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  1. You said exactly what I was thinking. as much as I'd like to go with the True customs and be done with it, I have been wearing Graf for so long and have always loved everything about them that I think I owe it to myself to at least give the PK series a try. Hopefully they have some options in my size and I can get a firm answer for myself. If they have updated the fit too much and they're similar to everything else out there they wont be for me and I'll know it right away. One thing I wont do is buy a Graf skate just because of the logo, I just care that my skates fit my odd feet well and give good performance. Just so happens that was always Graf in the past.
  2. I'm in the Philadelphia, PA area. Mike did say they could still do custom, but not sure how they would fit me for them as there are no Graf dealers anywhere close to me. I did call HockeyMonkey up in NJ this morning and they said that have some PK series skates left in the store. I think I'll go up on Saturday and at least make sure the boot feels right. If so I'll feel a bit more confident ordering the exact size I need online without it being a total disaster. I definitely know what you mean about skating feeling more effortless when you have the right skate. That along with a proper radius on the runner really goes a long way to preventing fatigue when skating and obviously helps with performance. Skating was always my strong point and even though I've slowed a bit with age, adjusting my radius and using FBV for the past 5 years or so has really minimized the effects.
  3. Thanks for the response. Interesting that he said the PK series fits like the G705. The older G5 Ultra was the only Graf skate that didn't quite fit me right and have stayed away from the 705/G5 since. The G75 that I have currently is working for me and after speaking to Mike @ Vaughn he said the G75 & PK4700 use the same foot last in production and have similar fit. Materials are different of course but fit is close. Not really sure what to do, really wish I could try these on but might have to just take a chance. How do you like the True Custom? That's the other option I'm entertaining at this point.
  4. Has anyone tried, or currently have, the Graf PK4700? My G75s are finally about done for (boot separating from sole) and need something new. I did try on a few skates locally the other day and didn't really like any of the current Bauer or CCM high end skates. Even in wide sizes they just didnt work for me. I am entertaining True full custom skates, but have been wearing Graf for 20 years and might as well just stick with them. I wore the 707/G7 line through high school/college hockey and my current skate is the G75 from around 2011-12. I've found a dealer with the PK4700 in wide sizes and just wondering how the fit is on these if anyone has tried them.
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