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  • Skates
    VH / custom bauers
  • Stick
    Warrior Widow Gionta, Bauer 1x P28, True 5.2 TC3
  • Gloves
    CCM 4roll 3 gloves, Bauer Nexus 1000 gloves
  • Helmet
    CCM V08 hs22 straight visor
  • Pants
    ccm 520 echl pants
  • Shoulder Pads
    n/a if used Sherwood 5030
  • Elbow Pads
    RBK 9k
  • Shin Pads
    bauer nexus 8000
  • Hockey Bag
    Reebok 5k

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  1. What is the closest ccm pant to the ccm vector series pant? The apx2 pants feel similar to the ccm vector but the ccm rbz didnt feel like a similar fit. Can anyone recommend a pant?
  2. WIll a CCM PP10C Pant Shell size XL fit over Bauer Apx2 pants size XL?
  3. I currently have retail Bauer Apx2 Pants size XL. They fit me very well. They are Navy. I'm currently looking at buying a black Pant or a black shell. Is the Warrior Pro Stock QRL pant a comparable fit to the Bauer Apx2 pant? If I'm an XL in the Apx2 would it be expected to be XL in the QRL Pant?
  4. Do they offer the tracing method anymore? When they were VH, seems like there was less issues
  5. This has turned into an argument rather than a preference discussion. Everyone is different. When I do free skating I don't tie my laces, I skate to build my other muscles and balance. if a skate truly fits you properly, you shouldn't have to lace it. What I mean by that is the skate should be perfect. Lacing should be an added benefit. Just my two cents. When I would do power skating and skating clinics when I was younger we had a European teacher. First thing they said was take out your laces. In russia a lot of players learn to skate without laces You need to do what works for you and that's that.
  6. Ok. So replaced by a really ugly helmet. Got it
  7. Is the ccm fl80 helmet being discontunued? If so do you know why? Really like the Reebok 8k/ccm fl80 helmet.
  8. that's how you're supposed to put them on
  9. Has anyone gone up a holder size on their makos. Were you successful? I’m looking to go from a 280 to a 288.
  10. this may be in wrong topic but has anyone also used the Mako skates as well as the VH/True skates? how did the two compare?
  11. The VH seems stiffer and a better put together skate to me than the True. The true seems a lot softer. The wrap, the feel, just overall a better experience for me on the VH. For example the upper quarter on my trues is very soft compared to the uppers on my VH being stiff. I have the first generation VH skate that says VH footwear
  12. Has anyone gone from the vh skate to the true and felt that the vh was a better skate? personally the VH fits better than the True did. I did the tracing with the Vh and the scan with the true
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