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  1. Yeah, I'm sure some guys in the Quebec junior league wear them...I've seen a couple with them so far.
  2. If someone see a pair anywhere or on Ebay, I would appreciate if you can PM me the links. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I tried search and found nothing on that. I am looking for skates like Kovalev and Schastlivy. I don't know if someone have seen them somewhere but I've seen at least 10 players in the Quebec Junior League playing with them. I don't if it's possible to get a hand on them.
  4. Cavs, your gloves are pretty much like the Fedorov ones.(CP94 with split fing)?
  5. Instead of flipping the shaft, why not shave the hosel. I did it a lot of times on different graphite blades it worked pretty well.
  6. That's not a hard decision, CHANGE THEM.... :P
  7. Is it you in your avatar jnicklo, if it's you, you seem to be pretty strong on your skates for a new player. Keep it up....
  8. What are you waiting to buy new BNH shin pads. J/K :P
  9. Hey Justin, are you serious about Ribeiro's gloves? I thought Ribeiro prefers looser gloves... EDIT - I assume you were not serious...
  10. Hey guys, RIBEIRO ROCKS MY SOX. lol. Good deal Mission.
  11. I got those gloves from East west hockey on Ebay. how much? 120$US...
  12. I'll take pics of my sticks and curve if you want them. I got those gloves from East west hockey on Ebay.
  13. haha, lol, nothing of Ribeiro yglod...
  14. My Graf reverse great white (others pics will come in the next days)
  15. Ask to Jay or Dave(Hockey Shark), I know one of them is really good to do what you talk about.
  16. It's HC not HP. Just a small details.
  17. Hey guys, I have received my Fedorov gloves Friday. They are awesome. :)
  18. That's nice for you Kobe...I wish I will keep my blades that long.
  19. Helmet : CCM HT2 with NYR decals : Nice helmet, I like the fit. Visor : Oakley modified aviator : Nice vision and never fog. Gloves : Eagle X50 : but I will receive my Fedorov Pro gloves this month. Skates : Graf 704 reverse great white : I love this skates. It's all I want from a skate. Pants : Easton air without spine protection : I will receive the pants this week. Shin Pads : Hespeller X-Lite : I love these pads. Elbow Pads : Bauer 5000 "03 model" : Nice fit, great mobility and they never move when I play. Shoulder Pads : Old Easton : It's the only piece of equipment I want to change. Shafts : Inno Commander 260 flex : My favorite shaft ever. Blades : Kovalev pro stock blades : It's like if I have custom blades because it's the curve and the material I want.
  20. What is the additional cost for custom HGTs?
  21. I'd be interested if I had not ordered my fedorov gloves...But I might interested depending of the price,
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