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  1. It might be a bold move because they lose the value prop of $:performance ratio but if they think it makes business sense more power to them. I also wonder if people here live in low income housing and wrap their kids in 1970s baseball gear to send them out on the ice.
  2. Just curious, how can they have a custom skate program and not train the front line?
  3. So the interface is the same, just different in how you engage/disengage the locking mechanism. Spring vs screw. And they lengthened the “inserts”. i have had the original on my skates for five years and just need to occasionally tighten it which has just become a habit.
  4. Good to hear! Wishing you a fast recovery!
  5. Different color lenses are used in shooting for different lighting and background conditions. But I am not sure there is much transference to hockey.
  6. Steve Albini! Ugh!!! https://pitchfork.com/news/steve-albini-storied-producer-and-icon-of-the-rock-underground-dies-at-61/
  7. Interesting, G Loomis is the real deal.
  8. I first saw the sharpening level sign last month. I really had to try and figure out what the hell it was even trying to say… I still drive 30 minutes to get them hand sharpened by the figure skating guru in town. $9 and he just raised his price from $5 which it was for like 10 years. We are lucky to have him and Binnie although both are far from me and Binnie is drop off only so that makes two round trips.
  9. TBH, buying footbeds separate seems like an upsell when you are in the store. If their position is the skate would be best with it, the skate should come with it, especially as you get to the higher price points. when my son was in youth and junior skates, the Pure associate would automatically bring over Superfeet and try to upsell them. So a parent is buying $200ish skates and here comes a kid telling them, “they really should get these because the stock footbed isn’t that good”, by the way, that adds another 25% to your total.
  10. If you want the thinnest socks, don’t spend a lot. Champro that you can get at Epic Sports are like $3-4/pair. We have a ton. They are as thin as you can get, basically slightly thicker than panty hose and comparable to liner socks that have been mentioned. https://m.epicsports.com/baseball/p/125179/index.html I went through all kinds trying to find what I wanted.
  11. Very cool! I had Vapor 8s for a very brief time. Their vice-like grip on my forefoot put an end to that. I always liked the 10s design better.
  12. We use Howies laces which are the “puffy” style. Thicker than the slippery nylon type ones that come with CCMs. I find they have enough friction through the eyelets to let me tighten 2-3 eyelets to get good heel lock and leave the rest barely snug.
  13. I still work out. Advil will help with pain but doesn’t prevent the I do backwards and forwards sled dragging, single leg movements like step ups, rear elevated split squats, curtsy squats, some other single leg squat variations. Lots of side planks, banded side walks as well.
  14. I see a lot of kids on the ice, 90% of them are in mid level skates. Some below. I have never seen a kid skate and attributed any shortcoming to their skates. i do see a lot of kids with no ability to get on their outside edges on get any kind of forward shin angle. They have their skates cranked and it’s like from the knee down they are an action figure, the ankle doesn’t move. my son is almost 13, a good skater, and is in the age where kids are enamored by high end sticks and skates. I could afford it but I won’t buy him top end skates.
  15. BenBreeg

    20 years?!?

    Wow, that’s crazy! Nice job, it’s been a great place to learn!
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