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  1. Slight thread hi-jack, but what is the construction/build of the "internal components" for the 1s and MX3 pants? Are they a "wrap" girdle? None of the websites seem to show what the internal components look like.
  2. Seems counter-intuitive to do this to a custom skate known for it's "wrap" but after my heel lift issues improved some with skipping the top eyelet (thanks everyone) I decided to mess around with a heat gun. I noticed that the ankle at the very top of my old supremes was splayed out wide, and I never had heel lift issues (despite having at least the same amount if not more dead space than the trues) So, I decided to open up the "wrap" at the very top of the True boots slightly, and this seemed to help even more. Noticed virtually no heel issues during the first skate with them. I actually think the conforming wrap wasn't allowing me to flex forward enough and almost acting like a hinge point. Instead of flexing forward and my heel driving back, I was essentially levering on the front of the boot and bringing my heel up. Dont' know if this makes any sense, or if I just got lucky....but these two tricks seemed to have helped significantly and thought I would pass it along.
  3. I'm sure mine would fit that way if I hadn't heat molded them....I agree with the rest of the thread, it looks like the upper 2/3 of the boot was never formed around your foot/ankle. The area just above where you have your finger actually "wrapped" so well around my ankle/midfoot junction that I could not get my foot back into them when I got home, even with a shoehorn. I had to use the heat gun to open them up. I have had more issues than I would have expected with my skates, but have recently found a happy medium between comfort-performance. Don't be afraid to re-bake the skates. I confirmed with True that they can be re-baked up to 8 times with no structural compromise. One thing that helped me as well was the suggestion on here to just worry about one boot at a time. Also, I did the re-bake in my own oven 2 more times after the initial one from the shop....no issues.
  4. http://www.tognar.com/the-eliminator-custom-tongue-shims/ Maybe give these a try. I have similar issues ---skinny ankle with a low volume (but mine are wide too) foot. Luckily, it's less of an issue in my skates. Ive used the product above for ski boots and they work really well, but they are fairly thick, especially over the forefoot. You could always trim that though....
  5. Definitely feel good on turns, especially since my foot is so stable and the blade feels better centered under my right foot. That's a good idea with the heat gun....I'll give that a go before doing a full re-bake. I had to do that already at about the 4th/5th eyelet down when I got the skates, in oder to get my feet in them. I left the wrap at the top alone though.
  6. The skates definitely feel stable, which is an upgrade since I pronate significantly and had to be cognizant of where my center of gravity was on my right skate in order to get to my outside edge. I guess I would say the skates feel "heavier" than my old skates, like I can't move my feet as quickly as I used to....if that makes any sense. I'm starting to think that even though they don't feel "tight" that they might be too restrictive. Hopefully skipping the top eyelet or re-baking and opening up the throat area that wraps around the front of my ankle will improve....just hoping this doesn't leave me with a sloppy heel. Just was wondering if anyone out there went through a significant adjustment period with the skates.
  7. So, been skating in my trues for about 6-8 weeks now and still can't seem to get them dialed in. Definitely feel like I've lost a step or two in straight line speed. Had my blade profiled (from the stock LS3) to a combo radius with a little more forward pitch, hasn't really done much. (For reference I am coming from a pair of Bauer one.9's that I used to leave the top eyelet undone.) I've been lacing the trues all the way up, that is about the last thing I feel I can fiddle with to see if I can get comfortable on them. Anyone have any advice?
  8. anybody had any luck getting a hold of someone? I've 2 messages over the last week....sill haven't heard back.
  9. Does anyone know if they are shipping stuff? Or is it pick up only?
  10. Just curious....how did they do the shims? I’m looking to get some added to my skate for pronation issues and having trouble finding someone to do it.
  11. Right. I have feet shaped like a duck and I couldn't get my wide foot in and down once I tried them on several hours after baking them at the LHS. Took a little more work than what the video suggested. The curve/transition at 3/4 eyelets was so sharp I could not get my foot around it. I still have trouble, but with a shoehorn and standing I can get them on now. Any input on the footbed? It was cut comically small for my right foot....to the point it is unusable. The customer service at the store was poor, so I was curious if this was on them or someone at True just had a bad day with scissors.
  12. Finally picked up my True skates and have been doing quite a bit of "hacking" to get the skate to fit correctly, which has come as quite a surprise. After returning home from the shop I wasn't even able to get my foot back into the boot due to the size discrepancy between my wide forefoot and skinny ankle. I actually had to re-bake them and forcefully open up the throat area of the skate where the top of my foot meets the front of my ankle....any one else have issues like this? The "wrap" of the boot prevented me from getting my foot down into the skate. Do any of you guys recall if the blue footbed came pre-trimmed directly from True or if it was the LHS/retail shop that trimmed it? I've noticed the footbed from my right skate is significantly shorter than my left....to the point that it slides around in the boot because the length is so far off.
  13. Any recommendations for shops that do a good job with custom bauers in the Boston area? Also, it seems I need the width of the nexus toebox with the profile/depth/heel of a supreme skate....is this possible going the custom route? Tried the nexus in a std width and the MX3 in a EE and it seems like I'm in between the two. Thx.
  14. Does anyone know what options are available in custom skates for fitting around a bunion? Tried on a pair of EE .9s today and they felt great everywhere except over my bunion (great toe side). It is impinges right where that black rubber/plastic triangle is located between the end of the toe cap and start of the composite.... The guy at the shop told me he only has "some" success with punching in that area.... I'm a little gun-shy to drop that amount of cash considering the above. It would be worth it to spend more money to guarantee that I wouldn't have a problem in that area. Is the wider toe box option in customs a solution to this problem?
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