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  1. The Tacks girdle has the step-in diaper spandex portion too. What can be adjusted on the Jetspeed that can’t be on the Tacks? The Tacks has two different adjustments for the leg/thigh pads and adjustable spine protection. Just looking at photos of the Jetspeed it looks like its less adjustable
  2. Right, but there’s a whole thread on here about the ST/7092 girdle. Figure between that and your video about the jetspeed (and also comparing it to the 9k), it should give the OP a pretty good idea on which one might suit their needs
  3. I’d probably check out this video review by Hills which talks about the jet speed girdle. I recently got a Tacks and love it https://youtu.be/JDjiGWMgu5A
  4. For shins without removable/washable inserts, I fill a tub with warm water, pour in some powdered oxyclean, mix it around, and let it soak. Dirty pads will turn the water brown. After sitting for an hour or two, drain the water, rinse the pads, and repeat until the water doesn’t turn brown and the pads are clean
  5. Both the PPTK and PP90 have internal buckles and I’m pretty sure they’re at the same (or similar) locations. At least on mine. The PP90 belt is a slide version compared to a clip on the PPTK. The front closures on both are also Velcro. The Velcro flap on the front of the PP90 is taller and hides the buckle.
  6. I have zero interest in continuing any of this dialogue with you. You want to disagree for the sake of disagreeing. I don’t give a shit about saving a few grams here and there, but you’re either missing the point of what I’m saying or you don’t care and just want to argue. Regardless, I’m done replying to you on this topic. Enjoy your miserable, angry life
  7. Uh… if the carbon runner is 35% lighter than a standard steel runner then you’re absolutely carrying less weight. How is this even in question? The number of grams reduced is not the point; the point is unsprung weight. Reread my post, the auto example, and Google what that means since it doesn’t seem like you understand what I’m saying. I'm not a fabricator so I have no idea why aluminum isn’t used or if it has ever been tested/considered. From a manufacturing standpoint, aircraft grade aluminum used in planes and cars is traditionally more expensive than steel hence why it’s normally found on luxury cars and not your average toyota (source, I work in automotive and have a good friend who works in aerospace). My only point on aluminum is that it’s not necessarily flimsy as you claimed
  8. No, it’s not unique to hockey players. Same in the photography world with cameras and lenses (this camera can shoot at ISO 1,000,000,000,000!!), football is similar with helmets and shoulder pads, running is the same with more cushioning or less cushioning being the best thing to reduce pain and increase your PRs, etc, etc. One thing I will agree with is quality of gear even over the last 5 or so years. I feel like the Bauer APX and 1X lines were great, but from the 1X lite to today’s 3x, the quality and materials of protective pads and gloves has gone down dramatically. Same goes for Warrior with the QR1/QRL to whatever the hell number the QR gloves are at now. Even the latest Alpha LX elbows are a downgrade from the DX they’re replacing. Sadly people do fall for the hype because it’s newer, so it must be better.
  9. Well if you reduced the vehicle’s unsprung weight by 35% (which is what Bauer claims the weight savings over traditional steel is), you would see a pretty dramatic difference in performance (whether that’s speed, handling, or efficiency). High performance sports cars do this all the time whether it’s using lighter weight forged wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, or replacing traditional metals with carbon fiber. Pretty sure airplanes, cars, and plenty of other demanding vehicles that use lighter weight aluminum aren’t ‘weak as hell’ or don’t simply ‘fold over’. It’s not like a runner is going to be made from a beer can. I’m not on the hype train of the carbon runners, but you’re digging yourself into a hole by saying some pretty stupid/easily disproved things. Stop while you’re ahead
  10. Following up on this post, I got a practically free pro stock PPTK girdle so I figured I'd do a quick comparison of it and the PP90. I prefer the kidney protection of the PP90 and how it better conforms to that part of the girdle. There is also a tiny bit of padding on the rear leg. I like the waist buckle of the PPTK more than the slide lock on the PP90, but that's easy enough to change if I wanted to. The stretch material on the thighs seem higher quality on the PP90 compared to the PPTK. The PPTK has the zippered extension whereas the PP90 does not (which I won't use regardless). The PPTK also has the velcro tabs on the inside to attach it to the girdle itself, but I don't see myself using them. In terms of fit, I felt they both fit nearly identical. When laying the two shells on top of each other, the PP90 is maybe 0.5" wider in circumference with the leg opening. Not substantial enough to give me a skinny jeans feeling with the PPTK, especially given how much stretch material is on both of these shells making them very mobile. Here are photos of each shell in size medium on a medium Super Tacks girdle. PP90 PPTK New season starts up this week and I plan on wearing the PPTK as my go-to shell vs the PP10 I was wearing since changing to a girdle
  11. 100% agree on this. The original 1X were great! I tried the 1x lite for one game and found they were not hear as good as the original. Saw the 2x pro at the LHS and they look even worse than the 1x lites
  12. Overall material/construction looks exactly like the one I got from Pro Stock Hockey a few years back. Only difference is the sleeves all face the same direction. I understand having them flipped so they don't scratch each other, but also seems like an easy way for the steel to fall out if you don't open it flat. There is no plastic inserts. When the case is empty, it's pliable. You can fit the True steel if you want, but you'd have to compromise the amount you carry or how you put it in.
  13. Thanks for the additional information guys. Wish it were easier to find shells to try on in person as I’d be curious to experience the slimmer legs of the Tacks specific girdle, but I suppose I’ll stick with the PP90 for availability and a bit more kidney protection
  14. Hi guys, having just got into a super tacks girdle, I was looking at new shells. Is there a reason to go with the PPTK shell over the PP90? Seems like the kidney protection is different on both of them but I’m not sure if one molds to the girdle better than other or whatever. I don’t believe the PP90 has a zipper extension which I don’t care about. Are there any other differences I’m missing and why choose one over the other?
  15. Funny, I have the same problems. I’ve used superfeet insoles for a few years now with Bauer skates and put a ‘tape tab’ on the side of the insole to make it easier to pull out. On the True TF9’s it’s a major PITA to put the insert back in without undoing half the laces. Hearing stories over the years of people popping and rusting rivets I'm trying to be as diligent as can be
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