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  1. I was looking at that and wondering how that even works out. I would end up killing myself every time I put weight on my heel.
  2. Flobots.. Good stuff. http://www.myspace.com/flobots Listen to Handlebars.
  3. BK

    Red Light XN10

    Redlite XN10 Whip flex. Reviewer: Big boy. 275lbs 5'10"ish Blades used: Easton zcarbon lindstrom, bauer woodie p016. Initial Impression: I had heard a lot about this shaft and that it was the lightest out there. I wanted to get an extremely light combo for a good snapshot/wrister combo. Other people I have played with say that the zcarbon makes it too blade light.. but then again, thats what I was looking for. Stick Feel: Puck feel translates up the shaft nicely. I'm sure this has more to do with the blade but it feels good. Not a wood stick, but not any worse than any other carbon stick I have used. Shooting: I have owned the stick for over a year now and bought it lightly used. I have broken it into the perfect whippy flex. This is the best part of the shaft in my opinion. My wrists shots load extremely quickly. The combo is so light that I can get a nice loaded shot off in the same time where I would have to take a snap shot on my other sticks. I can't say much for slapshots because if I don't choke down on the shaft, it feels like I am passing the puck to the goalie instead of taking a shot. Snap shots feel very nice and pop off the blade despite the light flex rating. Durability: I have owned this for over a year now. Plenty of paint chips, but no signs of breakage yet. Conclusion: This shaft lives up to the hype. I am going to give a response xn10 a shot with a little stiffer flex to see if slappers are as good as people say. Edit: If anybody cares, I still have this shaft (april 2009). I dont play as often, but its a regular in my rotation. Still as tough as when I gave the initial review.
  4. Both of these bands are a change in taste for me, but I really enjoyed both of their new albums. Check them out. I'm pretty sure you have heard some of their songs on the radio. Both are mellow "alternative". I have been listening to a lot of female artists lately and these 2 top my list constantly. Feist http://www.myspace.com/feist Regina Spektor http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...riendID=3071484 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGTDRztaCCw <---- She is gorgeous in this video. Good stuff.
  5. No, its general forum etiquette to never quote pictures. New rule here maybe? Feels like its ruining the thread.
  6. Those are fluid motions skates.. My question is what the hell kind of holders are those? Looks like they are made of legos.
  7. That really sucks. Me and my wife are in college too and don't have a ton of money so I feel your pain. The worst part about your breaks is that you can't even use them as a shaft.
  8. Only thing disappointing is that you are left handed. You always post up good stuff in the FS.
  9. None of your pictures are showing up when you click on the links.
  10. How often do you get yelled at for not being able to see? :P I don't know about the states rules, but in Canada your not allowed to where that helmet cause the helemt its missing the plastic ear protectors and you are not allowed to have a tinted visor USAH does not require a certified helmet or visor, I wear my old Jofa 235 in teh summer. As for wearing a mirrored visor as a ref, that's even worse than wearing it as a player. The only potential acceptable excuse is if you exclusively work outdoor inline hockey games. Otherwise, it's just asinine. Not to mention annoying as hell for the scorekeeper when we try to listen to the ref try to tell you penalties etc through the hole in the glass. Seeing eyes is a good part of communication.. its why inverts like to wear sunglasses.
  11. never heard of them ! They are actually lacrosse pads. But very nice for the beer leaguer like me who are required to wear shoulders in a non check league. Nice pick up. I am actually looking at getting some lacrosse gloves (not near as bulky as hockey gloves with ok protection).
  12. Very nice edge!
  13. Me and my wife are the only ones. My cousin had a brief stint of being a Lightning fan but nobody else plays.
  14. Nice. I lived in Clearwater for 7 years. Most of my family are still in the Tampa area.
  15. Sounds like a nice combo. I have a few friends that swear on that shaft. From what they say, the consistency in the shaft flex is amazing.
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