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  1. So any update on this new skate from verbero or the vortex as far as anyone skating in them. I saw a pic on there fb of the cypress and it looks amazing any word on a release date
  2. so whats the consesus on cutting these down to size? I see hockey monkey has some for sell in size 12 (i wear 11 in bauers) is it possible to cut these a full size down or would that rob them of the molding properties. From the way it sounds these look like the go to for insoles with the sf being a close second and only because it cant be molded correct?
  3. any MSH group discount to try out the skates on the cheaper ;) you have my attention with the one piece boot and stiffness but dont know how well the build quality is and there are like no reviews on the skate that is the only thing holding me from pulling the trigger on them. Also how does the current vortex ice skate fit in terms of bauer lines i know you said earlier its fits like a nexus but is that with the tongue on the second button or the first. and speaking of the tongue is it just one button and velcro that keep the tongue attach? does it hold up to sticks and pucks hitting the tongue area
  4. getting back on topic i know you said you are working on a new skate and will have more info first week of april. is it going to be a replacement to the current skate or an addition to your current lineup?
  5. Phantom maybe you can answer this question then. What's the return policy like. In essence I am forced to (if I want to try the skates) to by them sight unseen where as with other skates I can go to my local shop and try them on and get a good sense on how they will feel on my foot before the purchase. I know it helps to cut costs with no middle man and no distributor, but do you offer refunds or exchanges for people that invest in your skates and find to fit not to their liking?
  6. Is their a second half to this that has the goalie stuff or was it posted somewhere else on the site that I am missing? EDIT clearly I am blind and didn't see it posted in the goalie section lol
  7. I was just about to suggest that idea trou. I saw the video with the nhl players testimonial on YouTube but let's be honest no one looks at professionals testimonials any more it's more by word of mouth and how it feels for the consumer and then the consumer to spread the word through social media and places like here
  8. I haven't seen to many reviews of their product in general but from I have seen their gloves seem to have gotten good reviews. Gloves are one thing skates are another though and for $300 I want to make sure I am getting my monies worth In terms of fit,quality,durability, etc...
  9. The new skate sounds crazy with the titanium toe cap. The one they have on site is $300 which is about the price range I will spend for skate . A bit hesitant to drop that kind of money on a skate that has very little info I can find and also doesn't have a place where I can even try them on to see how they fit :/
  10. Does anybody have reviews on the verbero vortex skate have looked around and don't see to much info in regards to how it fits and feels on the ice. The one piece design caught my eye especially for the price. And I see they sell the boot individually so is it possible to get the boot and put LSE holder on it?
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