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  1. helmet - Bauer 8000 with bauer 4000 cage - great protection, fit and comfort shoulder - Bauer 3000 - mobile, light and good protection pants - CCM Supra - bulky, i need new ones shins - Nike V12 - after a few minutes they mold to your leg, super comfy and crazy protection elbows - CCM 652 - mobile, do their job gloves - Easton Air - good feel and very mobile skates - Graf 727w - perfect skates for me under - Dri-Fit sticks - Vapor XXX - best feel and balance available, IMO
  2. they say the 7k stick has a "seamless sock". Does this mean it is fused with a sock over the fuse point or that its actually a true one-piece.
  3. Well by saying you're an aggressive center you pretty much answered the second question. You're on the balls of your feet trying to get to the puck or where its going to be.
  4. What position and style do you play? How do you like to skate? Control can mean freedom of movement or stiff and supportive. In my opinion the vapor line is not worth the money due to its durability issues. If you were interested in graf for its forward pitch you could always put cobra holders on your skates, or mission's pitch for adjustable levels. Its always good to stick with what works unless there is a reason to look for a switch. If you're all about a light skate then you're narrowing your options and broadening your budget.
  5. Remember that EVERY company will ship a few bad units, thats the reality of it. Do a dealer search on the ccm website or go to arenamaps.com, then call some places within a reasonable area of your house to find some selection. If you're happy with the CCM fit you may want to stay there. The new Pro tacks have a 30 day money back guaruntee if you don't like them. Is there any particular reason you "had your heart" set on grafs? If you can get to a dealer it is worth the time to find a skate that fits perfectly.
  6. try 3M adhesive remover
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