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  1. Its a Kane pro curve from MyBauer, definitely an adjustment from my usual P28/Malkin pro but it has its advantages
  2. I just got my custom Kane Proto R and I love it, the puck feel is great but I like stiff blades and to each his own. However the toe has a small chip on it after ONE skate, I heard the blades wear out pretty quick on this thing through reviews I've watched so we'll see
  3. I wanna say its their Canada location but could be coming from Cali, not sure
  4. Hey guys, big fan of base even with their outdated curve selection now compared to other companies (cough cough, Gepetto). I have been in contact with base as of their new return to the hockey stick world, and I placed an order for a twig January 17th. I guess I can be the guinea pig for this one, and we'll see how accurate that 5 week lead time is.
  5. I imagine he must have some outside investment at this point, hes getting his product/brand pretty out there
  6. I feel as though even though the owner of HOAPA was the old Verbero owner, he might have something here in terms of puck feel. I would love to get back in the two piece game though as long as they're not blade heavy like most two piece combos.
  7. Thought you guys would either love or hate this one, as it kinda reminds me of the old Verbero wood hybrids but I'm still interested in trying one out as HOAPA has somewhat of a better track record. Let me know what you guys think lol https://hoapahockey.com/products/origin-2-pack?variant=44220866298078
  8. I ordered a couple "G3" builds from Gepetto which I'd say don't really compare to the real thing that much. I dislike how he just slaps the name "G63" even though it has his regular red line mold taper, whereas the old G3 construction has the old one90 0.520 taper profile. All in all, his "G3" is just for appearance without the two piece fuse and breaks just as easily - my two cents.
  9. yeah if someone had the resources or funds *cough cough, Gepetto* we could get the two piece game back in style with even more molds
  10. Yeah if someone comes across a K lefty shaft let me know
  11. Yep exactly their QC department could use some work. Yardelm, I got the pasta/fisher curve on my G63's. The curve is a tad more open than a bauer P28 I'd say, and the blade is thicker than I personally like
  12. I made a order for two custom G63 builds, I ordered a 70 flex and it felt more like a 95 flex. On ice when I could actually load the stick it was good, the blade was a tad stiff though. Just my two cents
  13. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this has already been covered in another thread. I'm wondering to see if any of you guys out there have ever had experience with adding height to a stick blade, whether that be some epoxy concoction or even any luck adding a resin and carbon fiber portion then sanding it, etc. I want to add some height to my old warrior dolomite replacement blade. Let me know if you guys think this could work. -Dmitrakov
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