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  1. Yeah, you’ll want to order your same Bauer/CCM size which is likely 1/2 size larger than the TF9. I made the mistake going to same size in the Cat 9 as I had with the TF9 and they are way too snug. Half size up fit perfect
  2. Save your money and buy something else. They’re nice socks, but don’t offer cut resistance, the ‘grip’ they talk about is non existent, and they’re simply overpriced for what they are
  3. I have a pair of Aycane’s cut resistant socks. Agreed that in general they’re very high quality (which they should be given the price). They’re the kind of sock that is very long and goes damn near up to your knee. I run hot and could immediately feel my lower legs hotter when wearing these socks. Ended up cutting off about 4” of length so they fall right around the top of my tendon guard. Much improved for how I like socks while still offering protection to my lower achilles
  4. I couldn’t stand them. Too thick and squishy for my liking. But I suppose if you’re on your feet all day as a coach maybe they’d work. Just not for me
  5. I keep hearing people say this, but even if it this type of injury was under reported by a factor of 1,000, you’re talking just a couple of people a year. Regardless, if people want to wear additional protection anywhere on their person, no problem. Whatever makes you feel comfortable on the ice playing 👍🏼
  6. I remember wearing a collar when I was a kid because we had to. Don’t have any interest in wearing a neck protector, but if I did, it would likely be the warroad option. Their base layers are the most breathable I’ve worn from countless brands (not just hockey). pricey but worth it
  7. I don’t care what anyone says. Tan mitts/pants for outdoor games are always a chef’s kiss
  8. Unless you have some crazy shaped head or some kind of protrusion, I think it's a complete waste of money. Especially given how much the nest tech already conforms to the shape of your head. The only advantage with the total customs is that there's more 'dense' material (not sure how else to word it) at the forehead which would give my sweat pad more of a place to stick on to
  9. 100%. It was so much easier before Reebok adopted the EDGE system in 2007. Before that it was authentic or replica and both could be found pretty much everywhere (at least around Chicagoland). Even with Reebok, there were a few places you could find 2.0 on-ice authentic jerseys and you could find them in just about every size imaginable. Since Adidas branded their retail jerseys 'authentic' it caused way too much confusion to casual fans. And finding actual on-ice jerseys became a major chore outside of gamers. Even then, finding smaller sizes (52, even 54, let alone 50) was extremely difficult. I've heard Fanatics is actually going to offer on-ice authentics for sale which will be interesting to see although I'm not a fan of Fanatics period so we'll see how that goes. Either way, collecting jerseys 20+ years ago was definitely easier than it is today
  10. What do you mean by modifying a jersey though? The Indonesian made retail jerseys are made from a completely different material than the ones made in Canada that players wear. That means the starting point for both jerseys is so different that they'll never been the same. As is the cut (the retail jerseys flair out toward the waist) and their sleeves are narrow. The shoulder dimples are shallow, the quality of the patches are thinner, they lack of reinforced elbows, and the 'fight strap' is a joke. I suppose you could tailor the jersey to fix the waist, although the sleeves will still be too narrow compared to pro stock. You could also add reinforced elbows and a better quality fight strap, but why put all that time/money into a subpar product? Your comment about sizing goes against almost every jersey collector since Adidas took over. Most agree that you can size up one size from Reebok and be fine (ie 50 Reebok, 52 Adidas). As someone with a pretty sizeable collection (all on-ice authentic or gamers) spanning 40 years of manufacturers, I've done measurement comparisons in the past and there's no way someone would fit in a 54 Reebok but prefer a 50 Adidas; retail or not.
  11. By ‘similar to pro stock’ I’m assuming you mean the customization because the on-ice jerseys are completely different and you can’t make retail look like them. VanBase sells the Canucks GW stuff so it’s worth reaching out to them or checking their site when they do put the jerseys up there. Seeing as the black alts were only used last year (so far), they’re going to be more expensive than the home/road jerseys. Also a good idea to join a Canucks GW facebook page to see if anyone’s selling. As a jersey/game worn collector myself, I hope you wouldn’t even think about stripping a gamer to have it customized differently. You’ll mostly find 56 and 58 as you’re probably aware. I also prefer 50/52 in Reebok (or CCM for that matter), but 54 in Adidas actually fits pretty well and 56 can be manageable. If you want official on-ice customization, it’s done by a company in Vancouver called Ink Pad (https://www.inkpadshop.com). Not sure if they take on public work or if they only do it for the team so you’d have to reach out to them. If you’re buying a retail jersey then I don’t think it’s even worth being 100% accurate because the jerseys are so bad. If you go the retail route and buy a blank, you can check out customize sports or hockey authentic, both of which come pretty close and can offering stitching for whatever player you want.
  12. On gamers or retail jerseys? Your title says game worn. Those are obviously still stitched same as they always have been. But in your post you say custom which I don’t know what you mean. Are you referring to retail ‘authentic’ jerseys? Those are nowhere close to the same quality or construction of gamers. Whether the numbers are stitched is also dependent on where you buy it. Some places heat press, others stitch. some numbers are twill, others are a single layer faux twill.
  13. Believe I did the same with my FT6 Pros. 2 minutes didn’t soften them up as much as I’d like to mold certain spots on the boot
  14. Timely post. I was actually thinking about something like this just the other day. I remember camps as a kid, but thought it might be beneficial to do something as an adult. I was specifically thinking about a figure skating coach / private lessons. Forgot where I read about some pros having figure skate coaches come in to help them with edge work. Just thought it might be something worth trying
  15. Connor Murphy in Marsblade i2 holders. He previously used standard Tuuks
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