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Peter Pin

Quad II - Peter Pin

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Profile #3 - Quad II (7-10-13-16) on CCM Ribcore Titanium  9 1/2 size

Steel - stock XS1 blade 280mm

Hollow - 11/16''

About Me - I started playing/skating  when I was 5 then played at good level until 13 in novice/minor leagues. Then stopped and played only maybe 8-10 times/winter at local public outdoor hockey rink just for fun until mid 30s.Then restarted in beer league at 35. Now in my late 30s. I'm a forward. I'd say a good skater and a tad faster then average skaters.    Almost 6' tall and 185lbs

Review - Before Quad II, I tried CAG one 30-65 (or 35/65 cant remember), then 9' single radius, then Quad 0.5. I didn't like the CAG BTW.

overall the Quad II is my favorite so far. The balance is better than Quad 0.5 imo. I feel a little bit more forward pitch which I like. But difference in balance is minimal.

The gilde and mobility are the things that are improved vs the 0.5. Way easier to initiate turns with the quad 2. And shorter/faster turns are easier to do with it.

With the Quad 0.5, I felt more resistance while trying to do quick turns.  As far as glide/speed, you can also feel top speed is higher and less fatigue during a game.

Skating backwards felt similar to quad 0.5 but I'm not a defense man so didn't spend a lot of times backwards.  Played one game with 3/4 ROH. Felt I missed a little grip in some situations. So the day after, I had the skates sharpened to 11/16. Maybe lost a bit of glide but felt more dialed to ice. I think I will end this season (until June) with 11/16.

Acceleration - 4

Mobility - 4.3

Stability - 4

Speed - 4.5

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