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    Bauer Vapor X:60 Pro Stock
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    Total One, X:60, AK27, One95
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    X:60, XXXX, Franchise, CP94, Bauer 4-Roll, E-Pro
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    Bauer 4500 Pro Stock / Bauer Pro Wave Visor
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    Bauer X:40, Pro Stock Penguins
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    Bauer One90, Bauer Classic
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    Bauer Classic
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    Bauer Supreme One15, CCM 552
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    Bauer Vapor

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  1. because they are generic retail franchises
  2. If you cancelled the order, then return it. Either way their accounting will likely find that it was shipped out and either ask you to pay for it end up firing the shipper. When I was younger I took out $100 from my checking at the bank drive thru and took my envelope. I saw the hundred but didn't notice there was $1100 there until I was already well way on my trip. I got a phone call and they asked if I could stop by, not only did I willingly return the money, they said "You could have kept the money, but you also helped keep her job." Two weeks later I got a $50 gift card for a retail store, I would have been a complete scumbag to keep the money....let alone from a bank lol. Call NHL shop at 1-800-618-3211 and you can explain the situation. There's a high chance they may end up letting you keep the jersey, but at least you tried.
  3. Not going to lose sleep over it
  4. Came back from Pittsburgh, and some nice stuff along the way: Brand New Blackhawks 9K Shell with my brand new 9K Girdle I got earlier this week. Brand new Jofa 8800 Shoulders (I tried them on, don't really like the fit though) Nike Bauer One90 Shoulders Pro Stock Easton MAKO (looks like it wasn't even used) Retail Bauer Total One NXG Retail Bauer X:60 CCM CL AHL All-Star Gloves (met up with local who had an extra pair to add to mine) Rangers Franchises Pens Rally towels (went to Game 5) Easton Ultra Lite Shaft Easton Grip Lite Shaft Bauer Pro stock wood blade (Bure) Retail Easton Z Carbon Blade (Iginla)
  5. Brand new (still with tags) 9K Girdle
  6. Total One, 7K Pros, and Jofa 5044s Size 5
  7. RBK 4K Elbows (love the fit), JOFA 9035 Elbows, and Pro Stock SPHL Ice Bears Home and Away socks (made by AK).
  8. Hockey Monkey had a big sale on Pro Stock gloves, pants, sticks. Pants were going for $129 Gloves $109-129 Sticks $119 10-20% off coupon deals as well. I'm only saying this so you don't get ripped off on eBay
  9. These are my first pair of 520s and after wearing them for a bit around the house I have to say they are growing on me pretty well. I'm hoping to take them for a spin tomorrow. 1. The 520s are noticeably loose in comparison. I'll need suspenders compared to the 7000s. 2. The 7000s uppers are completely different which are lower than the 520s. I was a bit uncomfortable in the 520s while they also kept falling down my legs. 3. The 7000s have better padding on the legs, better for D-men blocking shots. The 520s have better kidney protection though. 4. The 520s (vented) don't really feel that much cooler. 5. The 7000s are tighter pulling them up (I have to work my way a bit) but once they are on, they are very comfortable and snug but not overly tight. 6. The belt on the uppers of the 7000s is loose and moves around, while the 520s is sewn in place, not a big deal. 7. I would say the 520s aren't necessarily as loose as they sound, but if buying the wrong size will be very noticeable. Keep in mind I haven't even broken in the 520s yet, I'll probably wear them a few hours before I hit the ice Friday, but I do notice the 7000s fit a lot more like Vapors.
  10. From the wonderful HockeyMonkey sale CCM 520 (vented). Quite a difference between these and the 7000s, but overall not a bad pant.
  11. Got these today, not sure how I feel about CLs, I don't get the craze over them. From the 2013 AHL All-Star game. They are in great condition obviously.
  12. $650 for pants? I would have thrown in a stick and gloves for that.
  13. I just wonder what exactly can/will the winner of these gloves do with them. It's like buying a totaled Aston Martin with the front clip missing expecting to show it off to your friends.
  14. I have several repaired sticks done by Thom at Stick Fix Texas South and have yet to break any of them. Shoot harder imo, they are all Bauer however.
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