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  1. So last night i've got plans to go watch my Brother coach some of our old players, and they are playing against a few of our other old players. The Fiance asks "hey i'm low on gas, can i take your car tonight?" (she teaches a kickboxing class about 20 mins away). Sure, i'll drive her(my other car) to the rink since its close. Just about ready to head to the rink, and I get a call... "there's coolant everywhere under the car". al;kqw4";kqwe!!!!!!!!! is what comes out of my mouth. Change of plans, no watching the boys play tonight. Over to her parents place (right by the gym) to look at the car and pick her up. Luckily i get it diagnosed, get the coolant reservoir out, and there's a 3 inch crack in the tank. New one getting picked up today and put in the car this afternoon. Could have been MUCH worse and a lot more money... None the less... PISSED about the whole situation.
  2. Could be the radiator itself. It may be dirty and clogged. A Radiator flush could help.
  3. Leafs, don't sweat what others say about your ride. Its yours, not theirs. Doesn't matter what they think. As you said, there is a big following for this body style. My moms boss, who owns well over 100 cars, prefers to drive his marauder on a regular basis, because he is a tall guy, and its the most comfortable. Most, if not all of the "young" guys on here that are throwing around fancy expensive rides, did not pay for them with their own hard earned money. yes, some did, but not most!!! you earned your money, you spent it on something that you like, was in budget, and works well. Thats all that matters!!!
  4. Drove the Audi R8 today. I must say, what a thing of beauty. Unfortunately it was only a quick spin rather than a chance to get out and really test her out. but none the less, it was enjoyable.
  5. I've always been a big fan of this model. there was one for sale by me a year ago, and really wanted to buy it, but just wasn't practical enough. that and i already have too many toys as it is!!!
  6. Matt- thats borderline weird that you know how long its been, haha i had no idea how long it has been but that sounds about right. some would say its addiction, and i have a very addicting personality. not good for the two of us to come together, just like smoking and drinking and goldentee, once i start i dont stop. eh ohwell Had i known i was contributing to an addiction, i may not have given you that 2 for 1 coupon!!!! HAHA
  7. The dodge was the biggest pile i've ever driven, but that cummins is an absolute monster. I've decided on a 2008 GMC sierra 2500, my last truck 2005 sierra treated me good until I hit the ditch off the highway 2 weeks ago, and the looks of the new ones are growing on me(except the awful silverado). My only problem now is not lifting it once its in my hands... if anyone is looking, i've got a 2002 Chevy 3500, 4x4, diesel i'm looking to get rid of!!!
  8. The R10, R6, and R2 are either new, or redesigned for this year. The all have the "PTC" OR POWER TRANSFER CHANNEL. That is the little indent at the top of the blade/hosel. this reduces torque on the blade. These models are being done with the Tri Flex Zone. They are done in this order of the catalog due to all being the PTC, you then get to the traditional styles, R8, R6, R1. these are all the same construction as last year. They are then pictured to keep them together in the catalog. The 3 flex zone is nice, as is the PTC. i've been using the R10, Nash Left Hand, Stiff for about 5 months and have been very pleased. Quality, Value, and Price of the stick do go down as the model numbers go down. R10 being most expensive with most bells ans whistles, to the R1 being the very budget friendly and the heaviest!
  9. You are correct, it is basically an R8. Just tagged as the R10 for Special Edition purposes. It is "flat black" and chrome. as for the FFH, i've questioned the same thing. reason is, all the pro gloves being produced are being done with the nash palm. TPS wants the R8/R10 to be pro spec, so they are being done with reinforced nash. from what i've been told, no more FFH after this year. For this year, only the full leather R8 still has the FFH. Nylon and Nylon/Leather are both done in nash.
  10. I sold my previous M3 to clear up some funds for the E92 M3. Turns out the car was not all i expected it to be, so I could've done two things. Walk away from the dealer and lose my deposit completely, or take delivery of a car. So i picked up the 335i for more than 20k less than the M3 i ordered and went with the idea that i'd make some serious power with the twin snails. The deal for the M5 just popped up out of nowhere, and i really couldnt refuse. guess that makes sense. i do know a guy with the M5 and he loves it, so i can appreciate the choice! i have to say, i'm a big fan of the look of the M6 convertible!!!
  11. so after a month, the 335i is already gone. now its onto an M5? no offense, but what's the point? trust me, im a car guy, i've got 6, but if you're not gonna keep it for a month, why bother? just confused i guess!
  12. i have a 78 CJ-7 Golden Eagle right now. put a 283ci small block chevy in it years ago. Great summer toy!!!
  13. yes, you are right... a FAD!!! only that it has been an artform for hundreds of years worldwide, and oh lets say close to a hundred years in the US, i guess "fad" might not be the right term. now, do i think some people get tattoo's for the wrong reason, sure. and maybe those are the only people you know and i can understand your thoughts of this being a fad. for those that care about it, and use ink as a form of art and expression, you might want to be cautious of expressing your thoughts around them. in Garrett's case, he is marking himself with with love and emotion for what will be a life long endeavour and in many cases a challenge. and i support his decision to ask for outside help. i myself that have 3 so far, each of which mean something very important to me, have asked for assistance in design and concepts. i am not an artistically gifted person, therefore, i ask those that are for help on this matter. which i am doing again right now. given a friend some ideas and said, help me come up with what i'm looking for!!! Cougar, you are on the right path here. get a handful of ideas that you like, take your time, and pick the one that hits you with the emotion that you feel towards your son. you make that choice, and you will never regret your tattoo!!!
  14. now that was a classic... wasn't that with charlie sheen, and ron howard's brother?
  15. 02' chevy 3500 dually diesel crew cab 4x4 00' isuzu trooper 89' mustang lx 5.0 convertible 78' jeep cj-7 w/ chevy 283 52' packard 200 troop and dually most of the time
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