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MN old and slow

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  1. MN old and slow

    Best area for hockey vacation?

    MN is the place to go. you can play a ton of hockey, practice a ton, drink Grain Belt, see the most beautiful women, and do da ice fishing we invented the game we are the best we know how to polka and ice fish
  2. MN old and slow

    What are the lightest most breathable Bauer helmets?

    Junkyard , you seem a bit sensitive. best light helment mission inhaler many big egos on this site yet still a fun place
  3. MN old and slow

    Physical Play in C League

    Glad I play in Mn where we all play da game right. No clowns here.
  4. MN old and slow

    Mission Inhaler Helmet

    Love the inhaler , best $49 I have spent. Now just need a return of the Pure Fly greatest skate ever representing the peak of hockey technology.
  5. MN old and slow

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I do not need a Grain Belt Nordeast it is just the finest. The True skates sound fantastic but not sure they let old fat guys that peaked in 73 buy them. I am the Al Bundy of hockey. 5 goals one game State bantom tourney down hill since then.
  6. MN old and slow

    learning hockey at an advanced age

    Don’t worry , don’t get so technical. Skate , pass , have ze fun and drink ze beer. it is a simple game that too many try to make complicated. i am qualified to say this as the greatest bench warmer in the history of mn high school hockey. I recommend Grain Belt Nordeast.
  7. MN old and slow

    2018 Olympics Men's Hockey Schedule

    US men from Duluth MN win gold in curling. US women gold and of course coach from Duluth MN. Men’s hockey team not so good. Next time we send an all star beer league team from my home town Duluth MN and get the gold. Don Cherry will be glad to coach us good old Duluth boys.
  8. MN old and slow

    2018 Olympics Men's Hockey Schedule

    I do believe this one true fact. MN/WI should just enter our own team. OA of MN-WI
  9. MN old and slow

    Beer League App

    gold not god medal but indeed MN players are like hockey goods beer league is just fun after high school or as far as you get at the top level who cares how somebody plays after that many say mn high school hockey falls in between the KHL and the NHL nice to visit with , buy a round once in a while is all that matters in beer league
  10. MN old and slow

    2018 Olympics Men's Hockey Schedule

    Not enough good old MN boys. Got to load up on the MN boys to win the shiny gold medal, no other way. The WI boys from Superior are okay too.
  11. MN old and slow

    Beer League App

    Who cares if they suck if they are nice guys? You playin for the cup? In MN all da guys over 55 are stellar players. We win the god medal if we send a UMD and SCSU all star team to Korea.
  12. MN old and slow

    New Skates after Mission Pure Fly

    The Pure Fly was the best skate ever made. There is no replacement. I am still in sorrow from the passing of my last pair of Pure Flys. Life will never again be right.
  13. MN old and slow

    Skate Mod Introduction

    I am no skate expert but I have an advanced mind! An owner that wants to win the cup for sure needs the following: 10 Duluth guys , 3 Superior guys, 3 Silver Bay guys , 2 guys from Thunder Bay and da rest from Warroad. Plus a truck load of new old stock Pure Flys.
  14. MN old and slow

    Skate Mod Introduction

    Da Grafs are okay at least my pair but not as good as da Pure Fly. To me is it more about da talent in the skates than the skate. Bobby Orr would crush Gretzky or anyone today while wearing his old tacks Bobby Orr, Aaron Broten, and I greatest ever
  15. MN old and slow

    Skate Mod Introduction

    MN guy played well over 50 years still playing. Skates reached the height of perfection with the Mission Pure Fly My credentials: greatest benchwarmer in the history of MN high school hockey. nuff said