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  1. Any chance you'd be willing to ship those 13s overseas to the UK? Can't find a way to get some posted here for love nor money - happy to cover whatever it takes on snail mail
  2. IMO the Alpha (that is, before they moved away from the four roll for the '21 model) is a fairly snug fit in the fingers, and loosens up in the backhand and cuff, which is what I recall the Vapor doing also. They may look similar to a Nexus, but are much much lower volume inside. The new Alphas I like also, but definitely have a snugger fit again.
  3. Uni team was looking to make an order of gloves for the year but too many people were on the fence for model so I had to bite the bullet and get a 1 of 1 as a demo pair. Safe to say I've now got people complaining about the wait time for a second run. e: realize there is a separate custom glove gallery... should this be posted there?
  4. Thought I had spotted someone in the new Hyperlite helmet, but it turns out there's just a lot of similarity in front design to the old Easton E400 with a Bauer logo slapped on. Has anyone been seen using the HL? Or is it likely to be next season if it hasn't been cleared for use by the NHL yet?
  5. I'm fairly sure the rule on this forum is to not post unreleased gear unless from a source that's VERY public. JR mentioned it here in a sticky: Having said that, if it's easy to find for yourself online, then I'm sure you could give some direction as to where you found it. If it's googleable, we let someone else take the slap on the wrist for having it available rather than directly linking, or god forbit HOSTING it here.
  6. It's interesting how Ice Hockey lines up with other sports with regards to impacts that can be experienced under "normal play" conditions. A similar story in Cricket, that of Phil Hughes who died in an incident of neck impact from a rising "bouncer", did damage very similar to that suggested as a possible cause by our sports MD linked above. From what I can see, this as another freak accident did not change the way cricket equipment was manufactured, though I'm sure there was much concern at the time for players' safety from their immediate families, loved ones and those involved in the sport. Accidents happen in all sports, and they always bring about similar questions to these we're having here (when not attempting to dunk on one another in a display of internet prowess).
  7. Take this with a pinch of salt, the source being a translated Russian site, though it appears to be the genuine marketing blurb. Main thing is a change to the tongue, appears to be made of the same Aerofoam found in other Vapor line gear (think 1X Lite shoulder pads) Same Liner as before, no speed plates, still not one piece boot. Really marginally different, but I may have missed something, and that tongue doesn't make me any more interested in the boots.
  8. If you take the "-E" to mean Westings rather than a hyphenated Eastings (which is not how I've ever seen it done, but from UK, MMV), you end up in Blainville, Quebec, at the location of the BAUER HOCKEY Corporate office.
  9. Ultrasonic Glove in a beauty of a colour combo.
  10. To clarify, you've tried these unreleased gloves that are "RZR" style, rather than the HPR2 Pros as mentioned in the thread title, which the initial photo does not show?. This is getting a little overly confusing for the poor brain.
  11. The hand breaks look very similar to the RZR lacrosse gloves released last year, which used a single molded foam piece for the backhand with segmentation cutouts... If that tech has been moved over to hockey gloves I can see it being an interesting change in how protection packages are made.
  12. Source of image: icewarehouse.com From my eye and the experience I have (used P29 P28 P30 and P88 CCM Tacks sticks), there isn't a whole lot of difference for the base of the two blades, as they're made to sit fairly similarly with the "double lie" heel and toe. Doing some quick math on the differences in lie angle, a change in lie of 1 is approx. 2 degrees up/down for the angle of the stick, so .5 lie change is 1 degree. (https://www.prostockhockey.com/sticks/what-is-the-lie-of-a-hockey-stick#:~:text=The Minutiae,%2F47%2C and so on.) Making a triangle out of that info, supposing your stick is 62" from ground contact to knob (though you mentioned an extension, ymmv), a change of 1 degree at the blade makes the top of the stick sit about an inch lower on the body. Hope this helps.
  13. Well if you do as Kris suggested a couple days ago... You'll find that lots of ice skate boots are made in all sizes and widths, and you can then sell the lower portion (holder and blade) of the skates. You'll likely find people that want replacement holders for their own ice skates and the rollers on the bottom of your current boots will likely be transferable. The size of roller holder is the same for many sizes of boot and so you don't have the same issue as with ice holders being a few cm different dependant on boot size. OR you can take the two parts to any hockey shop and they should have the tools and expertise to do it. This won't cost a thousand dollars.
  14. I'll be honest, it very difficult to make a precise recommendation if you're currently in a shoe that's too short, too narrow, too shallow and we don't know the size that has been recommended to you, or your current shoe size. If you feel it's not too much an invasion of privacy, posting the scan data (if it was done on a scanning machine rather than just a verbal opinion) would be a starting point. I'm not trying to pooh-pooh your question, but nobody on this page is gonna be able to accurately tell you: Based on the information we have to go on so far, hence why I suggested that if you can go to a store. As it sounds like your trip to Pure Hockey didn't solve the issues, I think it's worth either trying a different store or different personnel. One thing I've learned is that you do sometimes have to ask the right questions at a store. If you tell the staff that you have arch pain, then they'll give you a footbed, as that's the default solution for that problem in isolation. However if you're experiencing (at a guess) pain throughout the foot due to a combination of the foot being crushed from all directions, as well as possibly blood flow problems from having your feet escaping out the top of the tongues, way over the eyelets, then a footbed wouldn't solve these problems. The Vapor (pre-FIT system) boot size is the shallowest and narrowest on the market, at least in bauer's catalogue. If you can't get into a store where you are (all non-essential retail is closed where I am as it has been on and off for the past 12 months), I would suggest finding a store that lets you return unsharpened skates/unworn rollers, and just buy a pair that are in the recommended size/width that you've been given when at the shop, with the intent of returning them after lacing up (maybe baking) and just sitting in them for an hour or two. See if any of the pain shows up, make a note of it, and send them back. That way, you can either ask here with more info, or return to the shop and ask more specific questions, getting more specific answers. Vapors a size too small hurt Is a good start, but if you can then add to that with, for example: Tacks in an 8EE feel alright but heel doesn't sit right Supreme in Fit 2 still makes arches hurt Nexus D/EE skates (if you can find any) are like swimming in a shoe THAT will be much more useful for narrowing down recommendations.
  15. The Bauer Fit system has done away with widths entirely: Fit 1 is analogous to a Vapor Reg width boot, Fit 2 a regular width Supreme, and Fit 3 a regular width Nexus. As such if you have been told that Fit 3 is the best fit then I can see why a pair of Regular width Vapors a size down from what you need would be crushing your feet in all directions, which for sure would result in pain, including in the arches. I myself wear a pair of Nexus skates in a Nexus D width because of my very tall, fairly narrow feet, and huge arches. That's what's worked for me, but your mileage will majorly vary. Could a "fit 2" boot in the right size fit you better? Sure. Could it be the best fit? Possibly, but I wouldn't count out the Fit 3 or Wide fit high volume options from other brands. CCM's Tacks line is the mid-high volume boot they make, so perhaps see if you can fit a Tacks wide fit in a given size, or a ribcor as they do accommodate wide feet quite well. All in all, you're gonna have to either roll the dice, or categorically refine your search until you end up with the best option, then see what budget option that leaves you with.
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