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  1. Keith

    The "Nike Hockey in the 90s" Thread!

    Those internal materials, ankle packs and outsole/blade were bauer 5000 all the way. The last may have been daoust. but the rest sure didn't look it. The boot itself was deeper than the bauer, but I see more in common with the 5000 than a daoust construction-wise. Those things were so bad..... That material on the outside quarters of the elites might as well have been cotton.
  2. Keith

    The "Nike Hockey in the 90s" Thread!

    Air accel elites are basically old bauer 5000s with a different toe cap and about a quarter a lb of extra crap glued and stitched on each skate. As a bonus, you get another 1/4lb in water soak during a game. Truly crap skates. Seriously, for those of you too young to remember when these were in all the pro shops and nobody bought them, even the most markish of kids could look at those and look at the bauer 5000s from that era (which were a great great skate), and know you were being taken for fools by nike. I don't think the ignites were all that bad, and I loved how the v12 fit me but the construction was a disgrace.
  3. Keith

    Mission NME Nine-1 skate

    This new boot honestly doesn't look horrible to me aside from the red. Put a freaking mission hologram there or something, just make it color neutral. They should make a seamless, total mold boot to the old purefly/s500 style boot cut (I am referring to the height of the boot, the rake, and basic fit). One bit of advice I'd give to most of the companies not named Bauer or Graf that make skates is to stick with a general design already and just improve on it. I don't know what Mission thinks about this, but a lot of players want resale value and shops probably hate having to blow out stock b/c company x or y completely screwed around with their boots yet again. It's not like mission didn't have headroom on the materials front where the s series skates were concerned.
  4. Keith

    The "Nike Hockey in the 90s" Thread!

    This city is just a pressure cooker when it comes to the fans and media. This town, toronto, montreal, philly. There are certain places where you'll get ripped apart if you suck and are being paid. I guess a lot of the russians who imploded here had the dual aspect of that plus being in front of such a large community of their own people.
  5. Keith

    The "Nike Hockey in the 90s" Thread!

    You have to remember, at the time it was thought of as a great moment and a big draft for nyr b/c they got lundmark and brendl who were both really highly touted. I don't think Savard would have amounted to anything had he stayed here. It is a weird phenomenon on the Rangers where a lot of the time any talent a guy has is completely negated by some invisible forces. Being on this team cost Kovalev a hundred goals for example.. They just sucked the life out of him
  6. Keith

    Easton 1994 Catalog

    The original z-air glove was easton's best glove ever, then they ruined it with the zero shock.
  7. Keith

    Easton 1994 Catalog

    Do you remember those branches gloves? 7700 I think?
  8. Keith

    Easton 1994 Catalog

    I always thought the failing of those old flex grip gloves were they were always a bit bulky/clunky for my taste. I was a big Louisville tps nhl series guy. The kind like messier used that were real leather.
  9. Keith

    Easton 1994 Catalog

    That 5100 chrome shaft was a rocket launcher. I still have one. I used to stick gb2 (?) and x-treme graphites in the thing and it just ruled.
  10. Keith

    Easton 1994 Catalog

    The ones with the pittards palms that were after 9500 always blew out on the palm stitching.
  11. Keith

    Easton 1994 Catalog

    See, to me the break angle of those gloves were what made them annoying to me. I had a pair of gx7500. I was a Louisville TPS NHL series guy and a huge fan of the top end vic gloves form that era with the coolmax. Those were way ahead of their time in terms of weight.
  12. Keith

    Custom Composite blades

    If those eastons crap out so fast on you, why in the hell do you keep buying them? I don't know if they are still made the same way but those original axion blades with the wooden hosels and axion paddles were wickedly strong.
  13. Keith

    crow holders and runners?

    Any idea how stiff those rebellion holders are?
  14. Keith

    crow holders and runners?

    They're not that stiff.
  15. Keith

    Your Razor

    I have a norelco and a grundig roltronic.