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  1. So the big deal about multi-radius templates was that you could have different radii for the toes and something flatter at the heels. With the ellipse are they saying they don’t believe that is the way to go? Because, i have a hard time believing that the ellipse is all that much different than a single radius once it is blended from a pragmatic perspective. It’s a symetrical radius, just an ellipse instead of a circle....
  2. I like it, not that anyone needed another jersey, but at least they didn't base it on the weird 90s penguin.
  3. Just the 3.1 elbows. I like them, they fit and most importantly stay in place. In normal play they are more than sufficient. Forget to take your skate blankets off before the 6 am skate and run onto the ice to unceremoniously dump your full weight onto said elbow pads and all bets are off though....
  4. PA mask mandate now, have to figure out what works now. I imagine we are going to go through a lot of iterations as we try different options.
  5. But what happens if both players are wearing this skate? Does it cancel the ability of the first player to fly past the other? We will have to wait for the answer to this mystery...
  6. Oops, yep. as for the colors, reminds me of some throwback racing type scheme from the. 70s for some reason. Definitely not my style, but neither is any of the current stuff from any manufacturer.
  7. Mmm, maybe I will grab FT3s when they go on sale. I liked my Ribcores at first coming from old skates because they were comfortable but longer term the heel is too loose and the forefoot too snug. Also, not enough volume in the instep.
  8. It. Is. Not. Christmas. Season! I don’t need decorations or Christmas music two weeks before Thanksgiving!!!!!
  9. Right, an ellipse is a single shape but depending on what part of the ellipse you utilize it could have different profiles created.
  10. Sometimes excess glue would come loose inside a shaft, anything could be in there!
  11. So how are they getting past any IP issues?
  12. So have we determined if the ellipse is symmetrical or asymmetrical?
  13. This has been one of the points I was trying to make, the Quads are seemlessly blended. It’s not like you have a 6’ section which abruptly changes to a 9’. You have a point on the blade that is a 6’ and a point on the blade that is 9’ and between the two it has to gradually transition, else you would have a series of scallops. So while the quad or Zuperior may not mathematically be an ellipse, what is the practical difference between them? Prosharp needs Some much better product management and go to market than just claiming “revolutionary” new shapes. What problem is it solving? Who benefits? How does that get communicated to the end user?
  14. But as caveman pointed out, a profile centered will have symmetrical curves, move it forward or back and it becomes asymmetrical in different ways. There is no info on what the dimensions of the ellipses are. My question is how much different is this than a multi radius profile? Even with multiple radii the fact that they have to seamlessly blend them creates variable radii along the length of the blade. i am sure we will get more info on what this is supposed to accomplish.
  15. Yep, agree. They don’t really explain it. Just wondering what the actual net effect is.
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