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  1. MR.Bobby.Orr

    Show It Off

    I'm 5'10 and all sticks are perfect for me, maybe I cut an inch. But I agree with the tall people. It's easier to cut a stick than make a stick worse by sticking an end plug in.
  2. MR.Bobby.Orr

    Post Your Team's Jersey(s) Thread

    I want to design a nice logo for my team, but i'm HORRIBLE with photoshop. I don't want to use a pre-designed logo. Where can I have someone do that for me or how did some of you guys do that. Any help would be great, when I get it done, i'll post up some pics, i have some great ideas in my head but don't have the artistic ability to get it down on paper.
  3. MR.Bobby.Orr

    Custom Glove Gallery

    I have those identical eagle x72. well almost. I'll put up a pic soon. I've had them for about a month and they are pretty sweet. Kinda hard to break in. palm like butter though.
  4. MR.Bobby.Orr

    The Things Customers Do

    The hockey shop owner does not give me anything for free,Ever,not that i ever expect it. I get tape and laces and screws and other small stuff from my team now, but when I needed to buy it, I always got it from him. I forgot to mention that I also bought Bauer supreme 8000 and my XXXs skates from this guy cause I don't buy skates online. But you hockey shop owners don't realize that people have lives and problems. At that time, my shins were falling apart and a HUGE crack on one of them, I lost my job and am paying tution for school. At that time, I didn't have the money to support my local buisness and saving $30 was a huge deal to me. The guy knew me and I thought he'd be cool with it and understanding. By now we are cool again and he appoligized for over reacting. That's why I was mad, not because he said no, but because he yelled at me. My parents have a private buisness and you never yell at customers.
  5. MR.Bobby.Orr

    The Things Customers Do

    Hey Darkstar50, wheres your shop located. I'm in Brooklyn, so i'd drive out to Jersey to find a good hockey shop. If you can send me a personal message with address and name. thanks. PS: I don't own a hockey shop, but you guys don't seem understanding what so ever. I understand kids could be annoying, but we were all stupid kids at some point, I know when I was a kid i'd screw around, and it's because kids are stupid, but you can't blame them. It's not like a stupid adult, a kids brain is not fully developed. blame their parents. As far as trying stuff on and then buying online, you should totally allow your loyal customers to do that. The shop where I play is pretty good, but ridicussly expensive. It's NYC what do you expect. This guy knows me and before I used to buy tape like every week and laces and socks and small things.(I get tape and laces free now) Everytime I played i bought something. I even bought NBH xxx gloves there once. Payed almost $200. Then I was on the market for shin guards and I had no clue what to get so I wanted to try on fit. So I didn't want to give the owner false hope, so I told him, I'm kinda broke so I think I just might buy it online this time, but if you have free time let me try on a few pairs. He flipped out at me. I'm like I always give you money, and I told him if he lowered his prices a bit I would never buy anything online. At the end of the day I bought One90 shins for $75 +shipping. He wanted $110+tax. I didn't step into his shop since the incident, two weeks ago he appoligized for yelling and gave me a Dolomite Nipgrip for $175 instead of the marked up $195. Yeah NYC is EXPENSIVE.
  6. MR.Bobby.Orr

    Show It Off

    Damn, where did you get those gloves. Those are sick. I didn't think those would be available. Where did you get them.
  7. MR.Bobby.Orr

    Show It Off

    Upload Images with PicTiger just got these babies. Nylon Pro Stock x72. palms are amazing
  8. MR.Bobby.Orr

    Show It Off

    is that an XXX-lite shaft, or a broken OPS? Its a broken OPS unfortunately. I tried to cut it down and put a blade in it but it soon realised that I would have to cut it down so much that I would never be able to use it myself so atm its just lying around until I find a really short adult or a really strong child who wants it. Just flip the stick around, put the blade into the other end. Tape the other end with a lot of layers to make it thick or use it like those old school coffey sticks.