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  1. Broken collarbones are so much a result of that perfect strike. The impact, however padded, gives the collarbone nowhere to go. I broke mine on a mild collision in men's league, just a product of the physics.
  2. BenBreeg

    Happy birthday, MSH!

    Aside from the news, one of the few sites I visit every day. Great job!
  3. Lots of angles, and to 218hockey’s point, any discussion of hockey in no way implies it is anywhere near as important as the health risks. I realize that the financial pressures on rinks and orgs is great, but any rush to get rinks open is asinine. Mathematically, we aren’t anywhere near over this, and rushing people back into the confined spaces of locker rooms and lobbies is foolhardy. I am sure his isn't the case but wouldn’t it be nice if people saw their kids off from hockey until fall, playing basketball in the driveway and riding bikes, etc. and it dawned on them that little Johnny’s skills didn’t atrophy, he was super excited to get back to the rink, and his path to scholarships and parental glory was still on track? What am I thinking? All this isolation must be affecting my brain...
  4. I don’t know that the data shows that there are that many neck lacerations from what I have read. My wife insisted my son wear one but I hadn’t been putting it on him. My favorite piece of equipment might have been my Cooper SC Pro gloves in high school. Still love the look of leather gloves.
  5. Kids’ spring league sent out something about accelerating the season once things open back up. I cannot see this happening in time. People must think that in a week or two between one day and the next everything in the country is just going to open up and we instantaneously are going back to normal.... That sounds like a recipe for relapse to me.
  6. Over the past two years since I started playing again I have replaced some needed gear so I get into it when deciding on what I need and then I am good. I tend to still browse a lot of gloves because pro stock stuff have some cool patterns but for now I just have a pair of Nexus for playing and the same pair for coaching.
  7. Can’t inconvenience some people with science and math...
  8. Update- all non-essentials business in PA now ORDERED to close, so that would take care of any lingering high-stakes men's leagues.
  9. Yeah, you need to keep some essential services open. Wa Post had a good article with 4 simulations showing the curves for no action, isolating a single high-event community, 1/4 population remaining in public, and 1/8 of the population remaining in public. It was interesting. But yeah, might make sense to go to the store when you need to as early as it opens as possible.
  10. Sounds cool. We worked with a product design company who was developing a new lacrosse stick for a manufacturer and had an area with like 30 high-speed cameras set up. It was amazing what they could capture from all those angles.
  11. The closure will need to be much more than 2 weeks. Given the latency between exposure and onset of symptoms and the rate of infection in addition to lack of widespread testing, it's a months thing vs. weeks. Allegheny County (Pgh and surrounding area) just shut down all bars and restaurants and urged non-essential businesses to close for 2 weeks as of today. Edit- clarified the details of county shutdown
  12. As of last night, yeah, they cancelled all youth programs, not shut down the rink. Had to reread the e-mail. Could be the motivation was misguided or even noble, just going off the scuttlebutt around the rink and the crazy stick times that were added.
  13. The main rink just closed. I think he was trying to squeeze money out of the situation because hours before they sent out an email with tons of stick times every day. Insurance or lawyers probably corrected that...
  14. Pretty much the pinnacle of the sweet spot! Congratulations, she’s beautiful!
  15. Rinks that we do stuff in still open. As of now we have practice tonight. The schools all just called it, can't imagine hockey won't be next, it is the last thing we are involved with that hasn't.
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