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  1. I wore a visor for awhile and all was fine until I got hit in the eye with a puck that took a weird bounce off the post in warmups. I was skating behind the net and I don’t remember anything. My teammates said the puck hit the post as I was turning up ice and went under my visor into my left eye. I broke my orbital and messed up my left eye. I’ve been wearing a cage since but I keep getting gnarly headaches because my left eye has issues focusing through the cage, I’ve tried a bunch of cages and am currently using a Re-Akt. I’ve tried using a bubble but the fogging drives me nuts. I’ll still toss on a visor for stick and puck (don’t tell my fiancé) but I’m at a loss for what to do next. I’ve def taken chirps for the bubble, most of the guys I skate with know what happened to me so its friendly. I’ve never taken any for the cage.
  2. I was hoping to find some pro stock mediums +1 but its been tough finding something without a logo. Ive seen larges here and there I’m just afraid I’ll be swimming in them once they open up a bit.
  3. Any comparison to vapor, supreme, or QRE. I’m looklng for a slim style pant and didn’t know how these lined up. Also, what are your measurements for mediums. I’m right between sizes. 6 foot, 190, 33 inch waist. Thanks so much for the help
  4. Anyone have a comparison on the fit of the rx3 pants?
  5. Love this question I was wearing a large synergy girdle and large shell till it was recently stolen. I was considering switching to pants for a more tailored fit because I didn’t like how baggy the shell was but everything I try on pants wise doesn’t fit as tight as I’m used to wearing.
  6. Any of the com pro stock variants have the same fit?
  7. I’ve been keeping an eye out for some warrior pro stocks in black. Seems like everything has a logo right now. I’m still probably a month or more out from actually skating but I can’t stop thinking about it.
  8. @Mister_NoDangles Where do you play in LA? I’m hoping to get cleared to play soon after not skating for a year because of complications from a broken ankle. I’m freaking out not playing and just messing around with my equipment. I was skating tuesdays in El Segundo at pick up, a private skate on Thursday nights and was playing league Sunday’s in El Segundo.
  9. In a weird turn of events I had my Easton girdle stolen along with my flyers winter classic shell, I had washed a bunch of stuff and left them on my first floor balcony drying. Either way I was having some issues with my pants and shells just feeling a little weird so I’m looking to get into pants and am pretty curious on fit. I’m looking at a tighter fitting pant so vapor 1x lites, Supreme 1s, or something from warrioror. I’ve been wearing girdles since high school and am just lost on the fit of pants. I’ve read tons of stuff on this forum before I posted but was still a bit uncertain. Size wise I’ve always worn a size large, I’m 6’1’’, 190lbs, waist 32-34 depending on the day. Thank you everyone, I’ll apologize in advance if this questions annoys anyone.
  10. I had the same issue when I moved from philly to LA (I’m located in north Hollywood) and it was rough knowing about the skates. I had some good luck just calling around and talking to people. I’ve been injured the past year due to complications from a broken ankle but I was turning down hockey and was really easily able to skate 3-4 days a week if I wanted it.
  11. Just picked up the skates and they look amazing. Didn't notice any excess glue or manufacturing weirdness, I placed the order on April 5th True told me they shipped on Friday the 13th and Hockey Monkey got them Wednesday but processed them today. Pretty damn quick, they did ship them with Step holders and steel but I tossed on some Tuuk edge and LS4 (ordering tydan now that I know exactly what size holder is on there) I decided to keep the True heal cup on there as well. I went with the integrated shot blockers and holy shit are they stiff, I've been skating in Ccm super tacks so I'm hoping there isn't much of a difference. I know people mentioned "comfort edge". I'm not sure if its my skates or something they are doing but its actually pretty cushy at the top of the eyelits at the ankle, I can clearly feel where the shot blocker ends and a bit of cushion. I was able to weigh them as well compared to a size 9 Bauer vapor x100 that I have as a back up pair. Weighed without steel because the Bauers don't have any steel we are at 768 for the vapors and 863 for the True's. My ankle isn't quite ready to skate them yet, but hopefully getting them out on the ice sooner then later.
  12. Just got word from True that my skates shipped on Friday, hoping they are in LA this week at some point. Any on recommend any specific sock, I was in stable 26 before but am feeling like I won’t need those socks anymore.
  13. I was pretty lucky to have a guy getting his skates baked when I went in for the scan. Looked like a smaller size then I wear but had shot blockers and TUUK's and they didn't seem massively heavier. I wore Nash lexan blockers to protect my shit ankle it just made sense to me to build it into the boot. Hoping to get the skates in the next couple of weeks and then I'll see whats up
  14. I was just scanned now I need to play the waiting game. Went with integrated shot blockers, white felt tongues, and will be tossing TUUK edge holders. Hockey Monkey did the scan and was concerned about the holders fitting. I have set of 280's that I was going to toss onto my super tacks and I wear a 9 in Bauer, and 9.5 in CCM so I'm assuming I should be fine.
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