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  1. Most kids today aspire to be a ‘youtuber’! Not a lawyer, doctor, engineer, etc. Just a pretty much worthless influencer. Given the potential opportunity for money I get it, but it’s a sad state for our future https://thesmallbusinessblog.net/why-do-children-want-to-become-youtubers-when-they-grow-up/#Key_Stats
  2. I specifically asked about that and they stated that base layers will go on sale for Black Friday, but not socks
  3. Marketing got to me too. Picked up a pair of the anti-cut skate socks and tested them out last week. I didn't notice the padding or anything and I mean that in the best way possible. The cut resistant portion was very snug, but could still fit around my calves. Biggest problem, for me at least, is that I really dislike socks this tall. The cut resistant material also holds onto heat so my legs were much warmer than usual. I reached out to the Aycane team and apparently they're in development on a mid-shin sock which would be right up my alley
  4. Yeah, I’m not the person that said my skates cracked after a week. That person simple asked if anyone else has experienced True carbon cracking. These skates are about a year old
  5. Could have swore I posted it here but I guess not. My ice pair of TF9s got a crack in the heel, but it must have been from taking a puck to them. Been skating like this for a month or two and it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse
  6. Catalyst customs are now like Bauer/CCM where it’s a standard boot with adjusted foams. The SVH is like the traditional True customs with the boot built around your foot. Pretty sure that’s how I understood it
  7. Huh. So the XS holder is getting a new release knob thing? If it’s bigger does that mean there’s a slightly tweaked holder to accommodate it?
  8. I love my Bauer 1x shin pads. Like the 1S, they're made of Curv Composite and have this hinge at the ankle. Bauer ditched both in what I an only assume are cost cutting measures
  9. I wouldn't mind a *small* CCM logo on the side of the boot, but wow, that looks fantastic! Wish boots would go back to more subtle looks vs the flash that every company has been putting out the last few seasons
  10. This applies to more than just skates and not just Bauer. Both Bauer and Warrior seem to be cheapening their offerings for the last 4-5 years. An example would be the APX2/1X glove got downgraded in the 1x lite and that continued into the hyper lite glove. Warrior's latest LX elbow pad is a substantial step down from their DX elbow pad the year before. Same applies to the quality of their gloves since the QR1
  11. Didn't you just buy the new Bauer stuff that's more expensive? Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them whenever you get around to doing a review
  12. I’ve been using Darn Tough ultra thin running socks for years. They’re a bit speedy at $20 a pair, but the wool doesn’t stink, they’re thin without being paper thing, super durable, and Darn Tough has a lifetime replacement (which I haven’t had to use) https://darntough.com/collections/mens-running-socks/products/mens-merino-wool-run-micro-crew-ultra-lightweight-running-socks
  13. I use the tacki Mac command (faux tape style) without the double sided tape. Just spray some hairspray on it which helps it slide on and also helps it stick https://www.hockeymonkey.com/commandgrip.html
  14. Some additional info/closer photos were posted to Reddit. The Powerfly holder. New trigger section seems unnecessarily large compared to the current generation. Wonder if steel will be backwards compatible?
  15. Looks like McDavid is keeping with the ST girdle https://www.instagram.com/p/CjpQfFWu6IS/?igshid=NzNkNDdiOGI=
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