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  • Skates
    VH / custom bauers
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    Warrior Widow Gionta, Bauer 1x P28, True 5.2 TC3
  • Gloves
    CCM 4roll 3 gloves, Bauer Nexus 1000 gloves
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    CCM V08 hs22 straight visor
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    ccm 520 echl pants
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    n/a if used Sherwood 5030
  • Elbow Pads
    RBK 9k
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    bauer nexus 8000
  • Hockey Bag
    Reebok 5k

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  1. Ankle bones too big The problems with Forsberg’s right foot started to become chronic in the summer of 2001, after the Avs had won their second Stanley Cup. He had missed the final two rounds of the playoffs because of a ruptured spleen. He was born with ankle bones larger than the usual person — basically they were too wide to fit comfortably into a skate — and he developed inflamed fluid-filled bursa sacs over time from the grinding of the bones against the skate. He underwent surgery in the offseason to drain fluid in order to be ready for training camp in his native Sweden that fall, but after trying to skate during the first day of camp, he was in more pain than ever. He decided to take a leave of absence to have his foot treated. He returned to the Avs in January, but after being examined, team doctors found a problem with his left foot. He had surgery for that, and it appeared his season was over Damn, thats crazy
  2. What actually was peter forsberg's injury? Was it his ankle, foot or both? I listened to a podcast with mike richards and he talks about foppa wearing 100 pairs of skates a season. Was this always an issue for him or did it happen over time?
  3. I was an early adopter of the VH skates in 2014. I have a pair of trues now. The tongue system on the trues absolutely sucks. The VH tongues I had, had a nice robust piece of Velcro and the trues Barely have anything. I pul the tongue from the Velcro whenever I put them on. has anyone come up with a solution or been able to replace the Velcro?
  4. are you sure? the qr1 looks like it would fit more like a supreme glove
  5. I'm looking for these VH footwear tongues. They were made for a short time by VH. they were great IMO.
  6. Does warrior make a glove that fits like a vapor? I tried on their covert line and the gloves feel more like a supreme fit than a vapor fit. Did warrior ever make a glove that fit like a vapor?
  7. I’m in the same boat, where can you buy? I can find anywhere online
  8. https://podtail.com/en/podcast/no-f-cks-given-with-sean-avery/the-needle-and-the-damage-done/
  9. I use them. I did the custom batch of 5 and did a other order of custom of 2. I won’t use anything else. Geppetto is legit. I’ll add the podcast he did with sean Avery
  10. Do players still rock yellow laces? Do most players rock whites laces now?
  11. If a skates fits someone properly and it’s the correct skates for them, waxed laces shouldn have to be used. The skate can’t always flex with waxed and as a result eyelits pop and the skate breaks down faster
  12. I have a pair of VH/true skates without holders? Can I heat skates without holders and then put the holders on after the heating process? Will that affect the boot in a negative way?
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