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  1. I guess I get confused when everyone gets up in arms about shooting off the toe. I primarily shoot off the mid-toe and have been my whole life. I've also used bigger curves my whole life as well, and get equally confused when people rail against that. I am a bit older and know people around here may not remember the days of wood that well. I grew up using deep mids like the Coffey curve. When easton came out with the synergy and the patterns were picked for them as well as the blades ,y world changed. I now had 5-6 patterns to choose from and that was pretty much it unless I could afford or be connect with something custom. I remember the first time I looked at the old modo and thought "wtf!?!" Only thing more weird was seeing more and more people use it over the years. To me it's a function of composite sticks than anything else. It's easier to control harder shots with the flatter blades obviously. My problem with all the bigger curve options is that most of the ones around tend to have open faces, which to me was always a problem. I can't keep a Sakic down unless I control my wrists, can't bomb it like I used to. Nuetral faced big curves are easier to keep down though, and wish more of them exist. I now use the landeskog because it has a more nuetral face than the p92's but maintains the similar deep mid, round toe with a rocker feel I always liked. Nuetral faces on big curves also allow a better backhand than curves like the p92 and lidstrom. Anyways, I would appreciate a stiffer toe as in time composites get floppy and inconsistent for those like me who use a lot of snaps and wrists off that toe. I always also used off the heel for slappers. Kids need to be taught both. If my generation can theres no reason today's kids can't be taught both. Big curves with deep pockets to carry the puck are a different skill but a valuable one. I see a lot of negativity around here about big curves and I just don't get it. It takes some hands to learn, but it's worth the challenge. To me maybe if there were more deep curves again that didn't have such open faces maybe they wouldn't have gotten the bad rep that apparently exists.
  2. Any word on when this new iginla will be out? Has anyone seen it?
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