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  1. Bauer 4500 is listed on their site as coming in XL. Currently listed as unavailable but when you filter by size, it is the only one that shows.
  2. Just like any solution, what problem are you trying to solve? "Advanced profile" doesn't mean anything. Just because a profile has combo radius doesn't mean it's better. As far as I know, and I think @Vet88 or @oldtrainerguy28 may have been part of a study that pointed to 9/10 as the only profile that had any data to indicate it had positive influence on performance.
  3. The hockey ones are nylon/poly whatever. If you are looking for something cheap, try Epic Sports, they have all kind of discount and off brand stuff. I get our Champro skating socks there for a couple bucks each.
  4. I would say this. I get cold really easily and insulation in coaching pants isn't something I worry about. Even if there is a practice I am not doing a lot of demoing I stay plenty warm even in the thinnest pants. On skill days when the coaches are the lemmings that have to shoot on the goalies while the goalie coach works with them, I am too hot no matter what. Waterproof isn't something I have ever thought about needing. My CCM pants (older version) are the thinnest though and my Bauer are the heaviest, if that helps. IF I needed more warmth like if for some reason we practiced outdoors, I would just add an insulating layer underneath.
  5. Inventory costs money. If they could figure out a model where all the regular curves were physically in stock but you could still get non-mainstream curves without custom prices, that would be a solution.
  6. We did house until my son was 10. We had enough kids for 4 teams in each division, 15 kids on a team. The guys who ran the league were amazing. You got practice plans days before, super organized on the ice, drills progressed throughout the year. Each team had kids ranked 1-3 so your #1 line always went against the other teams #1 line, etc. I've coached baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and hockey for over 25 years, all ages from 5 year olds to college. Every level has unique challenges, all fun (even the hell season we just went through I guess overall was a net positive...) It would be great if this forum got going for sure!
  7. Brrn board is adjustable and is 31 lbs, which I would think is plenty given it has grip pads on the underside.
  8. And Mitch Stewart, S&C coach, from the Arizona Coyotes Feeds the Cats as well from a dosing standpoint. Mike Boyle believes faster runners are faster skaters, too. For something to have transference to another activity, in this case sprinting to skating, the mechanics don't have to be identical.
  9. You can argue that the venue matters, but I disagree, why does the venue lower the threshold? They are making the claims that their data supports based on their submission. It's the standard all medical devices are held to. Claims are very specific. Anything else must have the stipulations attached. Nobody said the FDA does testing, not sure why you are even bringing that up. They do assess efficacy against your claims as well as safety.
  10. Claims are very, very specific. I read that sentence as relating to the performance aspect. Editing instead of creating more posts: FDA's statement of the DeNovo submission: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-authorizes-marketing-novel-device-help-protect-athletes-brains-during-head-impacts Relevant research summary of the article: The FDA assessed the safety and effectiveness of the Q-Collar through several studies, including a prospective, longitudinal study in the United States with 284 subjects 13 years or older who were participants on a high school football team. During the sports season, 139 athletes wore the Q-Collar and 145 athletes did not. All participants also wore an accelerometer device that measured every impact to the head sustained during play. Each athlete underwent a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan pre-season and post-season. These MRI scans were used to generate Diffusion Tensor Imaging (a specialized MRI image) of the brain that allowed researchers to compare structural changes in the participants’ brain, after a season of play. Significant changes were found in deeper tissues of the brain involved in the transmission of electrical nerve signals (white matter regions) in 106 of the 145 (73%) participants in the no-Collar group, while no significant changes in these regions were found in 107 of the 139 (77%) of the group who wore the Q Collar. These differences appear to indicate protection of the brain associated with device use. No significant adverse events were associated with device use.
  11. You don't judge theories, you test them and assess the evidence vs. the claims. It's how every medical device in existence is cleared.
  12. The step ups would be great, especially if you can move the box to somewhere there is something you can grab onto if needed, like another piece of upright equipment (power rack or similar). Don't underestimate the steady state stuff for overall health, there are some strong guys who advocate lots of walking (for recovery but also for lower back health). And lastly, rotate through those other machines. If they are selectorized vs. plate-loaded that's going to be best I would assume for you. I look at it this way, even if the workouts aren't the ideal you would be able to do with two good wings, the choice between being as active as possible and recovering on the couch is an easy one. I have a bunch of nagging things going on (49 years old) and the one thing my ART guy tells me is "keep moving". Learn to train around things. The worst thing you can do at our age 😄 is just sit still waiting for things to get better.
  13. Did anyone look at their studies or data? Pretty legit people involved in its development both from the medical side and product side. I've worked with one of the developers former companies and they are as legit an NPD company as I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many in both medical device development and non-medical.
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