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    North Texas


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    Rbk 9k
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    Easton S17
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    Easton Pro 4 Roll
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    Nike/Bauer 4500
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    Rbk 5k
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    Jofa 9135 Pro
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    Rbk 8k Pro
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  1. I don't know of its a sighting or been brought up. But noticed brad richards now wears his shins over his tongues.
  2. Wasn't sure on where this belonged and these gloves have been posted before, but tonight I got to meet the man himself and get his signature on them.
  3. Iginla in warrior gloves.
  4. Looks like Max is the hot helmet guy in Dallas! Unfamiliar with who that is, but I'd like some sticks. Lol
  5. Most of the stars are in easton buckets.
  6. There is zero effort on the Rangers team. They seem completely unmotivated and disorganized.
  7. No kidding.
  8. Always ran it with a standard bolt with the anti bolt bounce device. The 60 shoots slow enough, that the 42 mixed it up a bit.
  9. I don't mind the color/jersey, but I'm on the logo sucks boat.
  10. Your best bet for any kind of gun is to move out of Illinois. That being said, I love my XDs.
  11. Anytime!
  12. Collection wise. Not business. Shot it last weekend. Smooth.
  13. USGS registered a 2.1 magnitude quake 350 miles away in Amarillo, Texas as a result from the blast.
  14. Unfortunately military Thompson records aren't the greatest so history on it is purely speculative. But it's about. 1943 manufacture m1 Thompson built during a transition period. Best thing is its still all original and never reworked like most that were given to PDs or back through the govt.
  15. New toy