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  1. You'll be a hit at ModSquadGrammarPolice.com.
  2. Dude, just drop it. You are obviously thin-skinned and get all bent out of shape when people challenge your arguments.
  3. Who is using the last 8mm of steel and what are they using it for? You would be almost vertical. I always thought of Katy Jo as good at marketing. Maybe it's lost in translation but a couple of her ideas seem a bit off- no pushing to the side, stopping on the flats of your blade vs. your edges. There are plenty of successful high level skating coaches with figure skating backgrounds.
  4. Crazy, it's almost like I saw this verbatim on Reddit...
  5. This. Aside from the fact most people don't know what profiling is, the data and expertise to match profiles to players is not there.
  6. But a decent % considering how many posters are in this thread.
  7. I am fine, but when I think about it, Pure switched to Sparx probably because the kids couldn't even sharpen. I never would take our skates to Pure, I don't trust that they are going to be able to teach the teenage staff enough to be helpful.
  8. Which is great but I think ProSharp's go to market has sucked. For every one of you, there are probably 10 guys "doing" profiles without any real knowledge or ability to help people figure out what might work for them. And that number is probably low, likely more like 50.
  9. It helps if you have a bunch of money and time to experiment with profiles. Until they figure out a way to quickly dial in and recommend profiles, it's just a revenue generator and not benefitting the general playing population.
  10. My single complaint with my PR pack is the hooks they use for the straps that hold the skates in. This one has the slide in clips which I think make much more sense.
  11. We have settled on these: https://baseball.epicsports.com/prod/125179/champro-featherweight-tube-style-socks-pair.html They are as thin or thinner than dress socks, come up over your calf, and just over $3/pair (or just over $2/pair if you buy by the dozen). They last a long time. We tried Thinees. For me they were too short, I like over the calf. My son wore them a bit longer but they are expensive, not as thin as other options, and piled a lot.
  12. Yeah, the rating might stay the same because they have a standardized testing protocol that tests within the length of the stick. But cutting it down changes the actual flex performance.
  13. This topic comes up all the time. It's not all that complicated. It's going to be harder to bend something with the same physical properties if you cut it shorter. The "flex rating" of the object doesn't change if they are measuring from set points, but you aren't holding the stick at set points. You are holding it at the butt end and the other point is the blade on the ice. If you cut it, the two points are closer together.
  14. We don't disagree. As you said, the margin for error is greater, and I said it is easier to moderate the force, two sides of the same coin. But just the act of pulling up or pulling across itself doesn't create or reduce the force.
  15. Tension is tension, if you pull outward, you aren't putting force on that eyelet, but you are pulling on the one below it. Maybe easier to moderate the force, but that would be it.
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