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  1. Yeah, I'm definitely on the opposite side of the fiddler at least for hockey My OCD keeps me using the same stuff for a while unless I really think it's going to be a game changer for me like the 28 has been. Keep on keeping on
  2. The real question is, why are you using so many different curves? Maybe I'm old school, but if I pick a curve, I stick with it for an extended period of time. I just did this going from a 92 to a 28. I don't want to be changing back and forth between the two because I feel like I maximize learning and perfecting the curve I'm using. I won't change curves, usually, for an entire season or more if it's working. Just seems like you're spending time readjusting to the stick each time your switch. To each their own, but I am curious to as why you switch between so many.
  3. Composite sticks have different balance points based on the kick points, blade weight, etc. If you're taking clappers your hand is going to be lower in general but you don't want it too low to where your hands are too far apart. Take the Nexus, it's a true mid-kick stick. The kick point is made to flex in the middle, where your hand would be when taking a hard wrister or slapshot. If the balance point is lower than that, it doesn't mean you'd want to move your hand lower because you'd be out of the sweet spot for that kick point. With the new construction and tech that's behind the new sticks, balance point has less to do with hand placement and more to do with the feel of the stick and puck. If the balance point is too low on a stick, it may feel harder to stick handle because the majority of the weight is closer to the puck. Hope this helps.
  4. If you're switching to something other than the shift holder, I'd recommend the XS holder. The Bauer holders are soft and you're likely to see play in them if you're on the ice as much as you say. The new XS holders are really nice and you'll have the benefit of being able to use Step instead of the garbage that Bauer makes. You're going to have to drill new holes anyway, but the XS are the way to go if you're going to switch.
  5. For me it seems as though the true is a bit more closed at the toe than the CCM. Are these both retail sticks or pro stocks?
  6. Yeah I didn't even notice that when I looked at it the first time. That's good news though, because I'm looking to pick up 2 sets over the summer.
  7. It seems like the logical choice would be Tydan as they source the same steel as Step does and they're not tied to an OEM. Flare also uses the same steel, but obviously there's a bit of difference in what they're producing and what Step/Tydan do. I would be super bummed if they went with Massive or something else. I have a feeling though, that Tydan will ultimately be the one since they are already heavy into the NHL market. I went with the wick liner and I'm very happy with it so far. It's very similar to the liner I had in my X90's so for me it was a smooth transition. As for the black steel being taller, how much of your regular steel was taken off for profiling? I suspect that the difference in size isn't going to be very big once they profile those and sharpen them. I bet they'll be pretty close to the same.
  8. I use the Nash steel pouch and it works perfectly with them. No issues at all. https://www.hockeymonkey.com/nash-hockey-accessories-skate-blade-pouch.html
  9. Coldclay, that's really interesting. I obviously play beer league so I'm not hitting on a regular basis, but I'm surprised that it caused that much damage to his forehead. I wonder if it could have potentially happened because the inside rotated and then was pushed into his head? It's definitely an interesting issue. Does he wear his helmet tight against his head or does he like a little space? I know that sounds like a silly question, but I know a lot of kids who will size their helmets tight, then back them off so they move a little. Wondering if maybe that could be a cause too. I hope his head has healed up!
  10. I can't speak to durability just yet as I've only had them a month, but quality is good. The boot looks great, the holder looks and works great and overall I'm very pleased with how they were made. I'm hoping these will last me at least 4-5 years as I'm still wearing my Vapor X90's to coach in and they're about 5 seasons old now. I could continue to wear those, albeit the liners are starting to get too compacted, but the skate is still in good physical shape.
  11. Nope, it's been really solid. I do keep it in a cloth bag inside my bag, but I've also been hit with sticks, hit the boards, etc. and it's good as new.
  12. I ran head first into a guy and smashed my face into him. Aside from the helmet turning a little at impact, I didn't feel anything. I actually hurt him a little because my helmet went under his chin and pushed it up. So far this helmet has been really good, light, and breathable. Read my review of it here: It's been a really good helmet so far.
  13. If you're going to profile them, I would look at doing a combo 9/10 profile. You'll get good agility, but also keep your glide. As for FBV, if you're on a 92/50 right now I would suggest going to a 90/75. You'll retain the glide you have, but you'll get more stability in your turns/pushes. The combo of the 90/75 and a 9/10 profile should yield some great results.
  14. I've had mine for about month now and after having one spot heated and adjusted, I can say with 100% confidence that this was the best skate purchase I've ever made. These things feel sooo good on your feet. I think I mentioned this before, but I have custom insoles in my Bauer x90's and don't need anything special in the True skates. They are by far the most comfortable skate I've ever worn.
  15. Ok fair enough. I still think you're over thinking it though because the grip material has changed quite a bit on the new sticks compared to the old ones. I guess that's what I was trying to say and didn't get it out the right way.
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