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Iggy Z

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  • Birthday 08/25/1988


  • Skates
    CCM - 68K
  • Stick
  • Gloves
    Warrior - Syko '10
  • Helmet
    Bauer - 4500 w/Bauer HDO Pro visor
  • Pants
    CCM - RBZ 110
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM - QuickLite 250 LE
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer - Vapor X80
  • Shin Pads
    RBK - 16K
  • Hockey Bag
    Team Bag

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  1. How would you describe the difference in fit?
  2. Have a medium from PSH on its way. 5'11.5" 165lbs 31" waist 30" inseam Will report.
  3. Iggy Z

    Show It Off

    Good for it to wind up in your hands.
  4. Iggy Z

    eBay idiot, or not?

    That last missing piece of your pro-stock ensemble. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Pro-Stock-CCM-Hockey-Pant-Belt-w-E-Z-Tight-Buckle-52-Long-NHL-/151551204100?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item234927db04
  5. Iggy Z

    Your current equipment

    Updates in bold: Helmet: Bauer - 4500, replaced: Bauer - 5000Cage: CCM - 580, replaced: Jofa - 480Shin pads: Bauer - Vapor 8Pants: CCM - RBZ 110, replaced: Jofa - 7500 girdleShoulder pads: Winnwell - 'Pro Stock'Elbow pads: Jofa - L: 9077 , R: 9135Skates: Mission - Pure FlyGloves: Warrior - Syko '10Stick: Easton - S7 / Bauer - one30 I just received mine. How are yours holding up?
  6. Iggy Z

    Lacrosse gear

    Right, that's the tricky part in trying to determine whether or not shoulder pads designed for ice hockey would prevent a very specific injury such as an AC separation. I am not sure they would, but I know that lacrosse pads definitely won't. Shoulder pads are obviously designed differently between sports. Football pads would seem way overkill for hockey right? Lacrosse pads are a notch in the other direction with much less protection offered. The bigger the molded plastic shoulder cup is, the greater dissipation of force is over a larger area, and the thicker the padding is, the more energy is absorbed by the pad. You could take a blow with a 5 lb. sledge to a football shoulder and be fine. Would I try that with hockey shoulder pads? No way. The principle is the same between shoulder pads, but the design differences are there for a reason. OP if you are adamant about trying lacrosse pads I would tread lightly and treat yourself as if you were not wearing shoulder pads at all.
  7. Iggy Z

    Lacrosse gear

    OP - listen to Chadd's first-hand take on lacrosse gear here... I also suffered an AC separation wearing lacrosse shoulder pads. Playing pick-up I made mutual contact going into a corner. The other player was a few inches shorter than I and when we bumped my shoulder jacked up... the damage had been done... I'll spare you all the details, but I will tell you that I ended up with my right arm in a sling. At that time I was working a co-op job through my college which required computer drafting and I got way behind on my work... Sure, it is possible that I could have suffered that same injury regardless of what equipment I was wearing, but bottom line is that the lacrosse pads I had on did not protect me. I chucked them in the trash. Are you willing to risk your health? I'm not. I hope this thread will persuade you from taking unnecessary risks for the sake of...? Not worth it.
  8. Iggy Z

    What are you wearing under your equipment?

    I've used 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts for as long as I can remember. Probably the one piece of gear, for me, that I have no interest in changing.
  9. Iggy Z

    Your current equipment

    Updates in bold: Helmet: Bauer - 5000 Cage: Jofa - 480 Shin pads: Bauer - Vapor 8 Pants: Jofa - 7500 girdle, replaced: Old Black/Grey Bauer girdle Shoulder pads: Winnwell - 'Pro Stock', replaced: Bauer - Vapor 4 Elbow pads: Jofa - L: 9077 , R: 9135, replaced: Jofa - 7500 Skates: Mission - Pure Fly Gloves: Warrior - Syko '10, replaced: TPS - Bionic 'THG' Stick: Easton - S7 / Bauer - one30, replaced: Mission - M-1 / L-2 Haven't bought new equipment for about 10 years. Sure is refreshing to wear equipment that fits and protects me better. Helmet is next. Skates... Call me crazy, but you'll have to pry the Pure Fly's from my cold dead hands.
  10. Iggy Z

    Thin sock suggestions/advice

    Tried barefoot years ago, wasn't for me. I wanted the least intrusive, thinnest sock possible though. Through some trial and error I landed on a great mix of breath-ability, support, and feel, with the Under Armor Resistor. Lo-cut for me, I don't prefer socks under my shin guards. They've been exceptionally durable and provide great traction in the boot, eliminating the 'slimy' barefoot feel described above. http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/mens-resistor-lo-cut-six-pack/pid1219032-100 Highly recommended. And if they aren't for you on the ice, they are great for off-ice training as well.
  11. Never gave any thought to this... The idea of moving the center of balance slightly and improving feel (subjective) is appealing to me though. I always play with just a plastic plug to cap the end, and coming from wooden sticks when I was younger the light-weight shaft on a OPS in comparison to blade weight never felt 'right' to me. What diameter hole do you guys go with through the extension? 3/16" (~4.75mm)? Or are we talking trial and error / personal preference here.
  12. For the benefit of the thread, was there a particular drill that pushed you over the crest? On a bicycle, a rider tends coast with the same foot forward on the cranks. Just like a skateboarder has his/her natural orientation on their board, and a hockey player their handedness. By your profile picture I am guessing you play hockey right-handed. I would suggest that you pay attention to the direction of your upper-body (direction of chest & stick) First, for the quick turns to the right your stick is already on that side... so balance and support are easily had by leaning hard into the stick. Sharp turns to the left you (ideally) want to bring your stick across your body by extending your right arm fully, angling it across your body, leading the blade into the turn. You can further exaggerate the angle of the stick into the turn by moving your left hand with the butt of the stick into the center of your chest or further toward your right armpit. You will find yourself more agile involving your whole body in the turn. My advice for crossovers is nearly the same, commit to the turn with your whole body. For a right-handed player making a right turn while crossing over, try not to lead with your right shoulder so much. This puts your back to the center of the turning radius and your upper body will resist the change of direction. Instead, turn your upper body so your shoulders are perpendicular to direction of travel. The center of your chest should be facing the direction of your skating path. These types of turns aren't as tight so nearly none of the support from your stick is needed. Which means your can position it in front of you for a pass. Same idea as above applies; right arm fully extended and angled across the body, left hand high and tight to the chest or right armpit area. A good drill for crossovers: put your gloves down on the ice about 12ft apart. Start at one glove and travel laterally to the other while crossing over, then back, crossing over with the other foot. The crossover motion will feel very exaggerated but that is the idea of the drill. Adjust distance as necessary. If I made this response too lengthy or dumbed-down then my fault, didn't mean to offend anyone~
  13. For drills, the simple figure-8 will allow you to actively compare your crossovers turning both directions. If you are satisfied with your left turning, pay attention to your actions and motions during those turns, and apply that heading in to the right handed turn... I usually start with two face-off circles and tighten the 8 up from there. Also, are you right-handed or left?
  14. Iggy Z

    Labeling your Pucks

    I put a big X on one side with a silver Sharpie. As others have said, just leave with the same amount you brought.
  15. Iggy Z

    Your current equipment

    Helmet: Bauer 5000 Cage: Jofa 480 Shin pads: Bauer Vapor 8 Pants: Old Black/Grey Bauer girdle Shoulder pads: Bauer Vapor 4 Elbow pads: Jofa 7500 Skates: Mission Pure Fly Gloves: TPS Bionic Stick: Mission M-1/Mission L-2 Haven't bought new equipment for about 10 years First on the list for new gear are gloves, stick, and girdle.