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  1. thanks for your input. I'm fully aware that tweaking is going to be required not matter what. not looking for hail-mary. But maybe a 20 yards pass from my own 35yard line. Thats the reason I want to know which profile is less toward the "extreme" but more moderate/ in between...
  2. yeah thanks. I did read that previously. Which seem to make sense.
  3. Experiment is probably the key word here. But since most of the people that converted to quad profile ended with something shallower vs their previous profile, it’s why I thought going a tad shallower vs my usual 1/2 would not be too overkill. But I agree. to not make too many changes at once makes sense. And will ease identifying what I like and don’t about the quad. do you all agree that the quad 0.5 is the best starting point to enter the « quad world »? I sent the blade by mail to a shop that does quad since it’s 5hours drives round trip from me. They should receive the blades later this week. It’s not too late to change my mind. It’s the closest shop to Quebec City that does quad (located in Montreal area). So if I want to change profile later it quiet challenging. still thinking about asking them quad 1 as I prefer agility/grip over glide. Since quad 0.5 is flatter, I hope It won’t upset my expectations.
  4. So, since most of the things I read here about quad profile are positive reviews, I decided I’ll give it a try. i always liked my blades pretty sharpen like 1/2 or 7/16 ROH on stock (non profiled blade) or 9’ rocker more recently. will try quad 0.5 (8-10-12-14) as this seems a good starting point. 280mm blades 185lbs player My understanding is when you go quad, you should have something milder ROH because there is more blade in contact with ice. how about 5/8?
  5. Quick update. Went to free skate session tonight with the Ribcor after a 9' rocker profile with 1/2 ROH. The guy that made the profile and sharpening looked like someone who knows his stuff. He's owned a small shop for about 15 years then sold it and retired. Currently doing sharpening and profiling at his home with all the required blademaster equipment. So free skate session. It felt way better than before. Still room for improvement. But now: more grip when accelerating. Easier explosion from a dig. Turns are easier to engage and way more agility than before. I can feel that the blades enter more deeply in ice. Blades make more noise than before so it doesn't lie. And I like it. So it's just easier to find an edge and be confident turning and accelerating at high speed. Glide is not as good as before and fatigue comes faster. Harder to keep cruising speed. But I don't mind it. The pluses offset the minuses. Did attached the stakes more loosely. in the end, I think I just need to trust the skates and stop thinking I'll slip or lose balance. Can't wait to play my next game Friday. Balance and overall feeling is different with a hockey stick in hands and in game situation. Obviously. Now I thinking about some quad profile for the future. But lets play 3-4 games with 9' all around and see how it goes. old reebok Ribcor with 35/65 with stock radius with 9' radius
  6. Well yesterday I left the Ribcor to a local sharpener. He compared with the old Reeboks and he said they are very different. He'll try to make the RIbcor similar which is approx 8-9' rocker. With 7/16 ROH. He doesn't do quad profile. Just single radius with blademaster system. Well he's probably not bad as he worked for the Quebec Nordiques in the 90s... I'll try them next week. We'll see after.
  7. Your bet about the holders makes sense. I can tell it feels I need to position my weight differently on the Ribcor to get grip. VS the 4K which seems more natural to grip ice. and as you say, with a different profile it probably makes it even worse. and the fact the blacksteel blades are really more thick (high) vs my old blades on the 4K probably dont help. well I think the plan is the following: 1- have the skates profiled with something that will be more grippy and agile. And short ROH 2-go often at casual/free skate session untied or loosely tied 3- try to ‘’break’’ the skates asc much as possible during those session It’s just sucks to have that big process to like the skates. Maybe I should have pick the Bauer Vapors instead of the CCM..
  8. Thanks for your input. Yeah that slipping feeling (no grip with ice) is a really bad . I just cant play with confidence. Even at 7/16 ROH, which is very short IMO, I have that feeling. Not sure I want to go 3/8... I'd ratter get in the profiling circus (trial/error). Honestly the balance isn't that bad. The lack of grip is maybe 80% of the issue. I guess I lose some balance because I try to put my weight at the right spot (more to the toes or more to the heel) while accelerating to get some grip and find the edge. And it's the same for when I try tro brake. I just slip on surface of the ice. Not inside the ice. But while standing still, I don't feel I'm pitched to front or back. Seem well balanced. I will definitely bring the old Reeboks to the shop that will profile the blades.
  9. I'll try to upload images later today or tomorrow. But even with naked eye, the difference is huge and pretty sure the Reeboks have a very short radius. Which would make sense because it was so easy to change direction, agility was good with them and great explosion from a stop. But the glide and top speed were poor. COmpared to the new CCMs with which once I'm launched, glide is great. I had the CCMs sharpen about 5 times since I bought them at about 2 different respected/trusted places with a different sharpener each time (9/16, 1/2 and 7/16 were tried) and feeling were mostly similar each time. So I don't think not level edges issue. I'll bake the CCMs definitely. As mentioned above, I'm pretty sure its not a edge issue since I had them sharpened several times so far at different respected shops. Thanks for the info about the stock 10' radius. I think I have nothing to lose in trying quad profile or shorter radius. I should bring the old Reeboks to the place that will do the profiling as reference I guess. Only thing is I live in Quebec city area and the only places that do quad profile are about 2.5h away in Montreal area.
  10. I doubt it’s a technique problem. In all modesty, I think im a good skater. Some other guys of the league, during the first season, told me they find I’m a solid skater and we’re surprised I didn’t play for more than 10 years. But that was with the Reeboks… As far as lacing, yeah I tend to lace my skates more tight than not. Maybe it reduces mobility or prevent me for being at the right balance point. But talking about mobility I just remember I didn’t bake the CCMs when I bought them. I was in a hurry when I bought them and there was 3-4 other customer waiting to have their skates baked before me so I left without the baking treatment. Could it be related ? I guess I should bake them at home now. As far as profile, the difference in blade shape from the old Reebok vs the steps on the CCM still makes me believe it has some impact.
  11. Hey there First post here. So long story short. Used to play 2-3 times a week when I was 6 years old until maybe 14-15YO. Then stopped hockey when I discovered girls existed. Now in my mid 30s. Back to play 3 years ago in a beer league with some 4K Reebok skates. 280mm runners. Skated very well with them but not comfy enough. Decided to buy new skates. So bought CCM Ribcor with Step blacksteel. Super comfy but damm I feel like I skate like sh*t with them. Played about 10 games so far and can’t find the edge, can’t be solid on my feet, no balance, no grip, fell often on ice, I always feel like they aren’t sharpened enough. Even if they are at 7/16'' ROH. Recently had them profiled cag one 35/65 after a chat with the guy at my pro shop. But I don't think he played with the radius. Still not able to find the grip and edge I had with the Reebok’s. Any idea why I feel like this? I suspect the radius is very short with the Reeboks has there is not a lot of steel left on the blades. Compared to the new high blades. I read a lot here about skate profiling and pretty confident this would help me having the CCM profiled properly. Thinking about Quad 0.5 profile as starting point. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
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