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  1. StacktActor

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Wow, great responses, a lot of interesting viewpoints. It seems the majority so far believe it will be a niche market, which is probably the most probable conservative assumption. I wonder if they do end up having enough success as a whole company (not necessarily just from this product) if they’ll look into offering a full skate. I see it as something possibly like a Graf, just the potential to stay ahead on tech and therefore stay relevant. It could happen, but only time will tell. I think I’ll have to at least give these a try.
  2. StacktActor

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Hi all, What does everyone think about the Marsblade holder coming out pretty soon? Think it will be the real deal? Is the Tuuk holder in for massive market share loss?
  3. What this guy said. Sounds like we all have similar foot types.... There really isn't much out there now in terms of a wider forefoot and regular to narrow heel, but these Ribcor's come the closest and do a great job. If you need some reference, I measure in on Bauer's scale as an EE width but the D in Ribcor works great as long as I don't tie the bottom of the skate too tight. It really is a wider fit than advertised and the heel is quite snug, much tighter than the Nexus.
  4. StacktActor

    Your current equipment

    Helmet - Bauer IMS 5.0 Visor - Bauer Pro-clip Elbow - Bauer Vapor X800 Shin - Bauer Nexus Elevate (4000) Gloves - Warrior Covert QR1 Skates - CCM Ribcor Platinum (68K with upgrades from 70K) Shoulder - Sherwood 5030 P.M.P Pants - Bauer Vapor X5.0 Sticks - CCM Ribcor PRO / CCM RBZ 290 (and about 8 more)