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Found 7 results

  1. T120 - More Anatomical, tighter fit Digital overlays SOLD OUT Traditional Fit Digital overlay on left glove SOLD OUT
  2. For anyone with experience with both the T100 (1st generation) and the T90 Gen 2, either through playing with both or through knowledge of their construction: how do they compare? The T100 had the best puck feel of any stick I've used, and I'm wondering if that changed with the 2nd generation T90. Both are the same weight (450g) so I'm guessing the construction is similar. However, the biggest difference seems to be the blade core: VRF on the T100 vs VRF.2 on the T90 Gen 2. Are there any other differences in the construction? Did the kick point change at all? Is the T90 Gen 2 more or less durable? What I'm essentially asking here is whether the T90 Gen 2 is basically an updated version of the 1st generation T100, or a different stick altogether. I'd appreciate any feedback or insight you can give me. Here's a pic of the sticks I'm talking about, in order to avoid confusion:
  3. JR Boucicaut

    Sher-Wood EK15 Lineup

    As the LTR candidates are getting their sticks, we decided it'd be a good idea to open this thread for any EK15 discussion. Michael Soule from Sher-Wood (and MSH alum) will be monitoring this thread to answer any questions you may have about the stick.
  4. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/170-2014-sher-wood-catalogue/ I'll work on the review in the coming days.
  5. So Sher-Wood's testing suggests that the EK15 is very durable, especially because of its VRF.2 blade core. However, I've read several reviews (including LTRs on this site) that talk about chips and gouges forming in the hosel and blade of the stick. Furthermore, I've seen this happen in person, as my friend's EK15 (he's had it for around 4 months now, playing once a week in beer league) has two big gouges/chips in the carbon weave: one on the blade, and one on the hosel. I'd like to get people's feedback to figure out if this is a real problem, or if it's just a few people that got unlucky with a bad batch or something. So if you own an EK15, please tell us about the current state of the stick (if it isn't broken) or how fast/where it broke (if it's broken). Feedback from retailers is also appreciated.
  6. IPv6Freely

    Sher-Wood Rekker EK15 Gloves

    Sher-Wood Rekker EK15 Sr. Hockey Gloves Size 13 Black/White/Red Length of use: Approx two months Player profile 5'9" 240lbs, 1 beer league game per week Hand type: small hands and fingers Previous gloves used: Sher-Wood Nexon, Warrior Koncept, Bauer Supreme Fit 9/10 The best way to describe the fit of the EK15 is that they have the palm tightness of a Supreme glove, and the cuff of a Vapor glove. In that way, they are quite similar to the Warrior Koncept gloves I had been wearing. The fit itself is also nearly identical to the Nexon gloves. I found that they were quite stiff when they were brand new, to the point where I had a bit of difficulty gripping my stick well. After sweating in them a bit, it was no issue. And then after a couple games they softened right up and now they are SUPER comfortable. Like the Nexon gloves, the inner edge of index finger and pinky finger are solid pieces of palm material, unlike most gloves that have gusset material on the edges. At first it felt a bit weird to not have the stretch there that I'm used to, but once the gloves broke in a bit it felt perfect. Protection 10/10 These are easily the most protective gloves I've ever worn, period. I actually took a puck in the hand last weekend and barely felt it (wrist shot, I'm sure I would have felt a slap shot!) The plastic inserts are a great addition. Weight 9/10 These are about exactly what you'd expect from a top tier glove. A little heavier than some of the mid-range gloves I've worn in the past, but nowhere near enough to really think about it at all while playing. Durability 10/10 No issues to complain about so far. Very little palm wear at all, and no loose stitching etc. The reinforced palm is fantastic. Intangibles 10/10 I really have no complaints with this glove, which is strange for me. Usually there's always SOMETHING I'm nitpicking about, that makes me continuously looking for a new model. With Warrior discontinuing the Koncept, I'm extremely happy I have the Nexon and EK15 a try. Also, the cool-tech liner is fantastic! Conclusion I will absolutely be buying a pair of these in black/white once they are released. I had been extemely happy with the Nexon gloves I had previously, and these are very similar in fit and feel, but with a few minor tweaks. OVERALL SCORE: 9.5/10
  7. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php?/files/file/158-2013-sher-wood-catalogue/ Player - No changes in 2013, just subtractions. Goal - The big story for them this year (other than the fact that they are bowing out of the goal pad category; keeping chest/arm and pants) are the SL sticks - SL stands for Super Light, and the number after the SL corresponds to the weight of the stick. The SL700 has a high-modulus carbon fiber shaft, mated with a foam-core paddle that is reinforced with carbon fiber and fiberglass. There is a carbon fiber channel that crosses through the paddle to maintain stiffness. Also, the blade is extremely thin, especially in the heel area. As you go down the line, the 750 has standard carbon fiber in the handle. The 800 has an aspen core handle and loses the channel in the paddle. 825's paddle is devoid of carbon fiber. One thing to note about this catalogue is that they do a very good job at breaking their equipment down; there are several pages denoting the difference in detail about their equipment.