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  1. Can’t speak to the FT7 tongues, but I did purchase the T-guard felt tongues (preferred the traditional look) for my TF9s and it took up a lot more volume inside the boot compared to the standard, thinner, memory foam-like TF9 tongue. I loosened the laces to compensate and then fit was fine, but probably could have rebaked to properly account for the added space it took up https://www.hockeyvancouver.ca/products/true-t-guard-felt-replacement-skate-tongues?_pos=4&_sid=37f11553a&_ss=r
  2. For me they're just as stiff as my Bauers, but am not prohibited with forward flex. I do tie them looser than I do Bauers due to how snug they fit, but still lace up to the top eyelet. For fit, I went down 0.5 size from Bauer and while they were uncomfortable and didn't fit pre-bake, post bake they fit like comfortable sneakers. Zero issues with any hot spots or discomfort from day 1 for me. Maybe I got lucky
  3. I, personally, prefer the same boot. One less thing to have to adjust to. That said, I also picked up a pair of TF9’s a few months back and absolutely love them
  4. Jumped on a deal for TF9s a few months back and put the R1s on them. Having been a Bauer guy for the last decade, I see what the True hype is about. Absolutely love these skates and how they feel. Seriously contemplating buying another pair and swapping out Tuuk holders for ice. An outdoor rink near me has had steady pickup roller going on recently and now that I'm vaccinated I've been trying to drop by more often. I normally play on rough asphalt and those wheels didn't offer enough grip. Got sick of swapping all the wheels back and forth every few days so decided to pick up an extra chassis making the swap so much easier/faster!
  5. Well I suppose this is good to know. Looks like I’ll have to pass on the deal and hope another pair comes along. Thanks for the help everyone!
  6. We’re talking a 2X pro here so yeah, not leather. Any recommended shops in (Southern) California?
  7. Hey guys, kind of a random question but I know it’s been discussed over the years. Have the opportunity to pick up some new skates at a VERY reasonable price. Issue is they’re 1/2 size smaller than what I typically wear. They’d fit my right foot just fine, but my left foot is slightly longer so I generally size up 1/2. Finding pro stock skates in 1/4 sizes has been my ideal solution in the past. So I’m wondering if it would be possible to stretch/lengthen the left skate roughly 1/4 size? I’m aware of shops that do this in Canada but I’m in Los Angeles and would prefer to find an at home solution if there is one. Open to suggestions or recommendations. Thanks! M
  8. I thought the price was $450-500 USD? I’m surprised at how many pros I’ve seen in this bucket already. Gotta imagine that’s a good sign and I’m hopeful that pro stock helmets will make their way out for a little cheaper. They appear to adjust in the middle like the V08 rather than the back like the Tacks 110 which is also a plus since the Tacks helmets pinch the back of my head
  9. Agreed with the other comments that it’s all about personal preference. Same goes with using a smaller wheel up front. I, personally, kept the O1’s extremely loose when I had them
  10. Trying to understand this. It’s not memory foam like the TF9? Is there any kind of plastic piece for protection/lace bite?
  11. Plastic velcro tab? Are you referring to the piece that holds the tongue? Never heard of that happening, is it common with true skates?
  12. Is there another skate brand that allows you to replace the toe cap? Any Bauer or CCM boot I’ve seen with a cracked toe cap means it’s time to buy a brand new skate
  13. With their BOGO deal, it seems like a great way to pick up a pair of new twigs, but I haven’t actually seen any real reviews of the damn thing! Curious if anyone has actually used the stick and what their thoughts are/how it compares to other high end sticks?
  14. True advised me that the crack in the photo would not compromise the structural integrity of the boot at all since there’s a full composite shell under the plastic overlay toe cap. They also added the rivets helped further secure the cap to the boot. So.... I’m not going to worry about it
  15. According to this article, they are the top model: http://www.hockeyworldblog.com/2021/03/12/mission-inhaler-wm01-roller-hockey-skates/
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