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  1. OIC, never been a fan of Mission's gear so I had no clue. The new Helium gloves look pretty sweet though.
  2. I've never known that companies make gloves for Inline and then gloves for Ice. I just use the same gloves for inline as I do for Ice (Easton Z-Air) ????
  3. Yeah i've been lucky enough to learn alot of stuff from my teammates. Couple of them played for their colleges (one for FSU and one for Penn State). I'm also taking Ice Hockey lessons on Saturday nights now. In fact, I met up with a member here (Accord) this past Saturday night @ the clinic.
  4. Yes, thats me. But you guys are complimenting me without SEEING me play. I'll let you in on a secret....I can BARELY stop. On Ice I can't stop AT ALL. Either way, I'm trying my best and having a ton of fun while doing it! :)
  5. Yeah, I found myself skating more upright that game. I don't normally do that...I guess I got lazy. And the Red team, yeah I dunno what their problem is. They won the championship last year. Same players too. An obvious scoring problem. We play them AGAIN next week :) :) :) :) PS: Nothing against you older fellas. Our captain is 27 and is one hell of a player (#54).
  6. Gek, Thanks man, It's good to hear words of encouragement once in a while. I've been playing for a year now (never skated before that) and am trying my hardest to improve my game. But yes, you're right. Alot of people just stand around. The team we played there is the "Red Team". They're 0-4 and have only scored 4 total goals this season. My team is 2-2 and have scored a total of 26 goals :) Anyway, I'm the second youngest player on my team @ 22yo. MOST players in my C League are in their 30's or older.
  7. I fixed the URL. :) missed the other "a" in "away".
  8. Got these tonight during my C League game (yeah I suck).... Heres a vid of my goal tonight, deflection. I'm the big guy, cant miss me. http://www.nicklomedia.com/files/joe_deflection.AVI And heres my teammate Russ on a breakaway, kinda blurry but eh. http://www.nicklomedia.com/files/russ_breakaway.AVI
  9. 6' 1" is a perfect height :)
  10. another reason why Photoshop should only be used by Professionals ;) jk (graphic designer inside joke)
  11. Maybe I'll get some pics tonight....
  12. Bah, let the kid wear his socks however he wants.
  13. I cant deal with pink gloves and reflective/mirrored visors.
  14. he's just trying to make a fashion statement :)
  15. wow, being a defenseman, i drool when i see someone looking for a pass like that :D exactly ;)
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