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    Slava Kozlov TPS HGT, AK27
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    Bauer HH5000L, CCM cage
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    Tackla Air 9000 with suspenders
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    Warrior AX1
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    Reebok 20K
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  1. Can you post those instructions?
  2. According to IW a size 9 TF7 and Ultrasonic weighs 949g, TF9 945g and AS3 Pro 921g. Interesting.
  3. It can be hard to see past one's favorite team, but it's more of a big picture phenomenon. There are other guys like Mark Stuart or Ryan Murray who were in SVH's skates long before True and then went back to Bauer. That makes sense to me because both Bauer and CCM have been playing against SVH since his boots first hit the NHL, and that war is only on more than ever right now. I think tradition says a lot about why players gravitate back towards something more familiar to what they grew up with. What's more interesting for the discussion isn't who's been in True skates, for how long, and what they're on now, but rather what the population statistics are. Is True's market share growing, regardless of who's in the skates? I'd wager that it is. Eventually, there's likely to be an outlier on the good side of the distribution wearing their skates that will have greater pull in kids' brand estimation, which should lead to more sales at retail. If they can get in where Graf was before the one90, it could tilt the entire board. Before 2006, Graf had a lot of the biggest names in their boots. Then Bauer officially killed them, even stole Fedorov back to Nike! If a handful of the game's greatest players are in True boots, and they cost what Grafs did 20 years ago, you could see significant sales to say the least. Perhaps not majority market share, but potentially good enough to make a solid business case. I don't think this stops at skates either, by the way, but that's just me.
  4. My guess is it’s a longer view thing, 2 seasons down the road versus pushing every button right now. Word of mouth on Trues here has been excellent. A surprising amount of beer leaguers I talk to wanted True customs but couldn’t justify the price. That all changes now. And that’s potentially another layer of broader word of mouth. True’s also got some high end prospects in their skates. Once they have a few of the game’s most prominent players, maybe in a few more years, that cements the market incursion. That’s my view of their strategy.
  5. Woah! How much hockey is there in Iceland? That’s unfortunate about IW not helping, and True not answering if their dealer’s unwilling and/or unable to help. We have a pretty solid True dealer in Copenhagen, REX Hockey. Though you might be better off financially contacting a Swedish dealer. That could spare you import duties if you got help from someone in North America. Since the tongue just Velcro’s out, could you try and just remove the tongues and pop in some from another pair of skates? That’s what I’ve done in mine. I usually just slide them in and let the laces hold them in place. It could be a quick check to see if that’s a help at all.
  6. @Thorisson#3, did you purchase them through a retailer? With True customs that was the first line of trouble shooting. It’s probably even more difficult for True to address consumers individually now that they’re growing. I got a little lace bite in my MLX, but over the middle eyelets. It was only with the stock tongue which had a pretty stiff thermoplastic piece just beneath the outer pleather (probably pleather). That was the only section I was cranking down on the eyelets. Now that I’ve swapped for the softest Graf tongue I have, it’s no problem, paradoxically.
  7. Are you getting lace bite at the top? A lot of people find they don’t need to lace Trues with much if any tension. The molding more than snugs the boot up sufficiently for performance.
  8. Especially when Warrior’s parent is shoes first and foremost.
  9. Is there any connection between Verbero’s boots and the Easton S15/17? Verberos look like the same pattern just redressed.
  10. That’s a good point. I’ve never gotten to try a one90; still keeping my eyes out for a pair in the right size.
  11. No. Bauer scoffed at that “innovation,” pointing out they had had that feature going back to the one90. Back in the day all skates had it. https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2013/04/29/Marketing-and-Sponsorship/Easton-skate.aspx
  12. Huh, your take on True's construction sounds different than mine. What makes you think the way they build their boots is closer to Bauer's method, fusing a quarter piece to the heel/outsole piece?
  13. Wait, if CCM has one-piece boots doesn’t True as well? I’m curious to see how the TF7 does in the flexible one-piece category.
  14. Also morbid. My mind thinks mafia with a name like that.
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