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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/267946449/the-marsblade-ice-holder-setting-a-new-standard-in/posts/2313654 Looks like Kronwall used them against Toronto last thursday. Does anyone know when the Ice Holder will be available? .. They are no longer availabe through Kickstarter.
  2. Since the kickstarter for Marsblade is not live any more ... When is there again a chance to get a pair of these holders? ... Also wondering which holder size will fit my size 7 CCM Ultra Tacks (blade length 271 !).
  3. Well, there are adapters available for fitting micro bearings (688) into standard 608 wheels ... sold in 16-pack ... Bearings are also still available ... Adapters: Aluminum https://www.greatlakescycleandskate.com/products/bont-688-bearing-adapters https://der-rollenshop.sportkanzler.de/Bont-Adapter-for-Micro-Bearings-Alu Plastic https://der-rollenshop.sportkanzler.de/Ninja-Minimiser-Adapter-for-Micro-Bearings Bearings https://der-rollenshop.sportkanzler.de/Bont-Swiss-Jesa-688-Micro-Kugellager-16-pack IMHO micro bearings offer some features like faster acceleration and less wheight. I am not sure, but in comparison to standard bearings they also seem to take up less dirt. Though, I never used these new 6 ball bearings ...
  4. Sizing question: My old skates (Eastons) always had size 7.5 ... when I got the Easton S17, I went down to size 7 ... Makos best fit is 6.5 ... So, what size of marsblade do you recommend? Should I get them "medium" or "large"? Looking at the size chart, my size seems to be right at the frontier between medium and large.
  5. Any recommendations when mounting Marsblades for off ice training from Easton Mako iceskates (since Makos have a very aggressive pitch) ?
  6. Hi boys, i was reading through the previous posts about the pitch ... but i still have a question when it comes to its pitch ... My actual skates are Eastons S17. I got those with these 5mm heel lift pads in them. But later on, i took the heel lift out. I also play Inline in summer with CCM skates What i did, 1-2 years ago, was, I took the 5mm heel lift pads out of the Easton S17 and stuffed them into my CCM inlineskates giving me a nearly perfect match (pitch wise) compared to the S17. So, the question i have now, how big is the difference from a S17 skate with and without these 5mm heel lift pads to a Mako skate ??
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