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  1. Kgbeast

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    They do have war room (Toronto) which is basically that. That however is only applicable in reviewable situations. So this will require to add more situations on the reviewable list.
  2. Kgbeast

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    Coaches challenges are fine also, just make sure your asses penalty for every crap challenge. All misconduct calls though need to be reviewable by refs.
  3. Kgbeast

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    Seems like they might need to consider adding a couple of things to "reviewable" list. Game winners like this can not be allowed. Just imagine goal like this ending game 7 of Stanley Cup final? Which is a possibility, I might add.
  4. Kgbeast

    Garage sales in Columbus?

    I think the moves did plenty of good. 10 games on national TV including Canada is important for establishing their brand. Locally in Columbus some major recognition of hockey happened as well. Their commercial value has grown a fold or two over, which will give them some capital for bonuses and development. Merzlinkis can be an interesting goalie and can be better than Bob in goal for them. So Bobrovski departure is probably not as impactful. Loosing Panarin and Duchene would be bad, but they did fine before without either one. With nearly $40m in cap space they can pull from this and other pro leagues. CBJ goalie pool is pretty good and they can trade one for good picks and get back in the draft game. All and all, I do not think they have lost anything this season. The commercial success was worth the effort and was desperately needed for this club, more so than some draft opportunities that they may or may not miss. CBJ has to dabble at the top of the division next season to maintain the success, if they slide to the bottom, that will undo everything. On paper as of now, they should be able to make playoffs again or at least be close to that. At the moment they are looking at loosing some key people from the front office and one of the coaches that might be their bigger problem for near future.
  5. Kgbeast

    Garage sales in Columbus?

    It appears that Bobrovski has put his residence in Columbus up for sale. It is time for him to flip a page, and he is doing it fast.
  6. Kgbeast

    Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

    Heard that too. Thing is that the refs who called that in Vegas/Sharks game are out of the playoffs. Message was, call within the rules or risk early season end. Refs moved from guilty unless proven innocent to innocent until proven guilty. What a concept, eh!
  7. Kgbeast

    2018-19 Supplemental Discipline

    ...you could see it in his eyes that he was really worrying about this. Especially if this would have gave CBJ a win and he would have sit the game 7. Now it is not that big of a deal. I hated him for a second after he punched Bread in the face, but he is trying to play the game the right way and he is a model citizen in my eyes.
  8. Kgbeast

    Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

    I think this is the right way to handle this. If hit is obviously predatory or done by the same person who played dangerously before in the game and/or has history, then yes, you can give him a match and a major, if it is uncharacteristic and illogical, you should give a player benefit of a doubt... Regardless of injury. This is dangerous sport and prayers know there is always a chance of being seriously injured. As for CBJ loss... In words of Morpheus, It happened the way it happened because it could not have happened any other way. They have tried everything, deflections, straight shots, 5 hole, pads, upper corners... Nothing went in. CBJ had a monster team, they coulda shoulda woulda click better or be better in the goal... Not like they woke up that morning and said "aah, we had some good run, I think we should go ahead and play softie today, give Bruins a taste of victory..." Or Bob in the goal thinking, " nah, I can stop this puck with my arms behind my back, but then it'll be to easy. How about I let this one through, that will make for a more dramatic come back". I can see how they are disappointed and wanted to win, so do the Bruins, so the Canes. Someone has to loose and that is not in players or coaches hands. You show up, put everything you got in the game, then you move on. If you've done that you should have no regrets...
  9. Kgbeast

    Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

    That call was ok. I think we are gotten to accustomed to people getting misconducts for any contact with the head. It hardly was a predatory hit. McAvoy is not stupid to put his team in jepardy while they are clearly having a better night than Jackets. McAvoy looked scared sitting in the box, league might still suspend him for a game, you can see he looked worried. As per leagues rules, illegal hit to the head is a minor infraction. Giving him 5 would have been outside of the rules. They gave him 2, and left the rest up to the department of safety. Andy came back so no harm done. In playoffs teams need to win game by playing, not by this. It was a good series and the right team won. Boston has shown skill, grit, and heart. As the CBJ fan, but even more so fan of the game, I do not think Jackets deserved to pass these series. They have fallen apart during that brake. They have not played a single structured game against Boston. I have said from the game one of these series that they have room for improvement and sadly the improvement never happened. And what was the deal with this "we will be back here for game 7" crap. I love Tortz, but this was stupid. Now he has done that twice in the row and it turned out to be bullshit. ...And yes, I did noticed that Tukka is a monster in goal. These 6 games might have been his best games yet. What a weapon that guy!
  10. Kgbeast

    Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

    OnOk looks like finally the table has turned. Bruins domeying Jackets everywhere except when CBJ is on PK. I think Columbus had more scoring chances on Bruins power plays than Bruins. That said, Jackets have list 2 in the row now and they look pretty weak against B's 5 on 5. Shots on goal perhaps equal, but B's have better looking shots on goal its just Bob is pretty phenomenal. Jackets have won games against Tampa by being a coordinated and structured in 5v5, now they just run around, looking for what comes their way, and they are not good at it. A couple of mad dangles by Atkinson, Foligno, and Panarin. Although without a result, but entertaining to watch nevertheless. Boston looks pretty good to win tomorrow their 4th game of the series, but will see if Jackets can figure this out.
  11. Kgbeast

    New York Islanders vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    My problem with Cooper is not from playoffs, it is from the fact that he has a team that is skillwise unmatched in skaters and in goal. Leading team like this through the regular season should not require great deal of coaching. Just stand in the back and let them play. Similarly as Sully and Penguins. It takes a real coach with a real vision however to take a group of missfits and take them into playoffs. Galant, Tortz had that done in the last 3-4 years the way I see. This year, from a limited number of teams I have followed(only east really) Trotz is the one. A joke team, with joke goalies, (on paper at least) yet had tremendous success in the regular season. They should not have gone past the first round with that raster, cudos to them on getting 8 games in the post season. This just further proves that Trotz is a "master".
  12. Kgbeast

    Puck and Player Tracking

    The player and puck tracking on it's own is of little interest, but combined with ultra high resolution shooting can be extremely interesting. 8k shooting is here, people are working on even higher resolution cameras already. It possible that there will be no need in multiple moving cameras, but can be multiple stationary cameras that shooting the entire arena. Then say in TV, you can pick special tracking (puck for example) and you get an automated in-image pan/zoom to deliver you basically what you get now. Except you can pick player tracking instead and auto pan zoom on the player. Kind of like when you zoom into the image on your phone and swipe around looking for a specific details, but with tracking technology and it's in content delivery implementation, you can have that automated. Not there now, but I can see it being not too far in the future.
  13. Kgbeast

    New York Islanders vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    Hurricanes are unreal. After grinding out the true top dog of the league, they absolutely domied Barry Trotz masterpiece. Being CBJ fan, it pains me to admit that Canes deserve this Cup or at least the runner-up. If CBJ check out on Bruins, Canes is my bandwagon. Talking about Barry Trotz, he is in my opinion the only Jack Adams finalists. Coop is a joke, Berube, ok. Trotz was given a team of pretty much nobodies and they stayed at the top of the standings all season and it was all to the Trotz credit.
  14. ...did not say "sex sells". I said that there are accepted metrics of how the female athletes need to look. Watching butch men competing in physical sport makes sense, watching butch women... I think I can find other things to do. As I said before, foremost is the skill level, without skill level it is boring. Look at tennis or volleyball, just look pretty will not get you far. That is why I am saying, major adjustments need to be there. It can not and should not be physical game, it needs to be game of skill. Perhaps no contact and no hard shots... Kind of like grass hockey, pass and dangle. This perhaps will lead to smaller armor and doing away with cages. There is plenty of high end skill to put together 5-6 teams for NA. On the non NHL hockey level in general... Quite correctly, where the hell I can watch this. I think they should raise some funds and create something like apps for Roku, Apple TV, etc. so it is possible to watch. I think women hockey went wrong direction. At this point the only feasible avenues are the international championships, where no body cares who is playing as long as they are winning, but don't look for high paychecks. Unless players can shine as personalities, they are just a bluemen group, replaceable and forgettable.
  15. The world we live in, as harsh as this might sound, is a sexist world. World where for the most part male athletes are successful by being physical and violent, while female athletes are by pretty and sexy. Now obviously both still must be very skillfull in their sport to be anywhere at the top. Looking at volleyball, figure skating, tennis, soft ball. The popularity dwindles as the women uniforms become bigger. Also when it comes to physical interaction between players, it is admired when men are pushing showing and basically fighting, for women however, real fighting is a turn off and expected to be more of a "bumping and grinding" if you will ( ... I know). Unfortunately, women hockey is the men hockey played by women. Skilful stick handling, speed and agility are great, but the caged helmets and bulky armored outfits are "not-woman-like" in eyes of majority. I think if women hockey is to be successful, it needs to be girly. Ice Hockey, just like the American Football, is exceedingly difficult to make into a woman sport simply because of what it is. There must be an appeal to watch this after watching men hockey. Skill level perhaps matches already, but physicality of the game is not a plus and must not be brought up, but must be replaced with something that appeals to the spectators. As far as striking or boycotting anything, you have to have two things, you need to have leverage and you have to have an attainable demand. For example if you bag groceries as your job, you can not go sit on strike outside of the supermarket demanding your salary to be brought up to the level of the store manager just because you seemingly have a skill to be the store manager. Obviously, you'd need first to get the store manager title, then there will be no need to strike.