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  1. I apologize I missed this until now. I don’t know compared to other brands but I am 6’3” 175 with 37” sleeve length and Sr. Med work great. Sr small or jr large, order both and return the other.
  2. I can't imagine this would replace in-store fittings, might be good for someone who is pretty good in retail skates but has one or two things they need help with and don't want to go custom. Plus, if people on this board just found out about it, can't imagine the general populace is going to know about it, depending on how they promote it.
  3. The price of the shoes in that blog have absolutely zero to do with performance, you are in an entirely different universe of rationale and tax bracket for why someone would buy those. Are these helmets actually being 3D printed on demand to fit your head? I think we’re getting into the first world hockey problems here, I don’t even notice my helmet once I am playing and it is just a Re-Akt 95. Kid: ”But moommmm, I neeed that helmet to go along with my Super Duper Hybrid Max Kickpoint Slapper Stick and No Such Thing As Too Stiff Skates!!!! Mom: ”But Billy, you’re only 7....” Kid: “I want it!” Store Employee: “It will give him the best protection from concussions and be comfortable since he’s on the ice, did you say nine times a week?” Mom: “Well, ok...”
  4. Can’t imagine this is meant to be deployed at a volume that would have much of an Impact on store sales. If some of the people here didn’t know about it the average consumer isn’t going to u less they are just rolling this out.
  5. I'm not getting into the argument of whose fault it is, I am just saying that it is a crap shoot when you go to a store.
  6. Wow, that is cool. It would be so great to get fitted by someone you know has a clue.
  7. The cost to manufacture and MSRP will have no correlation, plus AM can be substantially cheaper than traditional manufacturing, though that is not always a given. Honestly, the biggest thing I would be interested in is the huge potential for airflow.
  8. Just saw this episode of Friends, Joey and Chandler with the silver and red Easton. https://recapguide.com/recap/24/Friends/season-1/episode-15/#32 Oh, and as an aside, Jon Lovitz as the stoned restauranteur in that episode is one of the funniest bits from the show’s entire run.
  9. Or they realize that endlessly pursuing weight cuts has limited returns at this point and there are other trade offs they would rather make.
  10. Yeah, the 0-fer on the 5 min and 5-on-3 hurt. The GW goal through is a soul-sucking gut punch, I don't see it happening, even if they play well the rest of the way.
  11. Awesome in GOT and while I watched The Avengers here and there a long time ago, never knew it was the same actress!!
  12. We'll see how NYI respond. If they can rebound from Game 1 it might be a good series but you are right, when TB is on it is impressive to watch.
  13. I have been playing 2-3 times a week since June or July (can’t remember when they opened back up) and this morning was the first time I saw someone wearing one while playing.
  14. Gotcha, I think you are right, I was just thinking standard width.
  15. I wouldn’t describe the Ribcore as an alternative to the Nexus. Definitely not a wide forefoot nor a high volume overall.
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