don’t wrap much. Moving to a 9 1/2 solved the ankle issue.
  9. Agree, Chinese factories are capable of producing high quality products, if you spec it and pay for it. A previous company I worked for made Class 2 medical devices there. We had to be heavy on our oversight, but the product was obviously up to spec. But you aren’t getting that quality for some cheaper price just because someone hooked you up…
  10. Is your learn to play one of the nhl ones? They give head to toe equipment.
  11. This. In about 30 seconds it will expose any kind of misalignment in your skating posture that might have been covered up by the stiffness of the skate. The great thing is, it essentially forces you to fix it very quickly otherwise you can’t even skate. The it is up to you to build that new alignment into something consistent. i just went completely untied, never even bothered dropping laces gradually.
  12. Curious how much data a retail location has or is provided for stocking. My assumption is a lot although many companies have data and don’t know how to use it, but this should be pretty trivial. Our local Pure which serves all or northern Pittsburgh has an interesting stock of sticks. I would say 60-70% are senior, 70-80% are top line models, essentially no 3rd tiers (like maybe one or two lines might have a handful), 70% righty, and almost nothing other than the obligatory rack of youth Jetspeeds in 40 or lower (so no junior 40 flex which is kind of a sweet spot for 10u to even slight 14u players). And almost all P92 and P28, which does make sense. This is just my eye test but when we go in just for fun and my lefty 12u 85 pounder wants to look at sticks, it’s a pretty short endeavor. Rink pro shops seemed to be better geared toward the youth demographic, which makes sense for them but still, surprising for Pure. I haven’t been to the one south of the city since they took over a really big private store which used to have about double the stock of everything.
  13. Find the spot on your foot that hurts, put lipstick on it fairly heavy, then put the boot on and lace it up. It will transfer to the liner and you know where to punch. I do my son’s Bauers and he never has anything more than mid tier.
  14. Looks like the same pant tackle has had forever. I have them, I would say they are more old school fit, loose and kind of boxy.
  15. Seems to me the ideal would be a CNC-type profiler that could accept any profile. Ideal for the consumer and middle man (skate shop that does profiles). Vendor-wise, not so sure how the business model would work. That's only from an implementation standpoint. Still WAY too little data and knowledge to match a skater to a profile.
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