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Different skate pitch in Jetspeed vs Ribcor?

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Anyone know if, all things being equal, different CCM skate lines have a different pitch to them?

I have been in Ribcor 78k's for the past few years and they've been breaking down and feeling a bit too soft so I wanted to try something different and found a great deal on a pair of NOS Jetspeed FT490's.  They are night and day different than the Ribcors in construction, weight, and stiffness but same skate size and runners so I swapped my existing Step Steel over to them and skated a couple of times.

First time I used CCM Orthomove insoles, they felt like they propped my heels up too high in the boots and leaned me forwards so I went back to my old Superfeet from the other skates, feet felt better positioned with the heel ever so slightly lower so I picked up a new pair of Superfeet.  Last game my feet felt better in the skates but I felt as if my blades were shorter and I was tipping forward a bit so wondering if the Jetspeeds have a different pitch perhaps?

Both skates are 7.5, 263 XS holders, Step Steel with Quad .05 profile.  I'm tempted to go get the stock steel profiled to something that might be a little longer up front but not sure what would give me a more balanced feeling, I'd rather experiment on the stock steel than eat away the Step Steel I have.  Any suggestions?

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