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  1. My 15 yr old son recently switched from Vapor 3X pro to the Mach and noticed the same thing. Swapped the steel, so the same in both. Felt alot sharper on the outside edge. He has gotten used to the feeling.
  2. Yes, no problem. They can be profiled on the boot.
  3. I would suspect the skates were previously sold and the first buyer had a profile put on the blades. They then returned them and the store resold them to you. Happens all the time.
  4. I have found the youth skate stiffness is the same throughout the range. You get a bit better steel, nicer liner etc. in the higher end skate but that is about it. Junior skates are a different story.
  5. I forgot to update this post. The Ribcores were a little narrow at the toecap for me. Tried on another pair of Jetspeeds which to me had a slightly wider toecap. Fit really well with good heel lock. Have had them a few months and am very happy.
  6. Anyone know if there be a 30 flex A series junior stick?
  7. Interesting that they talk about needing a rigid heel for energy transfer. This is the opposite from their custom footbeds that come in low, med or high arch. These come with a cushion on the heel.
  8. What size are you? https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/279260-ccm-duchene-70k-skates
  9. You are right. I was assuming he was talking about junior sizes. From experience there is no difference in stiffness amongst the high end youth skates from mid range. My son had the supreme 160 and the 1S last year. Same stiffness. Main difference was better steel and nicer liner on the 1s.
  10. Hello! Even if you were considering the top end junior skates I am not sure you would find your son's size. Most top end skates start at size 3 from what I recall.
  11. Great thx. I am going to try to find a pair to try on. Worse case i could always order and return if they dont work.
  12. Are you in D width 68k? Some of what I am reading about the ribcore is a narrow fit. Some reviews are saying wider.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I had the nexus in D width. I got fitted today, they had limited stock but I tried on Tacks, Vapors and Jetspeed all D width. Jetspeed was the only one that was close. Nice fit width wise but could feel my heel lifting slightly when walking around. They didnt have ribcores in stock in my size.
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