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  1. Very nice. That must have taken some serious effort and a very understanding significant other.
  2. The new TSR gloves are amazing. They have Whalers, Oilers 3rds, Boston Winter Classic, UMaine, BU, Blackhawks, and I think that's it. I think they were all in X:60's or 4 rolls.
  3. I was going for the Seinfeld reference but I guess that missed.
  4. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  5. Oh right, brain slip. Still an awful call no matter what his name is.
  6. That interference call by Terry Fraser.
  7. Those red/white Eastons are from either Pure Hockey or TSR.
  8. You can try it but you have to be pretty lucky. Everything came together for Sedin on that one. If the goalie sees it is a ridiculously easy play. Even if the goalie is screened there's a good chance it will just hit. All that being said, that was an awesome goal.
  9. That was sick. Here's a link to the NHL.com video. I'm sure it will be youtube'd soon. http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?c...mpid=nhl-qp1-rr
  10. I've seen them all. www.finalgear.com is a wonderful thing. That was a hilarious film.
  11. I hope he's very good for his sake.
  12. The NHL is at 5/8"s now but I don't know about USA hockey. The one test I know works is putting the stick face down on the floor and trying to slip a AA battery underneath. AA batteries are exactly 1/2 inch.
  13. That is definitely illegal. The legal limit is 5/8".
  14. I'd subtract at least another 10 years off that, haha.
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