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Quad 2 - Deke

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Profile: Quad 2, with all 20mm of built-in pitch/offset removed

Steel: Step Steel in Mako CXN holder

Hollow: FBV 90/75

About me: In my 60's and have played since high school. Good skater playing 3 to 4 drop-ins per week during the the winter months only.

Baseline: CXN Steel with unknown "speed" Quad from well known shop. Short radius at toe, very long radius at the heel. Very (over) pitched. They were stable but not remarkably fast. Mobility was limited and acceleration was poor.

Quad 1 Review: Go here for my Quad 1 review

Quad 2 Review: Just came from the Quad 1 and my immediate reaction was these are fast! If you are already moving these things promote a great long stride and glide. Powerful. Good acceleration from the glide also. Acceleration off the line is not as quick as Quad 1 and mobility is OK. Speed and stability are excellent. This may be a little too much radius for me overall so I am going back to the Quad 1 to verify my feelings. In my case mobility may be more important than speed. Tough decision.

BTW, backward is very fast and stable on these as well. Even acceleration from stopped is very good. Would like a little more lateral mobility though.

Acceleration: 3

Mobility: 3

Speed: 5

Stability 5

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