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  1. im sure this has been covered. But i have two campbell T1's. they have 4'' fused extensions, listed as a 112 flex. so is it really a 112, or a 100ish because of the extra length?
  2. Id say buy cheap, see if you'll play more, see what you like in a skate, then upgrade from there.
  3. Where does a 2 piece pro pant fit into this? I didn't like retail pants, but feel pretty comfy and over protected in pro pants, and they still aren't broken in. Which from what I read on here, they just get better.
  4. Its funny because a beach ball is bigger than a puck. The locker room stuff was the best.
  5. Looking over past winners and what the award is for. Cooke doesn't qualify. Perron, Sid,and st Louis are much better choices
  6. that would be awesome, that would mean I don't suck and skating everyday.
  7. the players that eat up skates or sticks dont have a stash to avoid that mad rush? what about custom skate led times?i've run equipment departments for another sport, and consumables are kept in stock. skates every three weeks seems to fall into that group. if i racked up a 21k shipping bill and alot of it was overnight shipping i would've been fired. i understand if a player changes specs on his gear.
  8. it means it doesnt cost a arm and leg to over night skates.
  9. There's no tax, and most teams would have a ups account. Then the cool part, skates are a tax write off for teams or player depending on who paid.
  10. Z is on the books for 6.9 mill. So what's 20 pairs of skates at 450-$550 each... even the low rung guys can easily spend that much.
  11. anyone know the 9k sizing compared to a bauer pro pant?
  12. Over the stove, if you don't have a heat gun.
  13. I agree if they were cheap roll the dice. But mid level bauer is $200.
  14. Most will be to stiff for a first pair. Then others are broken down and not recommend for a first pair as well.