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  1. Understood, but how would you categorize all the skates on PSH or that have popped up on SLS? True deciphered the code at the bottom of the boot as EE. Just wondering if they would also make E or if they consider E and EE as the same
  2. Random question for True custom skate experts… do they consider E and EE the same/interchangeable? Or do they actually make a wide and wider boot? Suppose this would apply mostly to Cat Pros vs SVH customs
  3. Found it on Amazon after being directed there from a company that makes the stuff. Bought the 3” for the exact reason you mentioned. The 1” and 2” sizes seem more easily available, but wouldn’t cover the full heel of the Cats. I’m in the states but could always look into shipping up to Canada. Not sure if it would be easy to fold the tape to ship it in a regular envelope vs rolling the tape
  4. Ordered some 8 mil thick, 3” wide helicopter tape. Only came in a length of 30’ and a pair of skates should need 3-ish feet max. Will have plenty left over in case anyone would like to buy some for Trues or any other skate for that matter
  5. Westside


    Is the new cage based off profile II or III?
  6. Ah gotcha. Apologies that I was mistaken
  7. Curious if you had to provide a proof of purchase or anything? Didn’t you buy these off SLS a while back? It would be nice to have an additional layer of protection seeing as my last pair cracked
  8. Might be worth emailing hockey tron and see if they have any not listed on their site. They seem to be a supplier of firstar now. Closest I’ve found are the baby blue Pens winter classic and a Youth jersey; both of which I’m guessing you’ve already come across
  9. ITR Hockey will be able to do it. They have a number of examples on their IG page. https://www.itrhockey.com/repair.html Alternatively, if you don't want to send your gloves in and are okay with a sticker, I've come across a few options. A number of teams like the Oilers, or in this example, the Barracuda, use stickers. Stick Bandits is one option. I've used their stickers in the past for name bars and when you get them at a discount using one of their sales, they're a good value. The glove stickers are more of a sticker, but they seem to hold up well. https://www.stickbandits.com/hockey-glove-stickers The second option is from Pad Skinz. These stickers are actually applied on top of their pant skin for maximum adhesion. They also have a few different options which I'll admit is somewhat frustrating as they're not mentioned on the website. https://padskinz.ca/shop/custom-skinz/custom-pantskinz/glove-numbers/ Here are two gloves of mine, the left is from Stick Bandits, the right from Pad Skinz. I've actually got an updated Pad Skinz that I have yet to install which are smaller and have a less bold font on a matte background vs gloss. For the price, you can't beat Stick Bandits. I prefer the smaller/less obtrusive patches they offer, but am not the biggest fan of the gloss background and don't think the adhesive will hold up for more than a couple of washes. The Pad Skinz are more expensive and I had to order multiple times because it wasn't until after I ordered that they informed me they could make the font smaller/less bold or that they offered a matte background. But in the end, these are far more durable and are what I'd recommend.
  10. Looking to have a new pair of chassis mounted and Binnie’s has what I’m looking for in stock. Figured it might be easier to ship him my skates directly. Just curious if anyone here has used his services and what your thoughts are. Thanks! M
  11. I’ve used MLS a number of times and overall like the quality, but the sleeve tightness does suck. As others have mentioned, sizing up fixes the arm problem but the body becomes massive. On a few jerseys I’ve sewn gussets into the sleeves to make them wider. Wish I knew about 5ivehole being a friend of MSH before our team rebranded last season. We ended up going through Bring Back Hockey which I believe uses the same factory as 5ivehole. Design-wise they knocked it out of the park!! Jerseys aren’t as tapered like MLS which is a bummer, but they have underarm vents like adidas jerseys and shoulder dimples which adds a bit of depth. Fabric material is good as well. Downside is sizing is inconsistent so pretty much everyone got a jersey that’s a bit too snug and the socks were massive. For re-orders players should be able to get sizing right but for now everyone is just dealing with it
  12. Thought that was the case. Thanks for clarifying. Cracked the heel on my TFs and have already seen examples of cat 9 heels cracking
  13. Forget if this was asked in this thread before… do cat pros and cat 9s weigh the same? The carbon on the cat 9s is apparently much thinner than the TF line. Just wondering if the Pros are the same way
  14. I have used Bauer 4500 and CCM V08 for years and years as those helmets fit the shape of my head really well. This past season I got into a Tacks X and I won't use anything else. The 3D printed lattice structure pretty fits any shape and breathes really well. Your point about price is completely valid and I'd never pay retail for one. I got a pro stock helmet in my size/preferred color for under $200. At that price I feel it was worth the splurge
  15. I tried to find a red nash material a year or two ago, even going so far as ordering close to a dozen samples online and in the end came up empty. Samples were basically microfiber, super stretchy, had a crazy nap, and just would not work for palms. Would love if there was a source like the OP asked
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