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    Slava Kozlov TPS HGT, AK27
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    Bauer HH5000L, CCM cage
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    Tackla Air 9000 with suspenders
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    Warrior AX1
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  1. P28’s mislabeled as a lie 5. It goes back to Easton screwing it up on launch. It’s actually a 5.5. The rocker on the toe is my guess. If you don’t roll your wrists much when shooting, the puck can flutter off the typical release point just before reaching the toe of the blade.
  2. Dry Ice is wearing what looks like that updated graphics package on the more traditional build, <100K, whatever the go with numerically:
  3. Is it supposed to be the monocoque RibCor? It looks like he's got 80Ks on there. Edit: Just checked the image @decoy posted and they definitely feature a different, unreleased graphics package. They don't look like the ones above.
  4. Not into the new Avalanche blue helmets and pants. Looks like a set from Blades of Steel escaped from the machine. PS, looks like original RibCor ribs still on MacK's stick, innit?
  5. I'm sorry, what? I can't see anything in that pic except for how hilariously hideous Matthews' skates are.
  6. Cool to hear the detailed follow up. Out of curiosity, how much do the Makos weigh compared to the Trues, and how much higher cut are the Trues?
  7. And back in True skates.
  8. Yes, lower cuff height on the boot, about 1 eyelet lower than other brands, approximately. I think Makos are about the same as Trues, but I haven’t had my hands on more than one pair of those and can’t exactly recall how they stacked up side by side with my MLX. Trues are the same height as my 703s but more stable in the ankle due to three main factors: 1. Trues are stiffer; 2. Trues have consistent spacing between the top eyelets where Graf had a 1.5x gap between the top and second eyelets; 3. Trues *usually have a closer fit, shrinkwrapped around the ankle while Graf had an extra layer of reinforcement around the collar of the boot, from the top eyelet on one side to the top eyelet on the other, ensuring ample room for ankle ROM. *depending on how they’re molded.
  9. A longer will likely fix a lot of your stability, since you’re used to longer. I personally prefer 11’ over 9’ or 10’, but I skate ok on the others. I feel more in tune with the 11’ so I know what it’s like to not quite feel right on shorter radii. Another issue of note: The True’s are shorter cut. It could be you’ll have a transition period where you adapt to their level and situation of support. True’s boots are more on par height-wise with classic Grafs like the 703 than what the other brands produce.
  10. Gloves have become such a sad joke.
  11. QRL were indeed nice. I love the concept. But as much as I wanted to love them, the QR1s felt noticeably better side by side. Seeing where they've gone since the QRL, it has tarnished my opinion of that glove.
  12. No surprise, considering Wheels is wearing QR1 gloves. That’s where Warrior drove over the edge.
  13. I'm curious to hear if the perceived weight changes once the blades are profiled. I've experienced boots that went from feeling nimble and responsive to sluggish and leaden from swapping out old for new steel.
  14. Comparing three holder sizes relative to a given boot size--holder one size down, holder standard to the boot, holder one size up--and not changing anything of the steel specs other than the size difference: what would be the most prominent effect, position of the balance point relative to the foot? With the WHL player, how did you adjust the balance point on the 272 set? To match where it was on the 280 set or in some new location?
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