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    Sher-wood 9950 Pro
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  1. Sherwood T75 - Any opinions?

    Thanks Michael - might give it a go. Was worried it might be low end but sounds ok for me, I probably wont notice much difference considering the lower flex.
  2. Just a quick one I'm struggling to find info/reviews on the Sherwood T75. They have a whiteout version going for a good price at a hockey store here in the UK with the blade I like (PP26) but can't go and see it as they're too far away (UK sucks for hockey shops). I have a T90 shaft and blade combo that I like (100 flex), but I want to try this as it's 85 flex which could be fun for a while as a backup. Just wondering if anyone has felt the difference between them, and what kind of range the T75 is? Is it low end/mid/pricepoint etc? Thanks a lot
  3. Thanks Henry - this led me to find out that the Seba axles are the same, and they sell these in the UK. Cheers
  4. Hey I have a pair of Revision Vanquish skates that i'm trying to last out another year. The bolts are mangled again so I'm looking for replacements (no chance in the UK I don't think). Does anyone know of any online stores selling replacements? I tried Revision previously but I think I had their last spares last year. Thanks, Rich
  5. Vanquish to....new skate?

    Does this mean that there will be a Vanquish 2 skate? I think like 6 months ago I saw some videos and some teaser adverts saying there would be, but it appears to have disappeared?
  6. Vanquish to....new skate?

    Coll thanks a lot. Pretty much the only wheels hat have been reliable for me have been Revisions, and even then I go for the harder ones to be safe (Rink Rats chunked out and everything else doesn't give the same grip). CA9s look like the way forward. They 'look' strong, and this kind of backs that up. £400 over here though...pfft!
  7. Vanquish to....new skate?

    Didn't know that about Revision, been out of the game for a while. Another small company swallowed up. Real shame as their customer service is/was second to none. CA9 is the option then I think, as they have them in stock near me too (very poor stock/offerings in the UK). Thanks for your reply Sent from my 7 Trophy using Board Express
  8. Hey So my Vanquish skates have nearly died, probably a mix of my weight (210b) and a lot of rough play. A good couple of years on them though - I've been really impressed and it's a shame there isnt a follow up model yet. So I'm looking for new skates, but need to be careful as my weight may not work with certain skates. I was thinking either the Alkali CA9 or the new Missions. Does anyone know if the Alkalis will hold up with my weight? Same goes for the Missions too. Cheers, Rich
  9. Old School gear on EBAY

    Not that old school, but I started using a Titan blade this evening. So weird, massive curve and real tight feeling - like mega snappy. Not sure how to describe it?! Man I miss Titan sticks - imagine if they were still around, they would have rocked the composite market!
  10. How to defend 2 on 1

    I love this thread - nice one Afftondad. My team currently play a strict "stay on the free man" game - to the point where you're literally smelling the free man, and letting the puck carrier do whatever he wants - with the goalie 99.5% that no pass is possible. Works for us most of the time, but occasionally our goalie has a bad day and we can lose a few goals. I like the idea of blocking/controlling the pass but pressuring the puck carrier at the same time - not sure how well I could pull this off though...I need more hands and sticks! Any advice would be good?
  11. Hi In the gear exchange, are there many sellers that will post to the UK? I have no idea what is on offer and where people will post to, but don't want to spend $10 to find out and be let down. (I know you have to be a + member...not sure if I qualify for that either but hey...1 step at a time) Can anyone give me a rough guide? Thanks, Rich
  12. Mods - can we make this a sticky? There aren't many hockey shops in the UK that I know of, so thought it would be good to make a 'sticky' for UK shops to help new, or returning, players. A lot of them are well hidden and take some googling to find if you don't know their names. Here's the shops I know of: Hockey Range (www.hockeyrange.com) Demon Extreme (www.demonxtreme.com) Crazy Kennys (www.ice-hockey-skates.co.uk) Proline Skates (www.prolineskates.com) Get Inline (www.get-inline.co.uk) The Hockey Locker (www.thehockeylocker.co.uk) Skate Attack (www.skateattack.co.uk) Can-am Sports (www.can-am.co.uk) Maybe if people could add shops that they know of and I'll add them to this list? Rich
  13. Wood vs composite stick?

    I stopped usaing wood sticks a couple of years ago - I was a 'champion' of wood sticks, frowning on the 'new boys' with their space age composite junk but now...i'm converted. I agree with Chadd's comments - wood stick blades go like putty after a month or so of regular usage for me. This got expensive after a while. I think if you want to go composite, don't buy the cheapest crap. I have only ever used pro-stock composites because they're cheaper than retail (in the UK anyway) and I was told that they are usually better quality. I have been shooting hard for nearly a whole year on a Hal Gill Pro-stock 115 flex RM19 that I got off eBay - and it's still going strong (paint is destroyed but the stick itself is perfect) If not, my Easton ST 100 flex shaft and wood blade combo works for me - best of both worlds. If I could find cheaper composite blades in the UK, i'd go for a composite shaft/composite blade setup. Hope that helps.
  14. My shot accuracy (on my bad days), and i'd fix my 'silly mistakes' - I generally play well but damn do I do some stupid things somethimes!
  15. Another thanks to Revision

    I was a bit sceptical before I got them (after ordering) as the brand and the skates were new. I thought the 100mm wheel might be hard to get used to - or heavy - and the boot itself isn't the lightest out there. However, after 3 weeks or so working them in, and after a bake, I love them! It might just be in my head, but it feels like the extra 'side' surface area of the 100mm wheel lets me make turns real sharp without losing any grip - I feel more confident going round the back of the goals fast, for example. Weight wise, I don't notice it. I'm a heavy but fast guy, and I would rate the speed of these the same as my old Mission Leiutenants. The durability of the 100mm is the same as other wheels I'd say - they last a bit less than Revision's standard wheels (76mm/80mm) but still the same, if not better, than the other top brands. Availability of the 100mm wheels isn't a problem for me - even in the UK where shops are limited - because the guys look after you cand you can order direct. I'm holding out for their new boots now, which are meant to be a lot better than the first Vanquish (lighter etc) Recommended.