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  1. It’s a shame the Kings went away from actual equipment sales. I feel the sales now are mostly crappy merch. A handful of game worn jerseys and sticks, but not a heck of a lot of actual gear. At least that’s how it felt when I went to the first two. Skipped last year
  2. I honestly don’t even remember where I bought them. Warranty isn’t the point. I have zero issue paying a measly $10 for replacements. Of course, if they continue to break that would be an issue as I was going into these skates because of durability issues with True
  3. CCM warranty is giving me a hard time because I can’t find a receipt. I told them I don’t care about warranty I simply want to buy the part. They’re looking into if that’s possible. Huh?!? The other dials are sold for $10 a pair. Why would this dial be any different???
  4. I haven’t pulled them out in case the dial breaks further, but I’d imagine they’re in good shape. Can I buy a pair off you?
  5. Just noticed that the dial on one of my FT6 Pro skates cracked. I’ve heard this happen to others, but I can’t find a replacement part locally or online. This is the newer/larger dial and everyone only sells the smaller dial. I’ve reached out to CCM and am waiting to hear back. I don’t plan on swapping steel before my next game and I hope it will stay in place, but it’s still concerning and needs to be repaired. Does anyone know where to buy the updated dials?
  6. I’ve been a huge fan of Darn Tough ultralight runners socks. I think that’s the line. Thin, no padding, mid-calf height, and they’re made from wool so they resist odors. Then there’s DT’s lifetime guarantee. Worth every penny
  7. I've been using a Pacific Rink bag since 2017 or 18? Something like that. Minus a year of Covid where it sat in corner collecting dust, it has fared well being moved from the house to the car/plane every week. I went with the Varsity bag as I didn't think I'd ever use the backpack straps, and it was 50% less expensive. PR sold me a pair of the skate holders which I sewed into the Varsity bag exactly like the Player bag. I like the skate holders because they keep the skates in a specific part of the bag and the water bottle holders come in handy. I find gear dividers in general more of a nuisance and I already have a laundry bag. Only thing I miss is not having the top flap to hold jerseys/base layers, but whatever. I wear senior sized medium gear and the bag fits it well. I don't think there's any way I could get it all to fit in the Junior bag
  8. That’s why I was surprised. Figured there must have been a larger back storage space that wasn’t customer facing
  9. Really?! I figured it was just going to be at the new pro shop at TSC where the Kings practice. Will be nice if there’s something closer to LA than having to drive all the way to OC for any hockey supplies
  10. We getting those 3D printed ones?!
  11. ‘Best’ is all relative, right? Do you want protection, breathability, etc. I went through this journey years back. At the time I ended up with CCM QLT shoulders. I liked the breathability and profile. They had enough protection for beer league and wouldn’t have prevented the shoulder tear I got wearing them. I wore them for 4-5 years before moving into CLs. Preferred the CLs for moisture wicking and felt the breath ability was about the same, if not slightly better, than the QLT. When the FT4 line came out they were pitched as true replacements for the CL line. Unfortunately I tried the FT4 Pros and got rid of them almost immediately going back to CLs. For me, the FT4s simply did not breathe nearly as well as the other pads and that’s my primary concern. When the FT6 line launched and I found a pair of FT6 Pros for half price I figured why not. IMO CCM improved ventilation significantly compared to the FT4 line and that’s not accounting for the aer-tec part. I sold the CLs and these are now my primary shoulder pads. So for me and my ‘best’, the FT6 Pros and CLs fit the bill. I wouldn’t pay retail price for them, but if you can get them at a discount, they’re well worth it
  12. I had a pair of APX2 pro stock gloves back in the day. Player who wore them clearly had a finger injury as the gussets of the middle and ring finger were cut and the fingers were sewn together. So that would be my suggestion if you’re taping two fingers together. not exactly reversible tho
  13. Can’t help with the question, but holy crap, I’m pretty sure I was 90lbs when I was 13 or 14
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