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  1. 5 hours ago, Hills said:

    Which Rekker gloves? I have the Elements and they fit true to size. The Code are more of the "tapered" fit like Vapor and fit looser, but I tried on @StewieTMP Pros and they were true to size for length as well, just fit more loose than the Rekker do on the backhand.

    Specifically it was the “team stock” rekker they have on IW. I don’t think it is a true pro stock glove but features NHL colors. 

  2. 12 hours ago, xstartxtodayx said:


    Just be sure it's the OG Profile II not the second gen one, don't make the same mistake I made 😞 I ended up finding another OG one on SLS for about $30 shipped which is a backup now.

    30$ for an OG is an exceptional deal then. I have an OG i2 that I will be buried with.  I don’t mind the newer ones honestly. I just find that line of cage to be the best value/ function out there so naturally it has been discontinued. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, xstartxtodayx said:

    I'm 100% honest when I say I'm vain and the cage has to pass the mirror test 😂 Also the thing for me, and why I started wearing the Profile II a ways back, was the fit.  In CCM I was between a medium and a large, had to wear a large since the medium was too short but had to flip the top clips and it still just looked massive, with the Profile II the large is the perfect height for me, so when they tweak the shape it always slightly changes the fit and I get super picky. 

    same boat. the OG profile II was very similar in design to the CCM cage but the large in that was akin to perhaps an "extra Medium" of a 580.  I also found w/ the CCM, that if I moved the J clips up higher, the fit was better - but was only a minor remedy.  The Large CCM was just big lobster trap.  The newer Profile II isn't "shaped as cool" as the first iteration, but I still prefer that as my favorite cage. Either one will do.

  4. On 5/24/2023 at 5:10 PM, Sniper9 said:

    Was able to try the gloves the other day. I like how snug they are. But it seems like I'm in between sizes. 14" was a touch on the long side. Honestly they're probably the same as my ft1s. They always feel great new but once the foams pack in the 14s do seem a bit too big. As for the 13, they weren't as short as the ft1 13s. But it was right at the cusp. The one thing I did notice which makes me stray away from the 13 is the cuff is noticeably smaller and also I'm worried it's too short and won't cover my forearm well. 

    It's a shame. I'll prob stick to looking for pro stock 13s since those generally fit perfect as they run closer to 13.5. 


    Good to know. I wasn’t able to go this week, possibly next week. Almost doesn’t matter I snagged a deal (🤞) on some 13” FT1 gloves , supposedly arriving tomorrow, God and USPS swilling. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Sniper9 said:

    Looking forward to hearing your experience! This is pretty much me with the new warrior alpha lx pro gloves.  The alpha would be my go to but there's an area in the pinky that rubs for me 😔. Otherwise love the overall fit and feel of the glove. 

    i really like my LX20. probably my favorite glove I've owned.  a mix between a vapor/supreme. IMO...

  6. 54 minutes ago, Sniper9 said:

    Are the gloves sized the same as the ft1 and ft4? I know other brands have been trending into fitting on the larger side, ie I got a 14" in the ft1 but with Bauer and warrior I fit a 13" now. Online has the most selection so I won't really have the luxury of trying in store

    same experience. hopefully i'll get to try some on this week. I tried on a 14 in FT4 and it was perfect - 13 way too small.  yet I wear a 13 in warrior alpha lx20

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