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  1. So some of you maybe saw my recent skate fitment journey. Had my new Vapor skates profiled with quad 2, 11/16 roh, just like my previous Ribcors overall I like this profile but I’d like maybe a little more grip/bite/explosion and more agility (had difficulties to initiate quick turns tonight). i don’t mind losing some glide since I find quad 2 has plenty of it. Quad 2 feel light and smooth but id like maybe a tiny more heavy feeling. should I stay with quad 2 and focus more on sharpening (9/16)? or should I try a different profile? Never tried a zuperior profile btw. First game with these skate I was with stock 10´ radius. Not a huge fan but I like how it felt heavy in some way under my feet.
  2. Not sure if they were 2 piece. They were the 2021 modal.
  3. Just back from first session. Good level Wednesday beer league. First impressions: wow this skate fits like a snug glove to my foot. Never felt that supported and wrapped in a skate. And no pressure point super comfy. The fact the fit is perfect makes feel like the skates are super Light and smaller in my feet. as far as Profile. 10ft radius with 9/16 roh didn’t felt good. Glide wasn’t good at all. Grip and quick turns were good but fatigue came pretty fast. I was just unable to keep speed. I’m used to quad II and that session made me realize it. Maybe 10ft with 3/4 roh would have been better but now I’m thinking about going Quad II profile the skates tomorrow.
  4. Finally pulled the trigger on vapor X4 today in size 9 fit 1 Tried size 8.5 fit 1 and my toes felt stuck together and folded in the toe cap. BTW We tried the Bauer 3D skate lab scan thing and it said I’m size 9.5 fit 2. Hummm. So I gave size 9 fit 2 a try and it was too loose and didn’t wrap my foot enough. Just didnt feel as good as fit 1. Will give the skates a try tomorrow night. didn’t have enough time to have the blades profiled so currently on stock Bauer 10ft profile. But will probably end with quad II profile just like my past two pairs.
  5. Guys. You were totally right about sizing issue. Went to a different local hockey store at lunch time. spoke with the guy over there. Looked very knowledgeable and asked me lots of questions about my issues with the Ribcors 9.5D. He measured my foot and quickly said: Mister customer, you need to go down to size 9 or maybe 8.5. Mister customer, you got a narrower foot than average. Mister customer: you got to feel lost with the 9.5 ribcors and skate like an a$$. We tried different brands in the mid range level $500-700$cad (I dont want to spend $1200 and I only play once a week). True were no bueno for me. Awkward fit inside. Too much padding in some spots and not enough elsewhere. CCM JetSpeed - in the mid range they don't offer tappered fit on jetspeed so overall size 9 regular width felt ok not good. Room for improvement. Bauer Supreme Matrix (Similar to M5) - size 9 fit 1. Was comfy in it. But ankle felt unstable and balance point was hard to reach. Vapor X4. size 9 fit 1.Wow! I think we got a winner. Foot felt wrapped and supported. No dead spot inside the boot. Toe were brushing end of toe cap. Also tried size 8.5 fit 2 (they didnt have fit 1 size 8.5 in stock). Length wise, with the 8.5, it felt a bit tight and toes were slightly bending/curving. Even with knee in flexion. Not sure if this will be good or not. Bummer they didnt have the 8.5 fit 1 in stock. The guy at store told me: 8.5 is the fit I'd suggest if looking for a more "pro fit". Size 9 is "comfy performance fit" I didn't pull the trigger. Was in a hurry at lunch time and didn't want to take a decision too quickly. But will look to try size 8.5 fit 1 in the vapors.
  6. I'm located in Canada. Pure Hockey is a no go. Agreed I need to have an open mind, and keep Supreme/Tacks/Jet Speed on my list. At least give these a chance. As far as the Ribcors being discontinued, I'm aware of it but I think some stores still have some 100K in stock in some sizes in tapered fit. And the the fact I liked so much my previous Ribcor pair makes me keep these on the contestant list.
  7. Bought from my local Source for sports during summer 2023. In shop the skates felt great... but I mean, trying skates 10 minutes isn't the real deal. I just realized something that I wasn't aware of. The skates are a 2021 CCM Ribcor modal. Back in 2021 early, CCM changed their Fit system. They introduced Tapered (narrow) fit. So they had Tapered/Regular (D)/Wide (E) My previous Ribcor were from 2019. 9.5D They felt really great and more tapered than the 2021s. Current are 2021 9.5D So with the change in CCM fit system in 2021, the 2021 D is more likely wider (less tapered) than the 2019 ones. Thats probably why I have issues with my current Ribcors. I will definitely pull the trigger on new skates. Vapors Fit 1 and Ribcors tapered fit will be on my hunting list. I will take my time to try them properly and discuss with someone knowledgeable in store. It's just a bad timing budget wise since we are redoing our kitchen/living room at home currently. 😶
  8. Blisters are only on inside of ankle. outside isn't armed at all. So with all comments and data collected, my guess is: not filling the boot enough/not well fitted + pronation = tongue twisting outwards, causing no more tongue on interior side of ankle bone = no protection + rubbing/friction on lining = blisters only inside Potential cheap short term fix (but not the best out there). Make sure superfeet insoles help to support arch and reduce pronation (foor rolling) + doing pronation killer exercices + play with thicker socks to fill the boot a bit more. Potential not cheap fix = buy better fitted skates (more tappered and shorter) ....not a 100% sureshot though
  9. Yeah the 2 socks combo was just an experiment. But this makes me realize and conclude I'd be better with more tappered/small fit. Can it explain the constant twisting tongue in outwards direction? Maybe. Can it explain the injuries on my interior ankle bones? Maybe. But if fit isn't close and tapered enough, I'm not sure it would be a good idea to have the skates "punched" at this special spot were the ankle bone seats.
  10. Ok just a quick note. Yesterday I tried 2 pairs of cotton socks for the very first time in those skates. I really don’t intend to play always like this. It was just to test the too big size hypothesis. I usually use my dedicated sherwood skates socks that are on the thinner side. Yeah the fact that it felt more comfy and supported make me wonder maybe I’d be better in size 9 and or different fitting skates. Current is 9.5 D. Maybe I’m more like a size 9 fit 1 with Bauer? I never owned Bauer skates. Tried some pairs when shopping and don’t recall having felt good in them. Always been more comfy with Reeboks and CCMs And no, i don’t especially sweat a lot when I play.
  11. Makes sense. The stock CCM insole is flat and offers no support at all. SF has more arch support. Which may make the total boot length too long for me. Went again at public outdoor rink yesterday night. With the stock insoles, plus 2 pairs of socks (just like in the good old days). Felt better, less arming on ankle bone. Still the tongue was twisting outwards at the beginning of session. Jesus.... playing hockey in a beer league once a week is quite a journey!!!! 🙂
  12. All agreed. That’s why I’ll take my time and try some fixes before buying news skates.
  13. Thanks for you advices and inputs Hills just a FYI skates and SF insole were bought at different time and different shop. I will definitely give some Vet’s suggestions a chance before throwing $800-$1k on a new pair, better fitted. But maybe it will be required some day.
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