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Warrior QREdge

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Height - 5'11"

Weight -  165 lbs

Pant size - Senior Medium

Level of play: University Hockey (2 Per Week, probably equivalent to Junior B)
Used for: 6 Months

Location: UK


Fit -Previous user of Bauer Nexus (small) pants, but wanted something a little more form fitting. Would say that these fit smaller compared to a Nexus, about the same as a Vapor. These are much more contoured above the hips, sit properly on the hip, and follow the shape of the leg. Having an adjustable (non-elastic) strap above the lace tie is a massive part of this, preventing a pinch point over the cup by having two points of adjustment. The tight contouring down towards the knees does mean that on occasion the bottom of the quad panels can lift on the top of the knee cup while skating. The weight of these is shifted higher into the pant, so driving your legs isn't difficult, but I'll save that for the Weight section below. Can be adjusted with a 1" drop underneath the belt, but I have found that due to my bodyshape I do not need to use it. 8/10


Protection - These things wil stop a truck. Playing D they've taken quite a few hard shots off the quad panels and up into the kidney protection, and while you can feel the impact, none of them have hurt or stung, or impacted my ability to finish the shift. Tailbone protection is cushioned and immensely supportive, never felt a stinger from being dropped on my arse. Coverage of the rear of the leg and glutes is good, with foams, rather than plastics or a composite material in those areas. Spine protection is spot on   10/10


Weight - Dry, these are 1.43kg, or a shaving over 3lbs 2oz. They will wick sweat into the protective foams and pads meaning by the end of a game they can feel really quite heavy. Doesn't actively make you tired while skating, but they for sure went for protection over lightness with this model. Similar in weight to a Super Tacks or Nexus offerings, but a closer fit profile than these models. I would say that these hold sweat more than the Nexus 8000 I had worn previously, but have no evidence for this. (after some research, it looks like my pads are about 150g lighter than others have found, so these could be even heavier for others, YMMV.)   7/10


Durability - Six months in, there are a few loose threads, but nothing that I could stick a finger into, or that appears to be getting worse. All of the protective pads are still fully stitched, and they appear to be staying that way for a long time to come. Some of the "iron-on" graphics in high wear areas have come off, but that has no performance impact, so I won't dock for that. 9/10


Conclusion - These pants were on a clearance when I purchased them so that may tilt my view of them, but for the game I play and the shots and slashes that these recieve, they pass with flying colours. Stretch gussets and adjustable zips mean these will be snug but do not restrict movement as much as you would expect, and I have total faith in them. Can't see myself replacing them with anything until I wear them out, or if Warrior released a replacement that somehow kept the protection with a major reduction in weight. Overall: 8.5/10

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